House Design Plan And Budget

House Design Plan And Budget – We’re making some progress at Myrtle House! The plumbing is on (I hear there’s a big hole in our driveway right now – sorry neighbors), and the electrical is next. It’s exciting and scary getting all the new wiring in the house. On the one hand, it allows us to place the sockets, lights and cables exactly where we want. On the other hand, I am afraid of forgetting something important. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing. 🙂

This is probably too boring for most of you (sorry) but I’m so excited to finally get to this point!

House Design Plan And Budget

During this Myrtle House revitalization process, I’m pretty sure I went through about five floor plans. This isn’t because I’m indecisive (which I am), but our plans for this house changed over the last year of renovations. First, we want to keep the configuration as basic as possible to keep costs down. With the extensive damage to the wool, we ended up replacing most of the glass, so we had to pay for new walls regardless. Over the last few months I have given our contractors different designs but the last one was the winner and at the end of the week we were able to see the configuration. Here’s a quick little tour of the house layout.

Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design

When you walk in, this will be our formal dining room. It’s a little unusual to go straight to the dining room, but we knew it would work for us. This room felt cramped in the living room and I didn’t like the idea that people could see right through the front door through the glass if we were watching TV. The large opening will retain the original French doors and lead to the office/guest room. This room also has a full bath and walk-in closet (shown here on the right).

Still in the dining room, but now we’re looking at the living room. The original plan was to leave this wall completely open, but due to height, the building regulations did not allow it. We ended up building narrow walls on both sides, but I really like them now and think they look a lot like how the house would have looked when it was built.

To the right of the dining room and the front door through the new opening is the living room. This room is also connected to the kitchen. Since the existing fireplace acts as a support, we can leave this space.

You can see the corner of the door on the right side of the picture above, but to the right of the living room will be a powder room. This was originally a closet.

Low Budget Home Plan 6×9 Meter 2 Bedrooms

Next is the kitchen! This room was used as a storeroom, but was closed off as a bedroom. Below the three windows will be the sink, dishwasher and cabinets that run the length of the wall. Where the stairs are located will be the outside door to the side (end) porch and back yard. The structure next to the stairs will be where the stove, refrigerator and other stairs will be located.

There is a short passage from the kitchen which gives you access to the two back rooms as well as the laundry room. To the left is the master, directly ahead is the laundry room and to the right is the guest bedroom.

As you enter the master bedroom on the left, this was the kitchen. We may eventually get bigger windows, but for now, we plan to put the headboard under the window to fill that ugly space. The old brickwork will be plastered over (hopefully) and paint can be added to the room.

Now step into your master bathroom! It’s not a huge room, but enough space for a double bed, a bathtub and a bathroom. I love the vaulted ceiling line that the master bath, closets and guest bathroom will have.

Design Your Dream House With The Plan Collection

The master closet is actually accessible through the master bath. Brian didn’t like that idea, but it was the only way to get the most space in the bathroom (making the master bedroom door take up about three feet of wall space). I think it will work. Again, not huge by today’s standards, but it will be three times bigger than any room we’ve ever had!

So this is the master! Now let’s go back to the hallway outside the kitchen and go straight to the guest bedroom. This is a small room, but it fits a queen size bed and a dresser. I love the original tall windows in this room. A sliding door leads to the en-suite guest bathroom.

The window on the right remains. The other is removed to accommodate the tub/shower and replaced with a corner.

And here’s one last tip for the kitchen/living room. Here I am standing in the small hallway that leads from the bedrooms to the front of the house. There isn’t enough room for an island, so we’ll put a small bistro table in the middle in front of the fireplace with a hanging ledge. The perfect place for a glass of wine while you cook dinner. 🙂

Design, Design, Design, House. 🏡

Well, that’s it! What do you think of the model? I think it will work really well for us now, and if we decide to have kids in the future (or just throw a fun party with my nephew). 🙂

I’m sure you’re sick of me talking about the floor plan (I’m sick myself), but this is the last update, I promise! Processing starts in the next few weeks, so there’s no going back now. I’m very happy with how it turned out. We were able to essentially turn a 2 bed/1 bath home into a 3 bed/3.5 bath, which I loved.

This isn’t that neat (sorry), but here’s a rough idea of ​​what the layout was.

As you can see, the old structure was a symbol of division. No walk, like an old house. I think it is a great blessing in disguise that there is so much evil. To keep costs down, we agreed to try to keep the layout as it was and just deal with the mess. We were very happy to be able to move most of the walls in the end. The long wall that goes down the middle of the house is the load-bearing wall, so we’ll keep it mostly in place.

Bhk House Plan

One thing we discussed with our contractor on our last trip was removing the tailgate. It made the structure impossible and we had to create a big passage to get inside (ie a lot of wasted space). For about $700, that door and two windows will be removed and replaced with new panels. We already have a back door to the new kitchen and the windows are 1. ugly and 2. located where the cabinets will be. No harm, no harm. Here is a picture of what we get rid of.

The door and the two windows next to it come out. We will still have a window in the master bath (the short window on the left) and the guest bath (shown in this photo). Where the door is now, will be the new wardrobe. 🙂 POSTSCRIPT. Have you noticed new wood coming in? It is unusual, but even the discovery of new elements begins to illuminate the space.

Another joy of working with an old house is restoring old doors. Brian, Jake (our contractor) and I spent Sunday measuring salvageable doors, taking pictures, marking them, and then I had to try and place them in the right places around the house. Since all doors are different sizes (of course), workers should know the size of each one for the layout. D7 stands for Door #7. 🙂 What’s behind door #7 you wonder? Closet – interesting, I know. 🙂

Now I will try to get some “new” doors from the Habitat Store for the house. Does anyone in Raleigh see a good/affordable selection of antique interior doors?

House Plan 3 Bedrooms, 1.5 Bathrooms, Garage, 6109

Now that we have free reign with the floor plan, I need to get on my tail and figure this puzzle out. I was informed that the plumber is coming on Monday so I only have this weekend to get it all done. Wolves! Talk about pressure. Here’s what I have, but since we’re losing 4″ around the house on one side to fix structural issues, I’ll have to measure it again this week to make sure everything works and you can brush. NO TEETH.

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