Interior Design Color Schemes Generator

Interior Design Color Schemes Generator – Running out of ideas to breathe new life into your room? Here’s an idea: Try a color scheme generator!

Things, including — you guessed it — color pairings. With a little guidance from humans (you know, because we have eyes), you can come up with a neat and beautiful color palette to help you with your latest interior design project. Not all color generators are created equal – some you can create a palette entirely for yourself, while others you can feed an image to remove colors – so depending on when you run out of ideas, you may want to try all of these generators. .

Interior Design Color Schemes Generator

This tool allows you to upload any image and get a range of colors from it, paired with a paint code and Sherwin Williams name, so you can take this idea straight to the store and pick up some paint if you want. In our example above, the ColorSnap generator doesn’t pick up red in the image by default, but you can easily see more colors and move them around to see their color codes and names. This is perfect for when you see something on Pinterest and want to know what paint it is! Try the ColorSnap tool now.

Procreate Color Palettes • Bardot Brush

This tool allows you to start your palette from scratch. Choose your first color, then decide if you want complementary colors, monochromatic colors and more, and you can change from there. This tool shows you where colors can be on the color wheel, which can help you make informed decisions about your color choices. What’s interesting is that it also comes with a random function, with different ways to use it, so you can get colors with the same relationship to each other, but completely randomly. Check out the Paletton color generator now.

Need something quick? Just press a button and Coolors will generate a 5 color palette for you! You can also check out trending color palettes for inspiration to see what other people are using. Additionally, you can test your color palette against different types of color blindness such as blue-yellow color blindness (tritanopia) or red-green color blindness (protanopia). Try Coolors now.

Simple, yet effective. Take one of the colors on the wheel and point it where you want it, and other colors will appear, depending on the relationship you choose. This is the easiest to use but can give you a great starting idea for colors, especially if you use the analog color harmony function. Try Adobe Colors now.

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Color Palette Ideas

Want to sign up for email updates and special offers? Subscribe to our mailing list! We will never share or sell your information, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Choosing a color palette for interior design is probably the thing I get asked about the most. And it is quite understandable because the harmony of the color palette dominates to give style to an interior. Deciding on a color palette should always be one of the first steps you take when redecorating a room. It will help you decide what kind of furniture you should get and what kind of atmosphere you want in the room. It will also give you a sequence that will help you keep things consistent throughout the process.

Of course, when you rent your apartment, you need to make connections with the existing one. A certain tile color, a certain wall color, or a hardwood floor color, can change what you initially thought. However, you have two options. Either you try to work with the existing one or you try to hide it with a temporary solution. For example, I have tiles on my kitchen floor that I would not have chosen myself. But, after some consideration, I decided that I didn’t hate it and that it might be a statement. So I worked with it and incorporated it into my color palette. Instead, I have existing kitchen cabinets painted a very dull white. So I decided to repaint them.

In the end, the whole idea is to look at existing decorative elements that can be an asset to your project. Sometimes there isn’t and that’s okay, there are plenty of solutions out there to hide a bad floor or a horrible backsplash.

This step doesn’t have to be annoying, sometimes it can be inspiring. When you have a key feature like a green marble fireplace or a beautiful herringbone hardwood floor, chances are you’ll consider this the starting point of your color palette instead of hiding it. So think about the existing features you want to keep and take a picture of them.

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At this point, you should also think about the furniture that you already have and that you want to use in this particular room. Because this will also affect your color palette. For example, I have 4 black chairs with copper legs that I know I want to bring to my new rental, so I considered them and copper to be accent colors in my palette.

Now, time for the fun part! Create a Pinterest board and start by uploading images of existing elements (see step 1) if you have any. Then pin whatever speaks to you visually. Don’t just stick to interior decoration images, instead pin whatever you like. It can be clothes, paintings or pictures of food. The idea here is to really cast a wide net on the aesthetic you like. Don’t overthink it, just ping! After that, you will see a pattern appear. Do you notice any repetition in terms of color? Record what you see.

If you have too many colors and are having trouble seeing patterns emerging, it’s a good idea to ask yourself, “What do I want to feel when I walk into this room? If the answer is calm, peaceful, or zen, try to keep it low-key and avoid color bright, they tend to excite people.

Working with 3 to 5 colors is a good amount to keep things interesting and coherent in the room. Less than 3 can feel a little off, while more than 5 can be overwhelming. But don’t worry you can play with these 3 to 5 colors. So, to really pick this color, start with an image you’ve pinned to your Pinterest board. Choose one that best represents the overall mood of your board. It can be a real interior image but doesn’t have to be. Pictures of paintings or tiles or even pictures of food can work (see picture below).

A Simple Design Rule [that Just Might Blow Your Mind] — Sara Lynn Brennan Interiors

I took the picture above so you can see how a picture with a good color mood can help you find the right color palette for your interior.

N.B. When choosing your colors, focus on finding a good balance. For example, if you have a lot of warm tones (reds, oranges, yellows, pinks) try to balance them with cooler colors (blues, greens, purples, grays).

Once you have your 3 to 5 colors, decide which color you want to use as your main color. Primary colors are the most visible in your layout. Often the main color is neutral but not necessarily. It also depends on the style you want to instill in your room. If you are more minimalist and like things that are airy and bright, then your main color can be white, gray or beige. If you are a little more daring, it can be dark green, warm orange or cool blue.

This remaining color is the color you play with. Often you find them in accessories, smaller furniture, home textiles, etc. These colors are meant to bring the room to life by tying everything together. If you choose a neutral color as your main color, this is where you bring in a little pop of color.

These Are The Popular Color Palettes We’ve Put In Our Homes For Almost 100 Years

Color as the main color, two neutrals as the main color, and two colors as the main color to show you that anything is possible. You will also see that most of the time there are 5 colors in the palette below, but it is possible to have less or more, but the more you have, the harder it becomes.

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