How To Decorate Living Room Walls

How To Decorate Living Room Walls – If you’ve been staring at a blank wall in your living room for too long, trying to decide what to do with it, one of these six living room wall decor ideas should help!

Do you have a big blank wall in your living room like mine? I don’t think every empty wall should be decorated, but I felt like this wall needed something. I don’t know what that is! After searching for inspiration, I’ve rounded up six of my favorite living room wall decors to share!

How To Decorate Living Room Walls

To the right of the blank wall in the picture above, you can see the solution I used to decorate the largest of the four walls in my bedroom – gallery wall art! In our media center and around the TV, I used ten framed art prints arranged in an evenly spaced grid:

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas From Designers

Source: TV Console (similar) | Chandelier (Satin Bronze) | Textured White Cushion Cover | Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Rug | Pair of Floor Tiles | Art Print (see details | Book: The Gathered House | Book : Emily Henderson Styles | Book: Dogs

My art prints come in 18″ x 24″ matte brass frames – you can’t buy my exact frames individually (my art comes pre-framed), but they are very similar, same size and larger, or check them out Doesn’t work. They don’t need to be big.

The same grid-like gallery wall can be used on a large wall behind the sofa to accommodate a TV without removing the center frame. You can also create a gallery wall that’s even more stylish than our home office – check out our tips for creating your own gallery wall!

Another great option for a large living room wall is to hang two or three pieces of art;

Feature Wall Design Ideas For Living Room Interior

I love this look and those fern prints are amazing! For a cheaper option, check if you can make your own for less. It’s a good idea to make a series of frames with one continuous image, for example a beach style house:

Large wallpaper is a great living room wall decorating idea because you can fill a large wall with a single piece of wallpaper and add color and texture to your space! This may not be what you want as some tapes can give your room more of a bedroom vibe, so you just need to be careful about how you hang the footage. I like the more streamlined look of hanging them on a blanket hanger, such as a kitchen hanger.

I’ve seen some great makeovers of blank living room walls with built-in bookcases, but if that’s out of your budget, a large freestanding bookshelf can give you the same look! Surprisingly.

It also has a smaller footprint and configuration to accommodate a TV. Using two end-to-ends can also achieve the goal:

Best Wall Decor Ideas To Decorate Your Blank Wall

A large floor-to-ceiling mirror works perfectly on a bare living room wall, especially outside a window, and can reflect light into the room. It’s absolutely stunning, with a very traditional design and a sophisticated twist that goes well with a variety of decorating styles.

Living rooms usually have rectangular furniture – coffee tables, televisions, media consoles, etc. So adding some round baskets on the wall can break things up and add softness. I like to group baskets of different shapes:

This is where I found this basket on a shelf in my living room in North Carolina (mine is huge):

You can use two or three large wall baskets instead of a bunch of small baskets.

How Do I Fill A Large Living Room Wall? 9 Features Interior Designers Love |

I bought it to hang on the wall in our master bathroom and will have it hanging in this spot temporarily until I move the furniture in, but I love it hanging in this spot in our entryway! Our entryway is the next area I’m going to tackle – now that we don’t have a contractor walking around the space, I’m ready to put up the wallpaper I’ve had for over a year. . Please pay attention…

So which blank wall solution do you prefer? I tend to create a series of baskets on my bare walls, not only because I like the look of it, but because I always feel like I can easily find a place to use it in the future. what do you think?

Looking for ideas to decorate other rooms in your home? Check out my article on dining room wall decor ideas! Home » Posts » Style & Shop » 40 Timeless Living Room Wall Decor Ideas Straight from Interior Designers

Designing a living room is more than just finding the perfect sofa. While having comfortable seating is certainly important, living room wall decor ideas are also important in making your space more personal, beautiful, and interesting.

Wall Shelves For Living Room

But if you’re thinking about how to decorate your walls correctly, you’re in luck. From installing wallpaper and adding architectural details to hanging three-dimensional objects and using accent lighting, our interior designers share their best living room wall decorating ideas. No matter what look you’re going for, you’ll find inspiration in this list.

And you don’t have to limit yourself to these living room wall decorating methods. Combining a variety of ideas, such as an accent wall with floating shelves or bold side statement artwork, can produce very interesting results. As long as you take care of your walls, they’ll stay in good shape.

Paint is an easy way to add interest to your living room—all you need is a can to create a wall. A tonally consistent look, such as a dusty rose wall surrounded by adjacent walls in light pink, adds subtle appeal. If you’re brave enough to try a stark contrast, choose a fun color in a white room, like a bright sky blue or a rich olive green (think fashion icon and client Blair Eddy).

Thanks to the invention of temporary peel-and-stick wallpaper, patterned walls are no longer a lifetime commitment. That said, even if you want to change your design frequently, holiday prints are a viable option. Dip your toes in the water and add removable wallpaper to one wall behind the sofa, or dive right in and cover your entire living room in it.

Living Room Wall Decor Design Ideas For Your Home Interiors

Just because your home doesn’t have beautiful architectural details doesn’t mean you can’t install them. Elevate your living room with moldings, wainscoting, batten, or shiplap siding, each in its own way, adding texture and dimension to a otherwise flat wall. Vertical details help draw the eye upward and make a room with a lower ceiling feel taller (a designer’s secret).

Peel and stick technology is not only suitable for wallpaper, but also for artificial tiles and stone. You can use peel and stick materials to get the exposed brick wall of your dreams or the marble bar backsplash you’ve always wanted for a fraction of the cost. There is no construction or destruction.

If you don’t have a lot of wall space to decorate, focus on windows and accents to add character to your living room. Painting your window frames a contrasting color (like Benjamin Moore Hale’s navy, featured here) will make them stand out and attract the right amount of attention.

Whether we choose to hang a large print as a focal point or combine two large complementary pieces for big impact, large-scale art is one of our favorite pieces of living room wall decor. Large wall hangings and tapestries can also add sparkle while adding much-needed texture and movement to the space.

Ways To Decorate A Blank Wall

Gallery walls are popular for one reason: they work! This tried and true method of hanging art can be seen in a variety of ways, from a modern gallery wall using identically sized frames, to a nostalgic gallery wall featuring black and white photos, to a mix of elements eclectic gallery wall. Medium, color, shape and size.

From Anthropologie’s glamorous primrose-colored mirrors to Ettore Sottsass’s 1970s revival of ultra-fragile glass, mirrors are having a moment. Consider hanging a mirror on the wall behind the sofa or a standing mirror on a blank wall to reflect light and make the room feel larger.

Think outside the box and use furniture as living room wall decoration. For a beautiful look, create a fountain and display vintage dishes or cookware. If you love traveling, collect woven baskets wherever you go and hang them up for everyone to see. This three-dimensional display is a treat for the eyes.

Instead of hanging framed art from nails and hooks, place an easel to highlight your favorite pieces. Photo frames provided

Blue Living Room Ideas For A Fresh And Modern Look

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