How To Cancel Peacock Subscription On Amazon

How To Cancel Peacock Subscription On Amazon – Ready to cancel your Peacock TV app? Peacock TV has made the cancellation process easy, whether you’re nearing the end of your free trial or want to switch off as a paid subscriber. If you did not originally subscribe directly to Peacock TV, you will need to cancel using this third party. This could be Amazon, the Google Play Store on Android, or the App Store on Apple products.

If you want to cancel your Peacock streaming service, read the article below. We’ll walk you through cancellations on some popular streaming devices.

How To Cancel Peacock Subscription On Amazon

After you cancel on your Firestick, the email you used to set up the account will receive a confirmation email that you successfully unsubscribed.

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When you cancel, you will receive an email confirming that you have successfully canceled your Peacock TV subscription.

When you select the Peacock Free plan, you will receive an email confirming your subscription change.

If you used Amazon Pay to subscribe to Peacock TV, you can cancel your subscription by following the steps below.

Users who have subscribed to Peacock TV using any of Amazon’s services can cancel their subscription using the Amazon app on their smartphone. If you subscribed via Firestick, you can also use this method to cancel your Peacock TV subscription.

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If you subscribed to Peacock TV using any Apple App Store on iPhone, iPad or Mac, you can cancel your subscription immediately in the Mac App Store.

No, you have until your next billing date to use the streaming service. The billing date is determined by the date you first purchased the subscription. If you signed up on January 3rd, you will be billed on the third day of each month. When you cancel, your access to subscription benefits will end on the 3rd of the month.

Peacock TV offers its streaming services on various devices. It lets you search anywhere and gives you multiple options to quickly close your account whenever and wherever you need.

Have you recently canceled your Peacock TV subscription? What device did you use to cancel? Let us know in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may contain affiliate links. This does not affect our editorial in any way. Amazon offers a wide range of products to its user base, but you’ll find a lot of variation with its membership plans. Whether you’re running out of your free trial or no longer need Amazon Prime, you can cancel Amazon subscriptions using these steps from a computer or mobile device.

Amazon began selling movies, music and books in the late 1990s before branching out into a broader range of consumer goods. Subscriptions have been around in one form or another since the company’s inception, but have changed significantly over the years.

Today, users can subscribe to magazines through Amazon with ComiXology or Blink Video Doorbell. You can rent movies through Amazon Video, subscribe to Amazon Prime, or set up Subscribe and Save. Some services are only available as a Prime benefit, such as Amazon Book Box membership.

Whichever membership you choose, Amazon makes canceling painless. You can manage most subscriptions through the Company by accessing your account settings whether you are on a web browser or smartphone.

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If you have access to a web browser on a desktop or laptop computer, you can cancel Amazon subscriptions over the web. This method works for almost every subscription except Audible and a few others, which we’ll show you how to fix.

Go to and sign in to your account. You can hover over the login link at the top right corner of the page and click Login to bring up the login screen.

When the page refreshes and you are logged in, you should go to the membership section. You can do this by going to the same tab you signed in to, which now says Account and Ads. Hover over this area and select Membership and Subscriptions when the drop-down menu appears.

From the Subscriptions menu, you can view all active subscriptions through Amazon, including Amazon Prime membership. If you have multiple subscriptions, you can use the filters to sort through the memberships until you find the one you need to cancel. Peacock On Blue Background Canvas Print, Vibrant Bird Artwork, Peacock Art Print, Bird Prints, Bird Prints Wall Art, Peacock Feathers Fabric, Canvas Prints, Wall Decor

When you find the membership you want to cancel, click Settings and find the Cancel button. Select Cancel Membership and follow any additional screens to unsubscribe.

The location of the menu is slightly different if you want to cancel Amazon subscriptions through the Amazon app for Android or iOS, although the process is quite simple.

Find the Amazon app on your iPhone or Android device. Tap to open the app and sign in if you’re not already signed in to Amazon on your smartphone or tablet.

Once you open the app and sign in, you’ll see a row of icons at the bottom of the screen. Select the person icon. Classy Art Peacock On Sage I By Tiffany Hakimipour Framed Print Wall Art, Blue: Posters & Prints

When the new screen opens, you’ll see the Lists, Orders and Your Account tabs at the top along with any recent orders. Tap your account to access account settings.

Scroll down to the Customer Service tab in Account Settings. In this section, find Membership and Subscriptions and tap it to open the next menu.

From this screen, you will see all active subscriptions in your Amazon account. To cancel a subscription, tap Manage Subscriptions next to the membership you want to cancel, and then select Cancel to end your subscription.

Amazon has done a great job of keeping things streamlined despite the number of services it offers through its app and website. Although the membership section contains most of the details related to the subscriptions you have taken out from the company, if you are a Kindle user, you may have difficulty finding the membership. Pomobie Artificial Feathered Foam Peacock Christmas Artificial Birds Peacock Clip Ornaments On Christmas Tree Bird Decorations Wreaths Centerpieces Crafts Diy

To cancel or find a Kindle Newsstand, Subscribe & Save, or Audible subscription, go to the Memberships & Subscriptions section under Account Settings. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see icons for each of these services, along with an order section.

Select the subscription you want to manage. From the next screen, select Cancel to end your Audible or other service subscription. The process may vary from one service to another, but is clear from start to finish.

Watch this informative video that guides you through the step-by-step process of canceling a subscription without any hassles. Don’t let unwanted fees pile up – watch the video now and take back control of your Amazon subscriptions!

When you cancel a subscription, you will no longer receive shipments from that subscription, but this does not prevent pending orders that have not been shipped. To do this, go to the Orders tab of your Amazon account.

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You can find several trial memberships through Amazon at any time, including Prime, which is free for 30 days if you’re a new member.

If you want to change your renewal date or turn off automatic payments, select Manage next to the membership you want to adjust.

Yes, you can use the Company’s auto-renewal service, which ensures that your membership remains active at your purchase price.

Although you can completely delete your Amazon account, the process is not as simple as canceling a subscription. If you want to permanently remove your account and data, follow the steps in this guide.

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