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January. 6 Selecting a committee to hire a previous Republican Party representative. Denver Rigelman as a consultant: Source

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He is the third Republican to be brought in to aid investigate the Capitol riots.

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The House of Representatives selects the commission to investigate the events of January. 6 Capitol Attack Will Hire Ex-Rep. Denver Rigelman, Republican of Virginia, will serve as an advisor to the committee, according to a source familiar with the upcoming announcement.

The previous congressman, who lost his primary final summer, has become one of the few voices within the Republican Party to criticize the spread of disinformation and conspiracy theories, including the idea of ​​stealing the 2020 presidential election, leading to riots in the Capitol.

Rigelman, who also served as an Air Force Intelligence officer, is expected to aid the committee catalog and track errors circulating online and on social media prior thousands of previous President Donald Trump’s supporters accumulate in Washington and descend on the Capitol in hopes of overturning the election results.

January spokesman said. 6 Commission did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

ABC News reported earlier this month that according to sources briefed on the discussions, Riggleman could join the committee’s task force in an advisory capacity.

The committee held its first hearing final week with several police officers who confronted pro-Trump rioters at the Capitol in January. With the House recess into August, the committee is focused on mapping out its investigation and building its staff.

re come back. said Benny Thompson, Democrat from Mississippi. The committee will release “very few” subpoenas and likely seek to interrogate and obtain documents from previous Trump administration officials and Republican lawmakers who contacted Trump prior and on Jan. 3. 6.

Asked if the committee would like to interview previous Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, following releasing handwritten notes from Acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue that appeared to show Trump trying to pressure the Department of Justice to announce a major fraud contaminating 2020 Thompson, in the presidential election, said the committee had not yet decided who it wanted to hear from.

“The president wanted to mobilize the entire apparatus of the American government to reinstate him as president, essentially,” Rep. Jimmy Raskin, another member of the committee, told reporters. “As a member, I am very interested in tracing the steps of what the president has done to ensure what he has called his ‘continuity in power’.

Rigelman will be the third Republican linked to the committee, along with Representatives. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, who both called for Trump’s impeachment and accepted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s call to join an investigation into Republican Party leaders’ efforts to boycott him following Pelosi refused to elect two top cautious lawmakers who voted to annul the 2020 election.

In recent days, other cautious lawmakers have sought to get Cheney and Kinzinger out of the House Republican convention and strip them of other committee functions because of their work on the committee.


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