How To Publish An App

How To Publish An App – Now that you’ve finally finished building your app, it’s time to publish it to the App Store. The team is constantly building the iOS app itself, and the next step, which is also daunting, should be to go to the app store.

This can be difficult for those who do not know how to publish an app to the app store. But if you know the steps and procedure to publish an app on the app store, your task will seem a little less tedious.

How To Publish An App

To get started, you need to meet the Mac requirements along with the latest versions of macOS. You will also need a valid credit card to pay for your application. You will also need development software such as Xcode, which is compatible with Apple. If you meet these prerequisites, the application process will be a bit tedious.

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In this blog, we have tried to simplify the process of submitting an iOS app to the Apple Store.

To submit an iOS app to the Apple App Store, you must first complete the following steps:

One of the initial requirements for submitting an iOS app to the App Store is enrollment in the Apple Developer Program. You cannot publish an app to the App Store unless you are enrolled in the Apple Developer Program.

Also, Apple’s developer program costs about $99 per year, but it also comes with many benefits, including:

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Also, you must renew your subscription every year or the app will be removed from the app store.

The app must meet the requirements of the Apple Store. Some other requirements that must be met by you:

Before submitting an iOS app to an app store, a developer needs to find out all the details related to their apps in the store. This will be the name of the app, its description, screenshots, app icons, etc.

The name of the iPhone app should be precise and well thought out, because it is what users will read first.

Download, Discover, Share

The description will contain all the details such as features and functions of the app and how it works.

You should have at least 2-5 screenshots and all devices should be compatible as it will inform users about the app.

A well-chosen keyword can make your app a hit because it will bring customers directly from the search app to your page.

Once you’ve submitted all the necessary information about your iOS app, it’s ready to go live. Bundle Identifier is an iOS app that allows you to submit your app to the App Store.

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To submit an iOS app first, you must go to the Apple Developer Portal and sign in with your ID. After successfully login, you need to click on ID. After that, click on the “+” tab that appears on the right corner of the system screen. The application ID assignment process will begin.

After you name your app idea, the submission process begins. Now click on the ‘Continue’ button to check if the details have been entered correctly and then click on ‘Submit’.

Before you can run an iOS app, you must go through the app certification process. This process ensures that your app meets the relevant App Store guidelines as specified by Apple Inc.

To initiate a certificate signing request, you must have access to the keychain access program. There, in the top left menu, click on “certification assistant” and then click on the option “request a certificate from a certificate authority”. Here you need to specify some parameters, such as the user’s email address and some common names.

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Now select ‘Save to Disk’ option and click ‘Continue’. Finally, save the certificate signing request for later.

After you’ve started an App Certification Signing request, the next step is to generate an App Store Production Certificate that will help you link your iOS app to an official Apple developer account .

To create a production App Store certificate, go to the Apple Developer Portal in your browser. Click Certificate Options. There, select the “+” option located at the top right corner of the screen.

After that, click on the App Store production option and select App Store and Ad Hoc under the product category. Click on the “Continue” option. After that, you should download the certificate signing request.

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You can now download the generated certificate; however, be sure to install the certificate on your system to keep this newly created file secure.

After the certification is installed, you should create a working initialization profile that is included with the iPhone applications. This will help you install the app on your device. To create a working provisioning profile, follow these steps:

Now that the initialization profile has been saved, the next step is to reserve your spot on the Apple App Store for your developed app. This is done so that your target audience will see and use your app.

To reserve a spot in the Apple App Store, follow the steps below.

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Your app is now very close to being published on the App Store. However, app developers must package the binary that the user downloads from the app store. To package a binary, a developer should start with Xcode and complete the following steps:

Here you need to provide the iOS app version details. This information will be seen by iOS users and therefore will be a deciding factor for them when deciding whether to download the app or not. Do it-

Review is an important factor in getting an iOS app in the app store. The official Apple team checks the application on various indicators.

You must choose the unlock type between manual and automatic. Once your request is submitted for review, you’ll need to wait for approval from Apple’s review team. The review process usually takes 2-3 weeks, after which Apple offers the opportunity to submit a new application.

How To Publish An App To The App Store

If your iOS app is not approved, you should review the notes in the Apple Resolution Center. Admit your mistakes and solve problems. After validation is complete, you can resubmit your iOS app for the validation phase.

After selecting the program, you need to select the manual launch option; only after that you can break free. Now you need to wait for the “Ready to sell” status of your app and then you can start the publishing part. This entire process will take about 24 hours to launch an iOS app on the Apple App Store.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your application was rejected by Apple’s official review panel:

Check the specifications again and try to understand the reason for the rejection of the application. You can check the review board and get tips on how to improve the app to meet Apple standards.

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If you believe your program meets all the requirements, you can appeal the variance for reconsideration by the review committee.

In addition to the public release on Apple’s App Store, you can release the app to a limited audience with a special distribution plan limited to just 100 devices, or you can choose a business plan for $299 per year to use it. only in your organization.

Releasing an iOS app to Apple’s App Store should be taken seriously, as even minor issues can lead to app rejection. I hope this blog post on How to Publish an App to the App Store has given you all the information you need to help you publish your iOS app.

Also, if you want to develop a mobile app for iOS, we can help you with that. Extern Labs is a leading software and application development company. In addition to app development, we also provide app publishing services to the App Store and Google Play Store.

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