How To Build Your Own Slide

How To Build Your Own Slide – Learn how to make an outdoor playground or playset that’s taller and cheaper than your store-bought one. There’s no need to be on the waiting list for your backyard wooden playset, because you can start building this weekend.

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How To Build Your Own Slide

The perfect DIY project for your outdoor space. You can also add fun activities for the kids and a separate outdoor space for the adults, such as a screened porch project. Our family is excited to build a DIY “treehouse” and playset in the backyard.

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After looking at all the premade treehouses, playsets, and playgrounds, we came to the same conclusion that they were either too cheap to make or too expensive overall.

Since the main playsets my husband wanted to get were from a place that didn’t even list the prices in their catalog (how about the price??!), this DIY family decided to build our own DIY outdoor kids playset.

For our doll, we build the main structure but buy some extras. Below is a list of purchased toy accessories.

Unfortunately, sometimes the slide ordered (Olympus Wave Slide) is not always available. You may need to shop around to find a slide that works for you.

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Please note that we do not apply for local building permits. Each municipality has different rules for this type of construction. Please do your own research.

Full disclosure: All wood and lumber is delivered to our driveway from a local wood shop. Your local woodworking shop is a great resource for this and all other types of projects.

Above, I’ve linked to the items at the big box store so you can see the special items, since our local lumber store doesn’t even have a website that I can link to.

You’ll want to do your research on whether or not you’re comfortable using pressure-treated wood for your child’s playset. Pressure treated wood seems to be safer now (after 2003) but you should choose what you feel comfortable with.

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Choose the footprint and size of your playset structure. See playset sketch and dimensions above.

Layout of the corner post position of the structure. This playset has two levels so 6 wooden posts are marked.

If you want to have only one level for the “treehouse”, you only need 4 posts depending on the size of the structure.

Take a step back and make sure the orientation is the way you want it. It may sound silly, but it’s important to take the time to make sure you build this playset in the right spot for your yard.

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Use a shovel and post hole digger to dig below the local frost line (36″ to 42″) depending on where you live.

After digging the post hole mix the packed concrete in a wheelbarrow and pour it around the post. Leave the concrete at least 6″ below grade (below existing grass) to allow soil and grass to grow.

We used the same post technique when we made our DIY garden boxes on the hill. We completed both of these backyard projects in a matter of weeks.

You end up with appx. 12″ wide hole (diameter) to post when you are done.

Playhouse With Slide

Make sure each post is plumb by keeping it 4′ level (in both directions). Plumb means the post is level with a vertical surface. You want your post to be instant!

Postage will be appx. About 12′ to 13′ off the ground you need to “kick” the post back into the ground to make it plumb (see picture above).

If you “kick” the posts, that means one of the 4″ x 4″ x 16′ long posts is 42″ into the ground (42″ is about 12.5′ ​​into the ground) and requires . The posts are supported in both directions until attached by additional timber to the other to set the posts.

To do this, you “kick” the post back into the ground at a 45 degree angle. On the post, you screw a 2 x 4 into it. At ground level, you put the nail stake into the ground and then nail the other end of the 2 x 4 to the nail.

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To make sure you mark the correct location of the post, we first set one post and used a dough board to help mark the other corner post.

Here you can see the old 2 x 4’s and nail stakes to help mark the location of the other posts.

Once you confirm the grid layout, follow the steps above to dig and set all 4 or 6 posts.

Attach the spare 2 x 4 to the posts before placing concrete in the remaining 5 post holes.

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After setting the first post, cut a 2 x 4 and attach it to the correct size for the next post at ground level and appx. 10′ from the ground. This places the construction grid based on the first post.

After all the posts are set, remove the 2 x 4s. Cut and install a 2 × 10 board at the base (ground level) and at the height of the desired platform(s). We used exterior wood screws to attach the wood.

After the 2 x 10s are attached to the base, cut the 2 x 4s and attach them to the subfloor. The deck boards go up on top of the 2x4s.

If your playset has two levels and six posts. You follow the steps above to install 2 x 10s around the perimeter and add a 2 x 4 subfloor in the area with the decking board on top.

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If creating two levels, you should consider building a common staircase or a step. We also added a handle for kids to get up quickly.

Once the deck board is attached, you need to decide what you want to put on the playset. You need to consider where you want to add something outside or inside your structure.

Here a stone wall and a wooden ladder are being built to climb up to the first platform.

We have a slide, a DIY ladder built out of 2 x 4s, and a rockwall that comes off one side. We were impressed with the heavy duty rope and hold that came with the set we ordered. Plus, we have a pull bar from the other side (another DIY project we did).

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You can (like us) add telescopes, pirate flags, steering wheels, climbing ropes and climbing rock holds. We also have a point to attach a swing or a long rope for climbing.

Once you know how and where children can go (up and down), you need to create safety handrails elsewhere.

When building a handrail, you should consider building codes. For the handrails that means no gap larger than 4″. We also added 2 x 4’s in the open area where the rockwall and slide are. This way the kids can climb, but hopefully not fall off!

Our playhouse has a top rail, mid-rail and toe board (which we are comfortable with). Every parent should think seriously about the protective measures they take or don’t take.

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Again, you must have a permit and meet your city’s guidelines. Always worth mentioning, we are not responsible for the design of the playset or the design of the treehouse. You can see our full disclaimer.

Once all the items are attached, you can really enjoy your DIY playset! I know our kids are starting to make a lot of memories in the backyard.

After reading this, you probably know that there is a lot to do as a DIY project. So here are some playsets to buy before you decide to build your own home or outdoor playground.

However, due to the time of year, some playsets are hard to find in stock. Another reason to try building a playground in your own backyard. Our kids think this is the best gift and have enjoyed it for years.

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Depending on the current cost of the layout and materials, the price of the player may vary. We spent about $700 on materials to build our playset.

A mixture of cedar, redwood or pressure-treated wood and decking boards can be used to create an outdoor playset. Every homeowner should do their research on the pros and cons of the construction materials they choose to use outdoors with children.

Our playground has been fine since it was built. As with outdoor projects, the color of the wood has changed over time, but the structure remains the same

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