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Jake Elsie defeats Susan Wright in the Texas congressional race

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July. 28- State representative. Jake Elsie will serve as the next representative for Texas’ sixth congressional district following winning the all-Republican run-off for the late US Representative’s seat. Ron Wright.


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Susan Wright, Ron Wright’s widow, and Elsie, who also served as a combat pilot in the Navy, got the most votes in the May 1 exceptional election that drew 23 candidates, sending them into a runoff on Tuesday. With all polling places reported, Elzey garnered 53.3% of the vote against Wright’s 46.7%, according to unofficial election night results from the Texas Secretary of State’s office.

The exceptional election was called following Ron Wright died in February following battles with COVID-19 and cancer.

“I am honored that you will credit me with your vote and your desire to send me to Washington, D.C. to represent the pleasing people of this region,” Elsie told supporters at an election night observation party in Ennis. The statements were broadcast live on his Facebook page.

In an interview with Star-Telegram, Ellzey said he got a call from Wright who admitted it. Wright’s campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

“Special elections are exceptional and this was no exception,” Wright said on Twitter. “I want to congratulate Congressman-elect Jake Elsie on his triumph. I pray for his success and wish him well. I will never forget the kindness that the people of #TX06 have shown Ron and I for so many years. Thank you.”

The Republicans were in a contentious race for the seat that covers most of Arlington and Mansfield and all of Ellis and Navarro counties. Wright, who has been endorsed by previous President Donald Trump and Senator. Ted Cruz worked to convince voters she was cautious in the race, as Elsie and some of his top supporters rejected negative ads from the cautious group The Club for Growth.

Trump held Town Hall to Wright by phone on the eve of the election. On the call, he said Wright had his “packed and comprehensive endorsement” and cheered a Democrat out of the race in the first round of voting. Trump highlighted policies that Wright might support in Congress, such as closing the “Joe Biden border disaster” and tax cuts.

“She was married to a gentleman I knew, Ron Wright, who was a eminent member of Congress,” Trump said. “Susan will persevere her legacy, stand up to the radical left, and fight for our first American agenda.”

Elzey had the support of the previous governor of Texas. Rick Perry, who served as Trump’s Secretary of Energy, is the US Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Republican of Houston, and previous United States Representative. Joe Barton, who has represented the 6th congressional district for more than three decades.

“Donald Trump couldn’t pick Susan Wright out of the squad,” Perry recently told Spectrum News’ Capital Tonight. “He has no idea who she is, and he has no idea what she believes in.”

When asked about the Growth Club and Trump’s participation in the race and their impact on the outcome, Elsie said he would leave the analysis to political science experts at universities.

“But the number of people who voted for me and invested in me and my campaign is like a positive message,” he said. “They love the idea of ​​a brighter coming for our children and a return to the Republican Reagan politics I believe in, which is a brighter tomorrow and just being considerate to each other.”

Ellzey said that priority number one when Ellzey takes office is to set up and fully staff county offices so that constituent services can be up and running. He will enter office mid-term.

Some of Elsie’s Austin colleagues congratulated him on Twitter on Tuesday night.

“Texas. Patriots. Congressman,” House Speaker Ded Phelan said. “Congratulations to (Jake Elzey) on a distinguished run for #tx06. A House loss is a Congressional acquire.”

Government. Greg Abbott said in a statement that Elsie “will be a powerful and effective leader for the people of North Texas and will fight tirelessly for their values ​​in Washington.”

“I look forward to working alongside Jake as we preserve Texas the greatest state in the country,” said Abbott.

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