Interior Light Design For Living Room

Interior Light Design For Living Room – Homeowners spend a lot of time choosing a sofa or paint color for the living room walls, but they often forget the importance of proper lighting. In spaces where you watch TV, read books, play games and receive guests, lighting has an important purpose in both the function and appearance of the environment.

“Lighting is important because of the intimacy it creates,” says interior and lighting designer Linda Allen of Linda Allen Designs. “Because the living room is often one of the first rooms you enter, it sets the tone for the entire home.”

Interior Light Design For Living Room

A good living room lighting scheme uses different types of light, arranged at different levels, which work together to make the room warm and inviting. Allen says if you want people to stay longer, use a dimmer that allows you to control the light level based on the activity going on in the room.

Living Room Wall Lighting Ideas: 10 Ways To Brighten Your Space

Take advantage of new, more energy-efficient lighting solutions for home use, suggests Mary Beth Gotti, manager of the GE Lighting Institute.

“Ten years ago you wouldn’t have seen as many halogen fixtures, and LED is definitely one of the newer options,” says Gotti. “Lighting can be a wonderful thing. You can go online or visit your local lighting showroom and learn about the new light sources and colors that are now available.”

When you want to highlight certain features in your living room, like a fireplace, textured walls, or a favorite painting, accent lighting is a great choice. Recessed, adjustable lights aimed at points of interest or under-cabinet lighting in display cases that highlight specific objects are examples of accent lighting.

“Accent lighting adds a fun variation of brightness,” says Gotti. “You draw attention and draw more attention to the architectural features.”

What Is Transitional Interior Design?

For accent lighting to work, about five times more light is needed at the focal point than the general surrounding light.

Although the overall style of her workspace is traditional, Alex managed to bring a touch of classic, modern style to the space with a smoked glass chandelier centered above a Chinese farmhouse table.

A stylish pendant light, ceiling light, wall light, or portable lamp can provide a warm glow to your living room. It controls brightness and provides general lighting that makes the room comfortable and inviting.

“As a lighting designer, when I create ambient light, I create an effect,” says Allen, who likes to use ambient light when he wants to illuminate a surface but can’t see where the light source is coming from.

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Since this type of lighting affects the overall quality of light in the room and tends to be used more, Gotti says this is where you want to use energy-efficient solutions, with dimmers or three-way controls.

When you want to create interest and add brightness to your living room, table lamps, hanging pendants and chandeliers can provide decorative lighting that adds comfort and intimacy.

“It personalizes the space,” says Allen. “I always say it’s like wearing a beautiful pair of earrings to complete a look.”

When you want to read a book or need to write at your desk, good task lighting helps you get your work done. This brighter light could be a swing-arm floor lamp next to a comfortable chair or a light source directed over a table.

Minimal Nordic Long Light Bar

“This isn’t a lamp you use all the time – it’s only used when you’re performing tasks, like reading or writing,” says Allen.

For a more localized type of lighting, positioning is essential. Portable table lamps provide flexibility when furniture is moved.

By entering your email address, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the Privacy Policy. and its affiliates may use your email address to provide you with updates, advertising and offers. Of course, beautiful, well-made furniture and strategic layout are important elements of living room design, but do you know what really sets the mood? Ray. From simple, understated statements to exaggerated statements, the options are endless. Previously, we highlighted fifteen living room lighting ideas (both ambient and task-specific) to keep your entertaining space and hangout bright, stylish, and functional.

If you have a small alcove in your living room, turn it into a reading nook. Get inspired by this design by Corinne Mathern Studio, which features a built-in bench covered in comfy cushions and pillows. Add a mini pendant to brighten up a corner without taking up space.

Illuminating Lighting Ideas For Your Home

The lemon yellow pleated lampshade in this colorful room designed by Anna Spiro Design is the best. While the fun pillows and ottoman, elegant gold mirror, and bright blue walls make the room fun and inviting, it’s the lights that really make it stand out.

Want to look a little glamorous without looking too flashy? Add minimal brass details, like a metal-framed coffee table and eye-catching metallic lighting. This room is also a great model for decorating small spaces. Although there are only three furniture items, namely two chairs and a small coffee table, a ceiling lamp is all that is needed to make the entire room special.

Designed by Studio Riga, this blue living room is lit by a modern white chandelier that contrasts with traditional elements such as upholstered seating and a chesterfield sofa. The two table lamps also provide additional task lighting.

Rice paper shade pendants are very affordable when it comes to statement lighting that also looks loud and elegant. They also emit a soft light. This living room designed by Leanne Ford Interiors beautifully complements the all-white aesthetic.

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If you have a very large living room, consider dividing it into two distinct seating areas and creating symmetry by hanging identical light fixtures in each. Take your cue from Madeline Stuart’s Spanish-inspired great room.

Choose a sculptural candle holder that functions as a work of art to grace the walls of your living room. This is a very effective way to beautify a minimalist room like this.

While classic floor lamps add great task lighting, it’s the recessed lighting in the coffered ceiling that really brightens up this living room by designer Heather Hilliard, which adds some unexpected and bold elements. The floral sofa and green lucite coffee table are surprises that break up the classic elements without overwhelming them.

Modern, minimalist spaces, like open lofts or new construction, can be warmed up with natural colors, layers of luxurious materials, and artistic accessories. Here, Tamsin Johnson brings an edgy vibe to life with an avant-garde mirror and simple chrome coffee table. He also added extra lighting by installing sleek black spotlights in the interior.

Winter Lighting Tips

A blue velvet sofa stands out in the living room of a Manhattan apartment designed by the inimitable Miles Redd. Wallpaper is hung horizontally, not vertically, for a unique, modern look. A lamp in the corner illuminates everything without taking up space or sitting awkwardly behind the sofa.

Be creative! You don’t need to invest in super expensive pieces to get beautiful lighting. Designer Leanne Ford painted a natural IKEA rug and custom lights to match.

In this eclectic living room designed by Heidi Caillier, a jute rug, wood finishes, and brass accents—especially an inverted drum pendant—bring plenty of warmth to ensure a comfortable, inviting space. Off-white walls also help to warm up the space.

This fun and playful yet classic living room designed by Kingston Lafferty revolves around a rainbow Sputnik chandelier. Sputniks are great for releasing energy, as their shape makes them appear to radiate joy.

Living Room Lighting Guide

Although the colors are simple and neutral, this Tamsin Johnson-designed room incorporates lots of personality, from the three-story arch light to the beachy wicker furniture. While a beautiful floor lamp adds personality, lots of natural light also helps set the mood of the room. A window seat is a great addition to a living room because it blends into the background when not in use, but also provides a comfortable place when occupants want to hang out.

If your formal living room is also a family room, you want to ensure a balance between super cozy and organized. A comfortable and very clean living room, if you will. A super soft piece with plenty of room to lounge around while watching a movie is a must, but choose one that also looks stylish. Then add fun, interesting lighting to add whimsy, like the pendants in this room designed by Studio DB.

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