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January. 6 – Choosing a committee to meet on the next steps, and move on subpoenas

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One day following the first hearing with moving testimony from police officers that brought the Capitol attack back into the national spotlight, the House select committee investigating the attack will meet this week about conceivable next steps, including issuing subpoenas.

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“I have absolutely no hesitation in issuing subpoenas for information,” said Benny Thompson, chair of MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday morning, stressing that the committee has “absolutely” the power. “Nothing is off limits in this investigation.”

His comment comes following the Justice Department said in letters to previous Justice Department officials and submitted to congressional committees that they could participate in the Jan. 3 investigations. 6, according to sources and messages reviewed by ABC News Tuesday, and later confirmed by the House Oversight Committee. Therefore, if witnesses try to fight subpoenas, they may have to do so with their own money.

“Members of Congress have already admitted that they spoke to the White House while it was still in progress,” Thompson said. “Now many of them are trying to step back from the conversation they had.” “We plan to succeed up on that.”

re come back. Committee member Liz Cheney told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that the committee has not ruled out subpoenaing the deputy. Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio, who criticized the committee and dismissed House Speaker Pelosi for comments that she said would hurt her credibility, to testify.

Asked by Poplars whether he spoke to Trump prior or following the attack, Jordan said he did not remember.

“I spoke to him that day. After, following? I think following. I don’t know if I’m talking to him in the morning or not. I just don’t know,” he said. “I don’t know when those talks.”

Fox News host Brett Beyer also pressed Jordan on Tuesday about whether he had spoken to Trump that day, and Jordan veered repeatedly, saying he had “spoken to the previous president many times — thousands, countless times.”

“But I unkind Jan. 6, Congresswoman,” Beyer continued.

Jordan said, “Yes.” “I unkind, I’ve talked to the boss a lot—I don’t remember all the days I talked to him, but I definitely did talk to the boss.”

Conversations in Trump’s orbit, such as the obvious call with Jordan, are key to what the commission seeks to investigate, with Cheney saying on Tuesday that Americans should know what happened “what happened every minute of that day in the White House.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asserted the authority to summon the committee at her weekly press conference on Capitol Hill, but distanced herself from the committee itself as House Republican leaders belittled two GOP members who joined the committee as “Pelosi Republicans.”

When asked what would happen if members of the House of Representatives did not comply with the subpoenas, Pelosi confirmed that she was not involved in the select committee and “was not a party to any of those decisions, so I can’t tell you what they might decide.”

The spokeswoman also dismissed concerns of a political backlash if the commission’s work dragged on or lost momentum, and asked if she would like to see the commission move faster.

“They will take the time they need,” she said. “We were quite late in getting to this because we were striving for the bipartisan committee, which we thought was very conceivable.”

While lawmakers have a seven-week recess, Thompson said Wednesday that the committee will meet again to discuss its next steps this week.

“We’re going to have a meeting prior the August vacation burst, but actually, I think you know we’ll be back during that vacation to do our work because we have to get to the base of it,” he told MSNBC. “Our democracy depends on it.”

At the first hearing, the commission heard four officers who said they feared for their lives on January 3rd. 6 where they were badly beaten and outnumbered by a pro-Trump mob. One officer described his fear of being “torn” and chants of “Kill him with his gun”. Another said he was subjected to racist insults in military uniform for the first time in his career.

They all criticized lawmakers who downplayed the attack and appealed to the committee to disclose whether those in power had aided and abetted the rioters, including the previous president.

“There was an attack on January 6th and they were sent by a hitman,” Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn said. “I want you to get to the core of it.”

Democrats have already begun to protect the officers following right-leaning news anchors attacked the testimonies as Tuesday night’s performance.

“Stupidity is unreachable,” Thompson said on Wednesday. “It can go anywhere. It’s unfortunate that people interpret the heroic people who defended the Capitol as somewhat disingenuous in their shows.”

Republican leaders reject hearing

While Capitol police officers watched the hearing on televisions and phones in the corridors of the building that was attacked, Republican leaders who halted investigative efforts on the day dismissed the hearing as political play and said they did not watch.

Senate Republican Mitch McConnell, who said following the attack that the mob was “fed with lies” and “provoked by the president and other powerful people,” said he was “active with work” during the hearing.

“I don’t see how I could have expressed myself more candidly than I did on that occasion, and I stick to everything I said,” he said.

McCarthy, who held an event outside the Capitol prior the hearing as a preemptive blow to officers’ testimony, said Politico reporter He wasn’t competent to because he was stuck in “back-to-back meetings”.

Notably, McCarthy noted that Pelosi had not done enough to secure the Capitol that day, but McConnell, as Senate leader, did not confront the alike criticism. Security on the Capitol is controlled by the Capitol Police Board.

Republican Party representative. Matthew Rosendale of Montana told ABC News that he only saw the opening statement from Cheney, who was ousted as the number one man. 3 member of the Republican House of Representatives earlier this year following criticizing Trump’s role on Jan. 3. 6.

“I am very disappointed,” he said prior starting a series of questions he wanted to answer.

But because the Republicans gave up their aptitude to participate in the session, with McCarthy withdrawing all of its members, they could not lead the debate in the direction they preferred.

re come back. Pete Aguilar, D-Calif., who sits on the committee, criticized Republicans to ABC News who chose not to hear from the officers who helped protect them.

“For Kevin McCarthy and my colleague from Montana to just say, ‘Oh, I didn’t have time to watch this hearing,’ you know, it’s unfortunate and unhappy, and they just want to go politics with this,” she said. “That’s all of it.”

Aguilar added that the public can expect more public hearings, although the date of the committee’s next hearing has not yet been announced.

ABC News’ Alex Malin, Catherine Folders and Ben Siegel contributed to this report.


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