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Jake Elsie defeats Susan Wright in Texas’ 6th congressional district runoff, AP Projects

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Texas Representative Jake Elsie wins the exceptional runoff electionجولة Sixth District, TexasAssociated Press Projects. Ellzey will succeed the late Congressman Ron Wright, who Edited in February A complication of COVID-19.

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Elsie narrowly lost to Ron Wright in the 2018 Republican primary for the alike seat. This time, it was endorsed by Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw and previous Texas Governor Rick Perry. Elsie defeated Wright’s widow, Susan Wright, who was endorsed by previous President Donald Trump.

Elsie and Susan Wright were the biggest voters in late April and Advance to runoff, barring any Democratic candidate in the begin primary.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott said in a statement, “Jake will be a powerful and effective leader for the people of North Texas and will fight tirelessly for their values ​​in Washington. I look forward to working alongside Jake as we uphold Texas as the greatest state in the nation.”

This is the first time that the candidate is Mr. Trump has lost the election since the previous president left office. The loss comes from a candidate who aggressively manipulated his relations with the master. Trump with the start of the race.

The previous president held a phone rally for Susan Wright on Monday and made a final-minute donation of $100,000 to support her the weekend leading up to the election.

“We had a thriving little bout a couple of months ago and Susan went out with someone else and we really hit the Democrat,” Mr. Trump said. “You have my packed endorsement and I’m elated of that.”

Club for Growth, a cautious group that supports Susan Wright, spent nearly $1 million in whole on this race, and attempted to portray Elzey as an “anti-Trump.” They linked it to an ad for “anti-Trump” Republican Bill Kristol, who donated to Elsie’s campaign. Crenshaw retracted that speech in a video supporting Elzey.

“He’s forever been supportive of President Trump…They say that because he got a donation from someone who never hesitates. He can’t control that. What is he supposed to do? Just return the money?” Crenshaw said.

Ellzey was the biggest fundraiser during both the primaries and the final round, and his triumph keeps an area in the shifting suburbs of Dallas in Republican hands. The district was moving away from the Republicans during mr. Trump period. Mitt Romney won the seat with 17% during his career in 2012, while Mitt Romney won the seat with 17%. Trump won 3% in 2020.

With that vacancy filled, House Republicans are now just six seats away from a majority. Both parties will move toward filling their other vacancies in Ohio next week, with primaries in the historic 11th Democratic district and 15th district reliably Republican. Mr. Trump endorsed lobbyist Mike Carey in that race.


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