Interior Design Firms Near Me

Interior Design Firms Near Me – If you’re looking for an interior design experience in the heart of Portland, look no further! We have compiled a list of the best interior designers near you ready to create your dream home. Whether it’s transforming a room or reflecting your style, these experienced professionals can do it all. So let’s get to know Maine’s best interior designers!

Maine interior designers showcase their style influences to reflect the area’s rich history. They understand the importance of staying true to New England style. At the same time, each piece brings with it modern elements and creativity to create unique ideas and designs.

Interior Design Firms Near Me

Tip: It’s important to find an interior designer in Maine that works with your style. Taking an interior design quiz can pinpoint your style and help you find the perfect designer for you! Best Maine Interior Designers

Long Beach Interior Design Company

Portland, Maine interior design firms know how to bring out the beauty of a place with bright colors or natural designs. As a result, it is not uncommon to find really large rooms that are carefully designed to be meaningful. Read on for experiences that include everything from online kitchen design to luxury renovations!

Through design, Tyler Caru celebrates the close relationship between people and the environment. For this reason, he has carefully selected a group of different experts to bring unique perspectives to each project. Their diversity and creativity provide new solutions for any design style or function. Tyler creates dynamic homes by combining his passion for design with ten years of construction experience. Moreover, they are tailored to the needs of consumers while being environmentally friendly.

Maine’s best interior designers are here to help you complete projects like you never knew before. These talented professionals have the experience and expertise needed to bring your vision to life. With a wide range of services, you can easily find the level and package that suits your interests and needs.

Provides easy access to top home interior designers, in person or online, from the comfort of your own home. They specialize in custom designs that fit the lifestyle and style of each customer. Moreover, each package includes photorealistic 3D images to make sense of the room before deciding on the final design. And there’s more! A regular shopping list allows customers to take advantage of trade discounts on furniture and decor. The system is also coordinated with a white-glove concierge service that takes care of ordering and delivery.

The 2000s, Celebrating 90 Years Of Design

WHAT WE LIKE: A versatile and highly effective method that delivers high-quality results every time. It is also the most affordable interior design firm in Portland, Maine. In fact, you can start the project right away!

A 17th-generation Maine resident, Brett Johnson has an insider’s understanding of the impact of interiors on our home lives. From interior design in Portland, Maine to a decor store in Bath, her team caters to every customer’s preferences. Brett’s design process takes a classic approach that combines functionality. The aim is to shape each area according to the modern lifestyle without resorting to excess and excessive indulgence.

Under the leadership of Tracy A. Davis, Urban Dwellings has become one of the leading interior design firms in Portland, Maine. His signature style combines style and functionality to reflect the intimate connection clients have with their homes. As an avid traveler and explorer, Tracy is constantly finding new, eclectic sources of inspiration from around the world. He has also been an active member of ASID for over 15 years!

Bronwyn Hufford likes to combine timeless classics with contemporary design to create attractive spaces. She enjoys helping others make their vision of a better life a reality. As the leader of Maine’s all-female interior design team, Bronwyn brings experience and imagination. In return, you create beautiful, highly functional spaces that are full of style.

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As one of Maine’s leading designers, Emily Ennis Mattei creates sophisticated living and wellness spaces. His portfolio spans ten years of successful projects from Portland to Boston to Nantucket. In her previous work, Emily developed a love for the outdoors, and this love is reflected in her current designs. His interior respects the beauty of nature and has an invisible connection between the outside and the inside.

Abigail Shea creates unique spaces that embrace and enhance the spaces that define them. Plus, you understand how transformative it can be to have your home reflect your personality. Abigail uses natural colors, materials and textures to convey a sense of nature. As an interior decorator, she tries to reduce her environmental impact by finding a place in Portland, Maine.

WHAT WE LOVE: The homes feature a sleek contemporary design, with layers of earth tones, organic textures and vintage pieces.

Jeanne Handy is passionate about creating happy spaces that can unlock the potential of the customer. After training at Maclin Design, Jeanne started her own interior design firm in Portland, Maine. Since then, he has been helping homeowners and business owners find their dream properties. Jeanne’s portfolio includes residential and commercial projects, with clients ranging from homeowners to architects and builders.

High End Interior Design Firm San Diego

WHAT WE LOVE: Jeanne’s signature style that brings a touch of whimsical chic to timeless workspaces.

Edith Smith is a renowned interior decorator from Portland, Maine, who is known as a master of layering and contemporary design. This is not surprising, because Edith believes in creating green spaces. Based on classic basics, it allows you to easily change subtle touches and accents over time. Therefore, its interiors are diverse but strong – and reflect the personality of its inhabitants!

One interior design firm in Portland, Maine has more options than others. Led by Jacqueline McGee, the design team creates beautiful brand spaces across America. With over ten years of international experience in architecture and interior design, Jacqueline has been part of some amazing projects. Among them is a partnership in the famous Venetian Hotel! Jacqueline’s skills were further honed during the development of the internet billionaire’s residence.

Easily find the right interior design and start your dream project. Schedule a free interior design consultation to learn more today!

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Top Bathroom Designers Near Me: 7 Top Ways To Get Design Help Top Kitchen Designers Near Me: 7 Best Ways To Get Help Top Patio Designers Near Me: 5 Best Ways To Get Design Help When a client walks through the office door for the first time. designer of the time, they found a space that fully embodies the designer’s aesthetic vision. We asked experienced interior designers and architects how they designed their offices to communicate their style to clients and work efficiently and creatively.

“The design concept for our office was to match cutting-edge, modern clean architecture with the character and soul of 1970s furniture. It’s also an inspiring place to work with modern technology and large floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. The office has lots of natural light and a view of the garden.

“We wanted to create more of an atelier atmosphere / feel for our customers – to provide welcoming and inspiring spaces that show our ability to create highly designed, unique ideas, not to repeat the design twice, but we always strive each time for personal design and interior items. for each client. We are constantly growing and seeking a lot of information. Our office reflects our worldview through our education and respect for the past, but with our openness and our understanding of the future.”

“Every day we work on choosing finishes and materials for our designs and we need good exposure to natural light to finalize those choices. Large windows on many walls were a great solution for this and space was key as we did it. Getting sunlight all day, morning till night. We didn’t want to take up space more than necessary so we looked for a two-bedroom with a sample room and a living room where we can display many old finds and vintage pieces, sold in our online store. Beyond the living room is our studio where we use almost all the wall and clip-boards to collect pictures, trim and drawings while working on projects. Last but not least: we needed storage. with a large sideboard we were able to collect papers, small tools and books and display the art collection on the wall above. The collection changes regularly so customers can buy anything they see in our studio, including artwork.

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“When clients come to our studio, we want them to feel comfortable, welcome and connected to the space. Many of them like the contrasting color palette of gray in the trim and warm white on the walls. They also like to see a few samples of the artwork to better understand the size and scale of the artwork. “

“Near the Georgian city of Bath, we found a piece of English heritage known as the ‘White Hart.’ From the end of the 16th century, it was one of many rural taverns that have fallen into disrepair in recent years.

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