How To Design Ui For Android App

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Looking for a quick start on a new project? Discover these 37 custom app templates created just for you by the team.

How To Design Ui For Android App

Sometimes a template is all you need to start a new project. Look no further than these 37 amazing models who cover everything from booking music artists and travelers to dog sitting and online shopping.

Android App Ui Style Guide

Download the template and open it with the UI design tool. Just like that, you’re ready to add lots of details, change as much as you want about the model, and make it interact and behave properly.

Are you looking to tap into the new wave of second-hand markets? This model is the perfect market for whatever your product is. Whether users want to buy or sell used goods, this template is easy to navigate and comes with 15 ready-to-use mobile screens with filtered searches, a favorites screen, as well as a messaging feature and a product display screen 6. It’s built for you. can quickly customize it to your brand’s look and feel, try it out!

This complete cryptocurrency mobile app template includes several introductory screens for onboarding and 8 more screens with product and business features that you can easily adapt to your product and brand identity. It’s designed with usability in mind, with a simple quick navigation tool below and featured analysis screens for the most common cryptocurrency transactions. The application’s functional model is crypto-specific, but it can be easily converted to any commercial application.

This app template comes with multiple screens, making it a great starting point for any eCommerce app where items are sold. And it’s not just with simple visuals – the whole app also likes basic interactive design. You can click buttons, enter input fields, and use navigation keys.

Ios Vs. Android Design: What To Avoid

This app template gives you a total of 4 views from home page and items page to shopping cart. This design offers a perfect layout with pastels and a youthful feel. This is a great example of a simple yet effective e-commerce app.

This app comes with a beautiful home page design that displays products with a card system while offering filtering options to users. Both the item page and the overview page prioritize the product’s display image, providing a perfect balance in the app’s visual patterns.

With 3 screens, this app template makes the most of space and lets things breathe. The home page offers not only a horizontal map layout, but also filtering options to further explore the experience, as well as category buttons. Full screen comes with a beautiful split screen style that allows you to describe the item in detail.

Using a tab system, this website design allows users to switch between different types of items based on what they are looking for. In addition to the smart navigational design, we see products listed in separate areas as opposed to regular cards, allowing each item to shine.

Android App Design Tips

Fitness app Flow’s pattern is all about using empty space to provide a beautiful background. The dashboard provides a snapshot of key health and fitness metrics, such as distance run or sleep time. There are also two different performance charts, giving users multiple ways to view their data.

This app template with 3 screens is designed to provide relaxing views and elements process. On the main screen we have a search bar as well as a map system with filtering options. The action screen offers a different card system with smaller cards and more options on display. There is also a progress bar.

Perfect for any content product design, this Editing app template makes the most of visible documents and lets your words shine. The home page allows for a featured article and other content list using the classic hamburger menu and a navigation bar for navigation.

This app template, even though it only ships with 3 screens, is of great value to designers creating any product with a programmable feature. The layout allows you to display both days and a detailed view of the day’s appointments with a floating action button. There is also an import screen as well as a video call screen.

Android App Ui Design

This app template comes with a total of 5 screens including a home page, a services screen like login and profile screens. Our home page has an accordion system for organizing current courses as a search bar, filter option. The lesson page works like a list screen, with the activity shown above and then the individual cards below.

This design includes a unique player complete with homepage, player screen and playlist screen. Designed with a modern and minimalistic basic design, it can be easily used to express yourself while saving a lot of time.

The Smart Home Appliance template works well as a base for any style of dashboard design. The profile screen, created with a graphic background and map structure, acts as a personal page. The Rooms screen supports a map structure and also offers tabbed navigation where users can move through the rooms in the home and see the listed devices one by one.

This app template is one of the most complete cases we have, with no less than 7 screens. Designed with a bright look and youthful feel, you can expect beautifully designed shapes, card sets and copy editing options.

Android App Designs With Amazing User Experience In Mind

You can find everything you need for great fitness equipment in this model. Track your sports performance, track your regular workouts and even track your eating habits. This app has a lot of information packed into a few powerful screens.

Despite being a single screen, this app template gives you the full interactivity you need for a working carousel. The design also comes with filter options, a hamburger menu and a notification icon. In short, everything you need for a stunning yet effective home screen design!

This basic app template includes all the components and screens you need to create a good e-commerce app. The design includes a hamburger menu, as well as a shopping cart icon and a search bar on the main page. It also includes important screens like product check page, payment and payment screens!

This simple app template provides a dashboard with different screens ready to display simple metric reports. This app has graphics and includes mileage, steps, miles and calories. You can easily do this to your data.

Ux Ui Considerations And Applying Material Design On Android App

Landing pages play an important role in converting app visitors into buyers. This template helps you create a perfect payment flow with uncomplicated screens that include the most popular credit card options, such as a transfer page and new information forms.

This app store template offers a customer base with a profile avatar and starts with an attractive homepage, followed by a product screen listed by category in a horizontal card grid. This design also includes cart and checkout screens, as well as a detailed product mockup that includes a title, short description, and call-to-action button. In short, a great foundation to start designing your e-commerce app.

This app template provides an attractive and well-organized main collection layout with a neat search bar at the bottom. The design also comes with a circular logo and a detailed product information page, including reviews. In short, everything you need for a great and effective design that you can customize according to your product needs!

This beautiful design template gives you a design based on the best health and fitness apps. It offers a visual and intuitive home and on-board screens for collecting user information and putting them to work instantly.

Android App Ui/ux Designing

Increase your car’s presence with this in-app sequence template. This onboarding experience guides the user through the core activity and highlights the best features of the product. Each step screen comes with an option to skip steps and offers a progress tracker that shows the user’s current location and remaining steps.

The user-friendly flow template is all designed to consume less space and make it easier to complete the login process. The password input field has a “view” icon to display the password and prevent any login errors. If the user has any questions, there is a second screen to complete the process with a contact link.

Perfect for all Twitter users, this template includes a collection of different twitter content screens as well as profile and offer cards. The different layouts represent the most common types of content displays you’ll find in the Twitter app. It includes only classical works

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