How To Make My Carpet Smell Good

How To Make My Carpet Smell Good – I have the best carpet deodorizer and DIY air freshener for you. This is easy to do and cheap and non-toxic and green cleaning. So you don’t need to buy tons of sprays and plugs to make your house smell good.

– You take baking soda and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or you can use vanilla or cinnamon to cook straight from the spice grinder if you don’t have oils on hand. I really like mint, rosemary, lavender or lemon. I think mint has a very pronounced scent and citrus or lavender can be more subtle. You can also get one of these little spray cans from Target or Walmart for about $1.00. These make it easy to spray around the house. You can find jars at the Dollar Store that are meant for powdered sugar and they work perfectly or just grab a Mason Jar and use a card to replace the inner circle of the lid. Punch some holes and that will work! Fill it with baking soda and then add 10 drops of fragrance and shake well. Spray like crazy all over the house, about an hour before you want to clean. Sometimes I spray this on in the morning before work and then vacuum when I get home; it’s great for giving the scent a chance to linger in rooms and such. You can also use it in the car before vacuuming – I spray it all over the car. On our kids’ car seats, curtains, carpets, etc… Oh, and if you have smelly shoes in the closet, give them some too and the baking soda will reduce the smell and absorb the moisture. We live in California and wear loafers most of the time without socks, so I do this often. Once you’re ready, just take off your shoes so the excess drips onto the carpet and you can clean it right away.

How To Make My Carpet Smell Good

So the possibilities are endless and I find this very useful for the whole house. The great thing is that baking soda is so cheap that it can be generous if I sprinkle it all over the place. A 4 pound bag is $6 at Costco or find smaller boxes for around $0.50 at Target and Walmart. That little box should get you through several cleaning sessions.

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And when you’re done, try rubbing your hands with the two amazing ingredients. You’ll be surprised how soft they feel! The Priceline drugstore list can offer a variety of deodorants for everyone at a reasonable cost. I am here to solve your problem by finding a natural and inexpensive homemade carpet cleaning solution for your carpet washer.

We all hate spending $20+ on a bottle of the doctor’s carpet cleaner, but we want carpets that smell. Oh, the struggle is real, right?

This recipe for a natural carpet cleaning solution in this post. And my favorite (though not entirely original) recipe here. Both work well but I honestly prefer my other one more because it is more powerful at removing stains.

What I like about this recipe is that I always have the ingredients on hand. So when I’m too tired to run to the store when I don’t have ingredients for my other recipes, I turn to this recipe.

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This natural, non-toxic carpet cleaning solution uses only vinegar, water and essential oils, but cleans deep and leaves your carpets sparkling.

This recipe will clean your carpets very well and can also remove tough stains. But I will warn you that it will smell very strongly of vinegar when you clean the carpets. But after drying you will be left with a house with a nice smell and no smell of vinegar.

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I always love when I can make DIY natural cleaning products on the go. If they use simple ingredients that you might have, I’m all for them. One of my secret DIY cleaning recipes is the homemade carpet deodorizer that I’m going to share with you today. I have been using this simple recipe for years. I’ll also offer a few different twists on the original recipe.

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This is the original recipe I use, and it’s super easy. I just fill a mason jar about 3/4 of the way with baking soda, then add at least 20 drops of essential oil. My favorite essential oil is lavender.

Baking soda is definitely a product you want to have on hand because it can be used in many household cleaning recipes. It is naturally an amazing deodorant. I use it as a base when dealing with urine stains on mattresses, on bowls to absorb bad odors in the fridge and more!

Using baking soda in your homemade carpet cleaner will remove all odors from your carpet or upholstery. The added essential oils will refresh the fabric and emit a pleasant aroma when vacuuming.

If you have pets or children, you definitely want to make sure that the essential oils you use are safe for pets and children. Herbal Therapy is my go-to company for essential oils because they make it clear which oils are safe for children and pets.

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Here are some of my favorite essential oil blends for a homemade carpet cleaner. Adjust the amount of essential oil in each recipe to your liking.

Have you ever thought about making a homemade carpet cleaner with cinnamon? Note that this recipe should only be used on dark carpets and rugs. Lighter fabrics may stain.

Cinnamon is a comforting scent, and this recipe is great to try during the fall and winter months.

The homemade carpet deodorizer with borax recipe is a little different than my baking soda recipe. Borax works as a human-safe bug killer, so if you think you might have a problem with dust mites or other insects in your carpet, you can add borax to your DIY carpet freshener recipe.

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To keep things simple, I use my quart size jar with an old parmesan cheese lid. The holes in the lid are great for spraying DIY carpet freshener all over.

To use a DIY carpet cleaner, spray on the carpet and upholstery, let it sit for 20 minutes, then wipe. Your house will smell good and your carpet and upholstery won’t change.

Follow me on Pinterest and use the little pin button above the card to save the recipe! The smell of new carpet is caused by VOCs in the carpet that begin to evaporate as soon as it is exposed. It can create an unpleasant smell in your home until the gas is turned off. This can happen within 24 hours or more than five days after installation. You can probably get your home back to your liking within 24 hours by working diligently to reduce that new carpet smell using the eight tips below.

Perhaps the best strategy, ventilating your home after carpet installation is to easily adjust to the smell of new carpet. Just keep all windows and doors open for 72 hours after installing the carpet, even if you notice the smell will leave sooner.

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Weather and airflow are important factors in preventing bad odors. To speed up this process, turn on fans and your HVAC system to increase airflow in rooms with new carpet.

Vacuum to reduce odors immediately after installing your new carpet to pick up any remaining dirt. Follow this up with daily cleaning for best results in reducing the smell of new carpets. While you should vacuum your carpet regularly for maintenance purposes, it’s especially important to remove newly installed carpet when you’re trying to get rid of new carpet odor.

Steam Carpets with Vinegar Try steaming your carpets with a vinegar solution for particularly strong smells. Vinegar is a strong deodorizer and can help with bad odors. You can do the steam cleaning yourself or bring in a professional.

Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet Baking soda can be used to absorb any odors from your new carpet. Simply sprinkle a layer of baking soda on the new carpet and leave it for 24 to 48 hours. Repeat for the desired effect.

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Potted plants do well with ventilation. Point a

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