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How a novice CB Jaycee Horn can transform the Panthers’ defense

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Corner room Carolina Panthers have taken a step forward this season by selecting a few key players in the free agency and more importantly the NFL draft. Although the Panthers lost Messenger Douglas to the Invaders, they upgraded significantly by picking free corner player AJ Bowie, and picking South Carolina’s Jesse Horn, one of the team’s top players in the 2021 draft, eighth overall.

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Last year, the Panthers shed 239 yards per game through the air, and ranked 25th in the league in rival’s passing attempts per game. About the league, the game plan against the Panthers is the pass against their defense, and two entirely unused angles are planning to put an end to that. Bouye is a guy with 100 matches, so he has the experience to aid rookie Jaycee Horn.

Bouye was put in a similar position in 2017 with the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he helped Jalen Ramsey shut down opposing receivers and turn that lesser into one of the NFL’s best. Horn has Kyle Fuller’s space awareness, Galen Ramsey-style viscosity, and can reverse physique through ways like Champ Bailey. Now in fore of you Tag me on Twitter, I’m not saying that he will have the alike success as these players… He simply showed those qualities in college.

The first thing the rear angle should show is the aptitude to limit disconnection from the receiver beforetime on. Against one of the biggest goals in college football, the Florida All-World tight end, Kyle Bates, Horn held his own, telling him beforetime on that he wouldn’t let Bates rest.

The Panthers need a guy who can stay hip-to-hip on deep roads, and when lined up shaded inside, Horn does a really pleasing job using the 12th guy (not the fans, but the sideline), eliminating receiver space.

Horn doesn’t just do this against receivers out of numbers; It also eliminates slope-defending spaces and road markings by staying on the backs of the receivers, and staying combative on the pickup point.

Whether it’s in press coverage or off the line of scrimmage, the Horn has the lengthy frame and overall speed to stay with its larger, more combative hunting receivers.

One of Horne’s best traits and perhaps why Panthers coined him is his overall game in space.

Horn displays elite anticipation when in the middle of the field, not limited to a man-to-man area or defense. His comfort is undeniable because we watch him watch the midfielder so he can read where the ball is going and get close to his flexible hips.

The Panthers’ passing defense was a relative weakness in 2020; Horn alone has the power to turn that into an impressive degree.

In-depth analysis by Jaycee Horn from the YouTube Podcast: Ponytails Talking Pigskins.


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