How To Stage Your Home To Sell

How To Stage Your Home To Sell – If you’re looking to do some home staging to sell your home faster, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll share my favorite home staging tips to sell fast! We have listed our home for sale. It’s been a long road to this point but when it’s all done, we have a beautiful home as the final product. And showing the house is just the cherry on top. We sold our last house in 36 hours and this house had 3 offers!

This is a general overview of how to run a home. If you’re looking for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to sell your house, check out this post.

How To Stage Your Home To Sell

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Top Tips To Selling Your Home

Think of vacation rentals or your favorite house in a magazine. When you list your home, it will look like a vacation rental. It is clean, organized and decorated. It’s simple but not bland. It is well furnished but not cluttered.

One absolutely important aspect of home staging is cleaning. If you don’t need it every day, it won’t appear. Are you packing it for vacation? NO You don’t need it when your home is on the market.

And over the next few weeks, you need to put the things you need (like toothbrushes) in the right places (like drawers). If you need to exclude something that isn’t purely decorative, put it in the basket. Every surface in your home should be used for decorative purposes only (except the cable box under the TV). Your soap dispenser should also be simple but decorative. These soap dispensers are cheap and popular with most people.

If you’re not committed to pre-packing and cleaning, why put your home on the market? Commitment to a worthy home that can be sold. So either you have, or you don’t. So, decide now because if you can’t pack first then you’re not ready for the next step of viewing the house.

How To Stage A House

This part will be a bit painful so be prepared. You need to pack everything that you don’t use every day or that doesn’t make your home beautiful. Have moving boxes and supplies ready (this kit makes it easy to get started). Pile all misplaced items (spare towels, sundries, and appliances (fans, humidifiers, toasters, etc.)) in the middle of each room. You will place each of these items in a box. Also clean out all of your upper and lower kitchen cabinets. No, it’s really not like that

Once you have enough extras, start adding them. I like to keep my boxes per room (bathroom accessories), not by category (small appliances). If you mix rooms, mixed boxes will take longer to unbox later. I had already packed and organized about 20 boxes worth of both houses that I just showed. It’s hard, but selling your house at original price is worth it, right?

Before taping your boxes, take a look at your pile and start replacing things as needed. In our first house, I emptied an extra drawer of dish towels to hold all of my large kitchen utensils like the wooden spoons that I use every day because my spoons I don’t look very good. But this time I got a cute little vase and kept them on the counter because they fit the decor and I felt like cooking.

Kitchen Showcase – In our first house, I emptied out the dishtowel drawer to hold all the larger kitchen utensils like wooden spoons that I use every day. But this time I got a cute little vase and put them on the counter because they matched the decor.

Key Tips For Staging A House To Sell

After placing the essentials back on the counter, you can start the fun part: decorating. I don’t spend a lot of money on decorations for home shows. Instead, I took out all my decorations and placed them where I could see them. Then I went around the house creating patterns in each room. The vignette is like a small, picture-perfect scene that is part of a larger picture.

To create a staging pattern in your home, you’ll want to think of each large piece of furniture or decoration in the room as an anchor. You want to make sure you have enough similar items to fill a given room.

For example: Even though I’m trying to phase out teal from my home decor (hub is not a fan :/), there are still plenty of teal decor pieces that I can’t ignore it. Using teal as an accent throughout the home was an easy decision because it ties each room together, making the home feel more cohesive. I moved furniture around the house so no two rooms had the same piece of furniture (for example, the black dresser in the foyer didn’t stand out because it came from my son’s all-wood bedroom).

Once you’ve got your furniture and accent colors in place, build in height and soften it with some greenery. Couples are very romantic (good for master bedrooms) and 3s or 5s are easy on the eyes. I try to have at least one plant or flower (even if it’s fake) in every room. Each piece of furniture must be complete but simple and comprehensive.

Stage Your Home To Sell

Don’t forget your walls. Leaving bare walls can make a home feel cold and unloving. And, I won’t lie, art includes some strategic locations and artistic possibilities called “sweet home”, just an opportunity and beautify life. Does it make a difference? Maybe not, but wall art can definitely soften any room.

Do you feel like your home decor isn’t up to par or do you need something extra to freshen up the space? I completely understand that too. We bought a comforter set (similar to this one

Be honest. Life isn’t always magazine-worthy, but deep down, don’t we all dream of a life that’s clutter-free, clutter-free, and maintenance-free? Ideally it’s part of what you’re selling to potential buyers. “Living here is easy. Look, I don’t even have trash. You read that right. I also hide the trash. I use decorative items as an opportunity to hide the imperfections in our home that give it that…um…character.

Do you think these plants are just decoration? Think. The bottom step needs to be replaced soon. A can of water draws attention away from where the step piece fell. And the beautiful boxwood panel on top cleverly hid the hole we patched in the wall. However, be careful when treading here. You don’t want to draw attention to mistakes. Draw attention away from the mundane and enliven the senses of potential buyers.

Tips For Staging A Home For Sale

You want to work in groups of three and keep things simple. You want potential buyers to see the floor and see themselves in the space. You’re selling square footage and the promise of a great home. If you don’t see such a pattern in a magazine, skip it. There’s nothing better than being wrong.

I really wanted to make this little section more appealing, but I couldn’t find the right wreath or accessory to go with it (this year everything in the store is covered in Easter eggs). birth), so I left it alone. It finally got a box of white flowers to open.

After cleaning and decorating your entire house, cleaning will be easier. (Want to know you’ll never buy a Mr. Clean magic eraser again?) There are always some details that need to be taken care of (like the rest of those fancy things). Once you’ve boxed them up, it’s time to call your Realtor!

If you’re ready for more step-by-step help, check out this post for a list of steps to selling your house.

Staging Tricks For Using Furniture To Sell Your Home

If you’ve tried to decorate your house but are still not sure you’re doing it right and need a second opinion, I completely understand that. Sometimes it helps to have outside perspectives, especially at home. You tend to see the day-to-day chaos, while outsiders get the big picture.

Coming to the second home I staged in a year, I had the listing process down to a science. Just as there are rules for decorating a home, there are also rules for arranging the interior of a home. I understand the terms and can help you sell your home quickly.

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