House Design Under 15 Lakh

House Design Under 15 Lakh – Harris and his family only wanted a one-story house. They also had another condition – the $13 million budget structure could be expanded to $15 million in an emergency. Designer Saalim started his work based on these conditions.

The sitting and working space of the north-facing building was given the same priority according to the owner’s wishes. Because the kitchen and work area were very close to the family’s ancestral home and the old house had to be respected. The work surface, like the seating, is therefore made in a box and pergola design. Another house could easily be built behind the structure that appeared in the narrow, long space.

House Design Under 15 Lakh

The construction does not enjoy a spectacular appearance. Over the entrance and sunroom are pitched roofs with shingles. The look is done in covers. In the stairwell was a G.I. there are bars that work with square tubes.

The Mix Of European & Classic Kerala!

The living room, although not very large, feels clean and colorful with a well-designed sofa set. Curtains were placed to separate the drawing area from the dining area. Square pipes were provided as window bars in the dining room.

The floors are Bengaluru marble. All kitchen units are made of six wooden units. Scraps of steel from the panels and scraps from the granite floors were joined to form a kitchen table. The iron sheets in the bedroom were covered with plywood and mica.

* There were no delays in the work and it was completed in record time. This helped a lot in reducing costs.

* Various types of wood were used. Rare wood is used in areas prone to termites. The woods used are mahogany and jackwood.

House Plan For 30×45 Feet Plot Size 150 Sq Yards (gaj)

* All interior doors cost $1,800. The bathrooms are equipped with sliding doors.

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