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Jeff McNeill saves the Mets from a double-headed attack by the Braves

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Jeff McNeill sat for game 1 of a double header on Monday and played just five innings in the Cup of the Night, but that attendance was enough to aid preserve the Mets from a drift.

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In one day the Mets were stuck in a impartial attack, McNeil smashed the RBI double representing the only round of a 1-0 triumph over the Braves in Game 2 with a double header.

The Mets lost 2-0 in the first game – the first time they’ve been closed off in the second half following averaging 5.67 runs in their previous nine games.

The double-headed player has started a stretch as the top-ranked player plays a division rival 15 times in 18 matches. The imminent threat is Velez, who has moved within 3 games of the lead. But the Braves, who sit five games behind, still have three shots on the Mets in the series.

Jeff McNeil led the Mets’ only double-header in a 1-0 triumph over the Braves in Game Two on Monday.

McNeil, who scored two leading goals on Sunday, saved the day from becoming a disaster with a shot over Guillermo Heredia’s header in midfield in the fifth inning to bring Brandon Nemo with the only round of the Cup of the night. . McNeil started at second base in the nightcap following missing three games due to tire in his left leg. After his weakness, he left the game for a pinch runner. McNeil’s hitting streak reached 13 matches with his first singles match.

“I considerate of feel like I’m getting my swing back,” said McNeil, who has landed for most of the first half but is 21-for-63 (333) in July. “I get some pleasing pitches to hit and put some pleasing swings on.”

In the Bullpen started by Aaron Loup, the Mets used six pitchers who had gathered at closing in a nightcap. Anthony Banda went for the longest two runs. Edwin Diaz scored a preserve for the team in the ninth minute to preserve him for the twenty-second time.

“We had a plan in terms of knowing Lobby would start and then everything was ready,” said Banda.

In Game 1, Kyle Mueller strangled the Mets over five rounds of closing in which allowed four hits and walked two with three hits. The left-hander was called up from Triple-A final week and started for the fifth time in the Major League.

The Mets entered the day with a 0.626 OPS against the soft starting pitchers. Against right-handed starters they had .733 OPS.

“We have a lot of players who can click and join pleasing bats against lefties,” said manager Luis Rojas. “I know we have just been eliminated, but we feel very confident. We will see more leftists. Max Fried is on his way to confront us, [Drew] Smyly is on his way to confront us, so we trust our attack on the lefties.”

The Mets had their best chance against Muller in fifth, but Pete Alonso – who had made five comebacks in his previous seven games – crashed into a chopper to third which became a double play at halftime following Brandon Drury’s double hit. And Jonathan Villar walked.

Marcus Strowman’s slam dunk and Villar song in the third gave the Mets a rally performance, but Muller bounced back to hit Alonso and Michael Conforto respectively.

Strowman followed up the best performance of his career in the Mets with a powerful outing. Overall, the right-handed gave up two runs gained in eight strokes over five rounds with four strokes in slightly raising his ERA from 2.59 to 2.63.

At Cincinnati final Wednesday, he threw eight runs, in which only one hit was allowed. His importance in the Mets’ rotation has increased with Jacob Degrom on the injured list and Taiguan Walker has struggled since the All-Star burst.

Dansby Swanson barely erred in clearing the center square wall that drove on the fourth and was brought back to second base following referee Jose Navas had initially referred to Homer. Orlando’s RBI player selection gave the Braves a 2-0 lead following Stephen Vogt Swanson in third.

Strowman pulled Houdini’s move to escape the third with only one run allowed. After Joc Pederson hit double the RBI, Strowman hit Ozzie Albies and Freddy Freeman walked on purpose to load the bases. He hit the next hitter, Austin Riley, in the final double play.

The Rally of the Braves began with Heredia double in fore. Bowler Muller, having signaled earlier, sliced ​​the punch through the third base hole – to make his first major hit in the league – to put runners on corners for the Braves.

“We scored one game in two games and won one, so the basics were done,” said Rojas.


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