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Interior Design Books Pdf Free Download – Interior Design Fundamentals Second Edition provides an in-depth introduction to the basic elements of interior design and the concepts behind them. The book describes the entire creative process, from the exploration of initial ideas to their realization in three-dimensional form. Throughout the text, instructions are provided to create a framework for the interior design process, and the reader is encouraged to adapt and initiate methods to meet individual project needs. The aim of this approach is to give designers the belief in their abilities and the confidence to tackle various projects with their unique challenges.

The book contains a variety of illustrations and talking points that encourage students and practitioners to think about key issues such as understanding spatial relationships and using sustainable materials.

Interior Design Books Pdf Free Download

This second edition includes new case studies focusing on renowned international interior design studios such as Conran & Partners, UK, Slade Architecture, USA, Gensler, USA and award-winning South Korean architect Che-Pereira.

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Open interviews with contemporary interior designers allow readers to gain an insight into the working world of interior design.

New projects allow students to explore what they have learned in each chapter through experiments, and these activities encourage creativity and further learning.

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The Human Interface In the previous chapter, we looked at creating a successful three-dimensional design of a room. What we haven’t seen so far is a decorative scheme. The term is actually a bit misleading; The dictionary definition of the word “decorative” suggests that the decoration itself is superficial and empty, with no useful purpose. This is not the case in interior design, because it is the decorative scheme that connects the elements leading to a sensory experience. Interior design provides the purpose of furnishing. It adds texture, light and color. This can help tie different elements of a design together or bring interest through variety. Choosing furniture, finishes, fabrics and solids is another great way to make your mark on a project. This chapter examines various aspects of the decorative aspect of interior design and focuses on the user’s experience of space – particularly how sight, touch and sound define this experience as key communicators of the designed environment – ​​through the interface between the user and the space. 6.1 The use of a limited material palette enhances the overall space of this contemporary living room and allows light and textural features to focus and provide interest. Simple geometry surrounds the dark shaped furniture together and divides the space. Materials and finishes Each part of the interior has a function and must be fit for purpose, but each part has both aesthetic and practical qualities. Practical considerations may determine our choices to a large extent, but there is usually some flexibility in making this choice, and this is where our imagination and creativity can be put to good use, especially in the choice of surface treatments. Choice of materials What is so special about materials and finishes? Why do some designers find new and innovative materials such an exciting part of the job? This is because materials have a unique ability to help us connect to the purpose and spirit of a project on a primal level through touch and sight. The look or feel of an item can convey mood and emotion in a very special way. Natural materials (such as wood and stone) imply a certain quality and honesty in design, regardless of whether the materials are expensive or not. In addition to this emotional response to materials, the designer must consider the practical aspects of material selection, but this is another example where the designer’s responsibility is to find a balance between practicality and aesthetics. Exactly which materials to choose is guided by the feelings the designer wants to create, and this leads to the concept. When working through the practical needs of design solutions, it is unlikely that you will find that only one element is suitable. There may be two or three materials that can be used with equal success, so you have the opportunity to work through the different options and decide which material makes the best aesthetic impression. A diverse but harmonious selection of materials that beautifully express their natural qualities gives this scheme an abundance that in some cases eliminates the need for additional decorations. Simply put, honest materials are a joy to look at and touch. These characteristics may not be apparent during the project planning phase, but should be considered as early as possible to maximize their impact. 6.2 The reflective surface and depth of color give this Bezd Apon table a mysterious and intriguing feel. The handcrafted feel of the piece adds to its charm. Basic Materials Although numerous individual materials can be specified, the basic categories of solid materials for both their decorative and practical properties are stone, wood, metal, and glass. Designers should consult with suppliers before specifying materials to ensure they are fit for purpose. Suppliers can also advise on the shaping, fastening and finishing of materials. Kivikivi provides a tangible connection to the “earth” and has an open, honest quality. Often the first choice of stone is limestone, slate, granite and marble, but even within these basic forms the variety is endless. The different surface finishes offered by the supplier can show the natural pattern to great advantage and may also have practical properties (such as slip resistance) that should be considered before specification. 6.3 The special finish adds a distinctive feel to the interior design of the base. Ordering parts from artisans allows designers to inject a unique element into the scheme. 6.4 These metal surfaces have patterns and textures. Such materials can be used in many applications, such as surface decoration and wall application. Wood Wood is another element that connects us with nature. Broadly speaking, wood can be supplied as hardwoods cut directly from felled trees or as wood products such as plywood and MDF (medium density fiberboard) where the raw wood has been treated in some way. A variety of surface treatments (genuine wood veneer, spray paint, powder coating) can be applied to wood products (sometimes called “panel products”), but using them may seem “cheap” and dishonest to some customers. Wood has a warmth and beauty that is quite unique. 6.5 Beautiful and simply expressed materials are powerful tools for the designer and can evoke all kinds of responses in the viewer. Here, the rosewood facade of the peninsula kitchen meets the terrazzo floor. The small gap between the two elements allows the addition of hidden lighting, which makes the device float on the floor. Metal Metal finishes can be extremely practical in some situations and can also be very decorative. Different types of metals have different visual properties that designers can take advantage of. It gives the interior a modern, solid and generally masculine edge. Some finishes are not as durable as you might imagine, so you have to choose carefully. Crafting some items can be expensive and time-consuming, and it pays off

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