Interior Design Color Schemes Brown

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In interior design, two colors are better than one and three are better than two. But with thousands of colors and millions of shades to choose from, how can you create a combination that works? Answer: With some professional guidance.

Interior Design Color Schemes Brown

We hired 20 interior designers for proven color schemes. Whether you love rich colors for a glamorous feel or cool tones for a coastal chic look, here are 20 pairs to add to every room in your home.

Best Bedroom Color Combination Ideas

“One of my favorite color schemes is a simple Parisian gray-blue paired with natural beige tones and gold hardware,” says Valerie Darden, principal designer at Braxton Cole Interiors. “I put this combination together for this bedroom, with Sherwin Williams Silver Gray on the walls. I was inspired by Marie Antoinette! It gives the room a calm and peaceful atmosphere.”

“I love pairing hunter green and rich reds, especially for boys’ rooms,” says Darden. “I love this color combination because it gives any room a vintage vibe when paired with the right accessories. In this boy’s bedroom, we went for an old school collegiate look. Along with throws and a gallery wall mixed in, the room looks wonderful. . Frames and figures in vintage style.”

“I love how fresh and youthful the bright pops of fluorescent color make the soft blue wall color look,” says designer Diana Weinstein. “The boldness of these neons gives an edge to a typically more traditional design. The clients in this home didn’t like to take risks with color, but we encouraged them to try this rug and tweed armchairs with these fun pops. Pinks and yellows and oranges among them. It’s their favorite room now.”

“I love adding green as an accent color in a neutral home,” explains Desiree Burns, founder of Desiree Burns Interiors. “Bolder shades like forest green pack a big punch and make a beautiful statement, especially when paired with neutrals like light gray. It’s a nice balance of bold colors that counteract neutrals and works in almost any room! Whether you’re going bohemian ! , rustic, farmhouse, modern or glam.” , I think this color palette speaks to all different design styles.”

The Color Brown: Essential Color Theory, Symbolism And Design Application

A classic color combination found everywhere from Cape Cod homes to beachside California bungalows, pairing blue and white is never a bad idea.

“Shades of blue and white are a fan-favorite combination that people feel they can often rely on,” says Sara Latham, principal of Latham Interiors. “The classic pairing looks clean and fresh, and we often pair it with natural wood tones to add depth, color and texture to any space. Newburyport Blue HC-155 by Benjamin Moore is our favorite blue, and the best part is that it matches into most decor styles, from bohemian to rustic and traditional to farmhouse. easy to translate.”

“My favorite color scheme is pink and teal,” says Michelle Gage, principal and founder of Michelle Gage Interior Design. “There’s something so perfect about the way the additions clash. I love the soft and light balance this combination brings to a room.”

“My favorite combination is a color scheme of graduated blues and greens with neutral tones, natural woods and black accents,” says designer Julia Alexander of Julia Alexander Interiors. “To recreate the look, take one color and repeat it in lighter and darker tones throughout your space. The pale blue-green walls in this bedroom, paired with a rich green velvet headboard, feel classic, timeless and soothing.”

Interior Design Color Palette Ideas In 2023

Who says neutrals have to be boring? With pops of almost cobalt blue, this place is just average.

“I love how sleek and chic black, blue, and beige look and feel in this Venice Beach home—the colors work so well together and add depth to this space,” explains designer Catherine Carter. “With such versatile shades, this color scheme really works in any room of the house. But for this project, we chose to keep it in the living room, family room and kitchen. For a modern and contemporary look, do navy and splash in black base colors and beige tones .”

“My all-time favorite color scheme is blue and green—it always works and is so versatile based on the shades,” says Kelly Harliman of Kelly Harliman Interior Design. “Lighter tones can feel preppy and fresh, while darker shades give off a sophisticated, moody vibe. We chose Benjamin Moore’s Polo Blue on the walls and added grass green art and decor to the mix in this room.”

“My favorite color scheme right now is gray-green with black and white neutrals,” says designer Mindy Geyer, Mindy Geyer Design Co. “I gravitate towards green to bring out nature, and sage tones are also very calming. I love how this combination has lots of contrasts while maintaining a timeless quality.”

Brown And Green Living Room I Take You

“Any touch of color against black – preferably high-gloss black – makes for a winning combination,” says Jonathan Rachman of Jonathan Rachman Design. “I love pairing it with red because it’s bold yet soft and definitely makes a statement! There are many shades of black, but for me it’s the blackest of blacks, like Benjamin Moore Black, that I love the most.”

“One of my favorite color combinations is blue, sand and gray, which evoke calm and comfort and have a clean, modern feel,” says Diana Rose, principal and creative director of Diana Rose Design. “Although suitable for many settings, I especially love it for homes with water views. Other nature-inspired accents such as brown driftwood, green plants, white marble work with a nature-inspired color palette to create a feeling of water and sea.”

“Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite color has always been blush pink—there’s something about it that makes me happy and calm,” says Michelle Berwick, founder and principal designer of Michelle Berwick Design. “Nowadays I find a way to use it that is fresh, modern and not childish.

“I love pairing this bold color with black and mixing it with other natural colors like white, beige and putty shades,” explains Berwick. “It complements a wide range of interiors, including the sophisticated minimalist spaces we see today.”

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Color Palette For Your Home!

“My favorite color scheme right now is yellow and gray because it evokes a timeless and modern feel,” says Kate Davidson of Kate + Co Design. “Yellow feels light and adds to the ambiance of muted grays, but actually blends effortlessly into a home without too much color. This pair works in many spaces because it’s gender neutral and feels surprisingly calming. Any space.”

“When we work with cooler tones like gray, we create balance through warmer tones and textures,” says West of Maine designer Sascha LaFleur. “For example, we love using this deep charcoal wall covering, which has hints of bronze when the light hits it just right, and combining it with organic brown textures. Through decorative elements, we can bring that beautiful warmth to the rooms.”

“We love incorporating color through texture. Even if you still want to keep a neutral palette, injecting color through texture creates drama,” explains La Fleur. “We’ve paired this almond linen headboard and dark wood nightstand with textural moss green grasscloth wallpaper, and I think these rich, moody tones definitely belong here. Pair them with crisp, creamy whites for a fresh and inviting feel . Add some of that deep color. Developing difference.”

“To me, the most classic color scheme of all is a clean white palette with pops of color through artwork and accessories,” says designer Courtney Sempliner. My go-to white color for a blank canvas is Benjamin Moore’s White Dove, which has enough warmth to hold a very active space, but still feels fresh and works with other tones you bring into the room.”

Color Palette Is A Mix Of Beige Browns And Nudes

“I like to use a neutral blue color scheme in almost any space,” says Sempliner. “A soft blue paired with all whites, taupes and grays works well to create a calm and warm atmosphere. For paint colors, two of my favorite blue tones are Borrowed Light by Farrow and Dusen Blue by Ball and Van. Benjamin Moore.”

The greens have a moment. To get on trend, try a neutral shade of green.

“My current favorite color scheme is a medium green like this bold green paired with warm neutrals like tan,” says Mary Patton, owner of Mary Patton Design. “Lime Green by Farrow & Ball is the perfect shade to try for a floor-to-ceiling painting.”

“Classic black and white is an elegant way to dress up

Flawless Pairings Featuring Colors That Go With Brown

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