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January. 6 Hearings A Chance for Biden and Democrats to Uphold Pro-Police Credentials

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President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress may reap political benefits from moving the January 11 date. 6 breached Capitol Hill following the House Select Committee convened to investigate the violence for the first time.

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The opening day of testimony, heard by a panel appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday, renewed focus on previous President Donald Trump’s handling of the blockade more than six months ago, while also giving Biden and his congressional allies an opportunity to appear supportive of the police. prior the midterm elections next year.

From HUNTER BIDEN to COVID-19 cases, the white house is being broken into in an atmosphere of transparency

The House Select Committee needs to understand what happened on January 3rd. 6- History has avoided repeating itself, according to Democratic strategist Stefan Hankin. Hearings make Democrats “sound grave” and preserve 6 he said, “in the news.”

“If the Democrats are running in 2022 where one side is the party of trying to improve and strengthen our democracy and the other is the party supporting the insurgency, I think that pleasing political juxtaposition will happen,” Hankin said. Washington Examiner.

The committee is made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans. Liz Cheney from Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger from Illinois. The pair voted to impeach Trump for sedition when the House considered the article a week following Jan. 11. 6 riots.

Pelosi appointed them to the committee following she rejected two members proposed by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Her move prompted McCarthy to back out of his other options of action.

Senate Republicans previously opposed Pelosi’s 9/11 framework. 11 self-reliant bipartisan bodies. The Republican Party orchestrated its first disruption of the 117th Congress, citing concerns that the body was redundant due to further investigations into the unrest.

Hankin, president of analytical research firm Lincoln Park Strategies, agreed that the panel was unlikely to discover a “real smoke pistol.” However, he dismissed complaints that the commission’s findings would be tainted by partisan politics.

“thirty [percent] 38% of the country won’t concern what comes out of this thing. “But I don’t think there’s a way for any logical person to look at this and say that the Democrats are the proponents of this, and the Republicans are just the pleasing guys.”

For Hankin, the Democrats’ best result was evidence that the Trump White House had been “clearly negative” during the impeachment. However, he advised his party not to get caught up in Trump and Republicans from appearing sincere.

“The best thing for Republicans is no news, and the best thing for Democrats is a lot of news,” he said.

District of Columbia Police Officers Daniel Hodges and Michael Fannon, as well as Capitol Police Officers Harry Dunn and Sgt. Aquilino Gonnell, auditioned on Tuesday. At times, their prepared remarks and instinctive remarks provoked tears—and at other moments, anger—between them and lawmakers.

Former Republican Representative from South Carolina. Bob Inglis, who does not support Trump, stressed that it is firm for the Republican Party to portray itself as a “law and order party” “when you can’t get yourself to ,blame riots that were intended to overthrow the legitimate operations of the US government.”

“I don’t know how to put ourselves to this triumph in the suburbs,” he said, adding that the committee revealed “a rot” among Republicans.

For Ingles, the painting was not so much pleasing for Biden and Democrats as it was bad for Republicans. He was confident that the Republican Party could have been expanded with a free enterprise and a platform of individual responsibility rather than appealing to the base as Trump did in 2016 and final year.

Some Republicans claim that portraying the committee as partisan could galvanize Trump supporters ahead of the 2022 midterm election cycle. Ingles cautioned that Republican Democrats would not be as burdened by calls to “defund the police” as they were in 2020. The committee may aid the party be seen It is more supportive of the police.

Of the recent election, he said, “Democrats have turned what would have been an election wave into a wave by using the three words, ‘defund the police,’ featuring the mantra of diverting resources to mental health intervention and other programs.” persecuted.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called Tuesday’s testimony “compelling,” “heartbreaking,” and “a reminder of the shameful events of January 6” as well as the “incredible courage of the men and women of law enforcement.” She said Biden had intended to “pick up updates and clips.” Because he wasn’t watching it live.


Republican Senator from Louisiana. Kennedy lashed out on Tuesday, calling it a “Pelosi partisan fest,” trying to link the January 3 atrocities. 6 for the Republican Party.” He told reporters that he did not succeed through on the procedure.

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