How To Dye Clothes Black At Home

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Want to learn how to dye dark jeans? Have you ever found yourself looking at a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, but not your favorite pair of jeans and wondering, “How can I change the color of my jeans?” and “can you dye the jeans blacker?”

How To Dye Clothes Black At Home

I can show you how to make jeans darker. I dyed my jeans over a year ago and I was like

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Are satisfied with the results. they still stay dark, even after a year of regular washing. I dyed some jeans recently and took some photos to share my denim dye before and after. I will teach you step by step how to dye jeans, and if you keep reading until the end, I will answer all your questions about dyeing jeans in the washing machine.

I have been on a weight loss journey for months (25 lbs down, 25 to go!). I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on new jeans since I’m still trying to lose weight. However, buying pants is not easy because I don’t like it when jeans have beards or darkening in the front/back of the thighs. I just prefer a dark wash dress, but jeans that fit me aren’t my favorite, and my favorite wash jeans are usually poorly fitted and can’t be closed. So I found some cheap and chic jeans for only $25 and started dyeing the dark jeans at home to turn them into a dark wash.

Yes! You can easily dye jeans to make them dark. My freshly dyed DIY jeans are perfectly uniform and now have a great dark wash; even the whip was covered (see pictures below and back). I want to teach you how to darken jeans, so read my easy tutorial on how to dye dark jeans using only a washing machine or a plastic tub. If you’ve read some of my DIY dye posts, you know that dyeing clothes is pretty easy.

The first time I dyed the jeans I used two bottles of black and one bottle of navy. The result was

How To Get As Dark A Color As Possible

With ink as indigo dye. I liked it, but it added to the cost since three bottles of paint cost about $12. This time I only used two bottles and made a 1:1 ratio of navy to black which resulted in a dark denim blue. I love the shade and it looks great. Since these jeans are temporary, I wanted to keep costs low, so I didn’t want to buy three bottles. To be honest, I chose a 2:1 ratio (black to aqua) because the jeans were really dark, almost black, but with an inky blue depth. The result is what I would call midnight blue, and it felt very expensive.

I used two bottles per pant and was happy with the results. The instructions for Rit dyes indicate that one bottle covers 1 lb of laundry, but suggest using more for darker/lighter colors. I would definitely add some jeans or a t-shirt to my dye bath.

I only used Rit paint on the jeans because it is cheap and easy to find and use. I also prefer the liquid paint that Rit makes that is sold in bottles to the powder paint because it saves the step of dissolving the paint. Jeans can be washed only with cold water, instead I recommend using Procion dyes. i used them for ice painting because they work well in cold water. To use these dyes, you must first soak the denim in a soda ash solution (that brand requires soda ash as a dye preparation) and then create a dye bath.

Yes, I used Rit dye to dye both jeans. But of course you can use different fabric dyes if there is a style you like. It helps to think about denim threads. even with the less synthetic method I was able to use regular Rit paint. However, synthetic jeans may require dyes for synthetics, such as Rit’s DyeMore Liquid dye.

How To Dye Clothes At Home

Yes All the hardware and collapse covered both pairs I dyed and the result was the same color.

No, the paint did not cover the seams. The greens stayed light so they didn’t look like they were made in a homemade dye bath. This happened to my dyed dress, the thread was not dyed. Cotton threads will take the dye, but the garment is usually made with polyester or other synthetic thread that does not take dye unless it is a dye intended for synthetics.

No. The dye does not wash off the jeans quickly – I was pleasantly surprised. I never had to dye the first pair of jeans I dyed, then wash them once or twice a week (drying, though) for a year. They disappeared

, as dark jeans usually do, but the whipping didn’t come back and it was still a dark wash; it just looked like ripped jeans. I was very impressed. my dyed dress has never faded, if at all (although I don’t wear it as often as DIY dyed jeans).

Tie Dye Patterns

You can dye the denim any color, but I find that the black/dark color combination looks like commercial “dark denim”. But you can turn white jeans into bright brown or red, or dye jeans brown. White jeans will perfectly accept any paint color. When it comes to dyeing jeans that are already blue with colors other than navy blue or black, it’s a bit of a gamble as to how the dye will look when used on already dyed fabrics. Putting new paint over old paint can give it a new color, for example, dyeing red jeans can turn them purple.

It is easy to dye black jeans. I recommend doubling Rit’s suggested amount. so try 2 bottles of black dye for 1 lb of fabric. I think Rit dye is the best black dye for jeans because it’s easy to find and easy to use.

I find that washing my jeans outside, in cold water (preferably using a mild detergent or a detergent designed for dark colors) and leaving them in the dryer helps preserve the color of the garment. dark, I either dyed them or bought them that way. . Air-drying/drying dark items (out of the sun) is much more effective at keeping their color longer than tossing them in the dryer;

No. The paint stays on after the jeans dry. After the first paint, while they were wet and drying in my laundry room, they were putting paint on everything they touched while wet (like the wall and the washing machine lid – oops). This name was a mess, although I managed to get 95% of it. But when the denim dried, and especially after the first wash, there was no complete transfer, which was interesting because I had experience with color transfer on indigo jeans. When you wash these jeans, make sure you wash them in the same colors.

How To Dye Jeans Darker (tutorial With Faq)

In short. Every time I paint something, I realize that it’s a bit difficult the first time I paint it. But after ironing or aging it, it immediately softens and the fabric feels completely normal.

No. BUT – you must run the car empty with bleach immediately after painting to remove the paint from the car (otherwise you can paint the drum and plastic pieces). I usually use this load of bleach to wash my underwear and other crap because I hate wasting water.

I’ve also used this method to dye very old jeans after they’ve been worn. However, I find that the dye tends to “stick” the most to unworn clothing. So while my new jeans took the dye very well and stayed dark, my old and worn pants were temporarily revived with the dye because they seemed to disappear from the beater pants in a hurry. It was still working. They just faded faster than the new jeans I dyed, which stayed dark even after a year of washing.

Overall, learning how to wash dark jeans myself has been a great success. i will definitely keep my dyed jeans in dark color because it makes it so much easier to find the right fit when i don’t have to worry about washing. It’s also a great way to revive old, worn-out jeans, even if the results aren’t great, because dyeing new jeans, dyeing old jeans still works and helps extend the life of the garment.

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I’m missing any questions on how to dye dark jeans. Feel free to leave them in the comments. I value feedback, so I will always answer your question. If you have

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