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Howard excited to return to the re-equipped Lakers

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Los Angeles (AFP) Dwight Howard played with some of the best players in NBA history during his first two spells with the Los Angeles Lakers. But the star power being assembled for the upcoming season may be the best yet.

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Howard officially signed off on his third tour of duty with the Lakers on Friday as the team’s roster overhaul officially began in lofty gear. In addition to reuniting with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Howard will join a group that includes Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony.

After playing with Kobe Bryant the first time and then winning a championship with James and Davis in 2020, Howard is still trying to get to know his teammates this time around.

“It’s really firm to fathom, seeing us all on Earth at the alike time. He’s not on an All-Star or an Olympic team or like a charity game, said Howard, who was with Philadelphia final season. “I think this year it would be distinguished if everyone on the floor could train and understand that it’s only one mission – the championship.”

Howard joins a list of two of the top 10 scorers in NBA history (James and Anthony), an eight-time All-Star at Davis and a triple-league captain at Westbrook.

It can also include eight players aged 32 or over. The 35-year-old Howard believes the group should be competent to withstand the rigors of the routine season and be healthy when the post-season begins.

I don’t necessarily see health as an issue for us this year. I think we all have a unused life coming together to play.”

The Lakers announced six moves on the roster as free agent signings began, but signing Anthony and a Westbrook trade from the Washington Wizards weren’t among them. Both are expected to be completed in the coming days pending physical examinations.

Trevor Ariza, who helped the Lakers triumph the title in 2009, got recruiting pitches from Westbrook and his kids about returning to Los Angeles. On July 30, Westbrook called Ariza 20 minutes following news of Westbrook’s trade with the Lakers broke.

“Honestly, there have forever been only two places I actually wanted to be – Miami is one and Los Angeles is the other,” said Ariza, who will be entering his 16th season. “We have all done very amazing things by being in the NBA for so lengthy. So to see all those minds come together and all these talents come together, I think it would be shocking.”

The Lakers also announced the signing of Wayne Ellington, Kendrick Noon and Malik Monk, as well as the re-signing of Tallinn Horton Tucker following he played four games final season.

Horton Tucker is one of the few returnees. Quintavius ​​Caldwell Bob, Kyle Kuzma, Alex Caruso, Montrezel Harrell and Markiev Morris are no longer there following knocking Phoenix off course in the first round of the playoffs.

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