How To Create Your Own Web Server

How To Create Your Own Web Server – Many businesses and individuals rely on servers from hosting providers to securely store their files and websites. However, some people want to put some money back in their wallet by self-hosting and building their own web server. Here are some things to consider if you’re wondering how to build your own web server at home.

When configuring a web server there are some important factors to be aware of; The LAMP stack.

How To Create Your Own Web Server

When building your own web server, you must first decide what you will use it for and choose the right hardware to host it. There are a few things to keep in mind. How many users do you expect? Do you need a lot of storage? Generally, when you build your own web server, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on it. You can use your computer normally and run the appropriate software required for your server. However, if your computer is a bit old, there are some requirements that must be met if you plan to run your server for a long time.

How To Set Up A Web Server

Once you have decided what hardware to use; You must choose which operating system you intend to use to create your server. There are two main choices – Linux or Microsoft Windows.

Linux is a common operating system that is used because of its cost and customization availability. Linux is also said to be more secure, with less malware for hackers. However, if you choose to use Microsoft Windows, you must purchase a license.

This does not mean that Linux is completely safe from hacking, it depends on whether your software is updated and whether you have properly configured your server.

Setting up your web server means you need a stable and reliable internet connection to handle your website traffic. Your upload and download speeds are also a requirement, and while standard home internet connections offer a high download speed, upload speeds are usually slow. Keep in mind that how quickly you can upload your website content for each client depends on your upload speed. If you have high traffic on your site, remember that every user will share the same connection, which can slow down your site.

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There are many upload and download speed testers to help you determine your speed. If you have an ISP data limit on your connection, this can also affect your speed. You may need to change providers if you have this cap on your internet connection.

Now that you’ve selected your hardware, your operating system, and tested your connection, it’s time to set up the software you’ll use to present your website. The type of software you use depends on the type of operating system you are running.

Windows Server must install IIS with Web Server Extensions. It can be accessed from the Microsoft website. However, if you choose Linux, Apache, Lighttpd or NGINX, there are three options for you to install and can be accessed from the Apache website.

Before installing your server, you may need to open specific ports on your router and firewall to access web traffic. Ports 443 and 80 are the two main ports that must be kept open to allow traffic to your website. Information security is an important area when setting up your server, so set up your firewall, certificates and the like properly at this stage of installation.

Web Server Build Part 3

After completing the server configuration, it’s time to configure your website for traffic. Usually, servers come with a test page that is displayed after the server is installed. Once you have tested the page, and everything is working correctly, you can edit the test page with your files from your website.

Once everything is working properly, your last step is to choose a domain name so that your customers or clients can find you. If you don’t choose a domain name, visitors will only be able to find your page by typing in your UP address.

First, you need to purchase your domain name from a domain registrar, or you can register a subdomain for free. Once you have your domain or subdomain name, you must complete the setup process on the correct DNS record for your domain to access your IP address.

Once you complete the above steps, within a few hours, your domain name will take effect and the server will be ready to use.

How To Basically Create Your Own Web Server

Now that you have successfully created your web server, you can install common software or upload your files to your server. As you can see, building your own web server can be easy and cost-effective for your business. Your own web server also gives you peace of mind knowing that you and not a third party is managing your important files.

Owner and Editor-in-Chief. Silly comfortable with a self-taught technical background. Usually things break all the time. In the third part of our series on setting up our own web server, we will install PHP version 7.4 on our Ubuntu 18.04 server running apache2.

After updating the system, we will prepare to set up a repository containing the new version of PHP. This is important to ensure that any vulnerabilities are removed as well as to improve site performance. PHP version 7.2 is known and upgrading to 7.4 will improve speed by between four times.

After adding the correct repository, we can install it with the aptitude command “apt”. Don’t forget to verify that you are running the version you just installed.

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We need to install several PHP plugins to ensure that WordPress works properly including image management, database connections and general web interaction. Install the following using the apt command.

Edit the file /etc/php/7.4/apache2/php.ini. This file should be updated to ensure that WordPress allows users including administrators to interact with the site properly.

Update the following items in the php.ini file. This is a large file and using the Vim search function will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Restart apache service and create index.php file in /var/www/html directory to test PHP performance. Temporarily move the HTML file so the browser doesn’t read it while we test.

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Open a web browser and point it directly to the website. You should see the following PHP information page.

If the page resolves correctly, you can remove the PHP file and move the HTML file back into place.

That’s all we did and you now have PHP installed completely. Thanks for joining this series and I look forward to hearing your comments below. be careful.

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Your domain name is part of your URL (Unique Resource Locator). A URL is a web address on the Internet. It enables customers to come to your website.

When building your online presence, it is very important to maintain brand stability. Your domain name should ideally be the same or as close as possible to your name.

To maintain brand consistency, also check if it is present as a username on social media platforms. The fastest way to check domain name and username availability is to use a name checker service called Namecheckr.

Once you have chosen your domain name, you need to develop an appropriate domain name. The domain name extension is the part of the URL that shows where the domain name is registered.

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There are other extension options (eg .tv), but renewal costs can be more expensive than the usual ones mentioned above.

Many buy more than one domain name for their domain name extension. If customers enter .com instead of, for example, it will still bring customers to your website. Buying both add-ons can also help prevent confusion online about which business is yours.

Australia’s .au TLD Administrator offers a list of certified providers to purchase your domain name.

Your domain name must be renewed so that it does not expire. The renewal period is determined when you purchase the domain name. You can often choose an initial term of 1, 3, 5 or 10 years.

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You can use free email services for yours

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