Jewelry Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Jewelry Storage Ideas For Small Spaces – Is a tool to help people think creatively, decorate and enjoy flexible + small home spaces. Founded by designer, consultant, stylist, director and writer, Whitney Leigh Morris, this family business has recently completed the construction of a small house and office in the southeastern United States, restoring a small French 1800’s town and its buildings are supported by partners. Morris’s goal is to create a flexible, sustainable and sustainable community environment. Check out Whitney’s books, blogs and social channels for years of advice and stories about living and working – and – for less.

Over the years of living in small spaces, I’ve tried many ways to store jewelry. I don’t have a lot of jewelry, but I do have enough to keep me organized. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find pieces that fit our small space and kept large items (like my notes from Sunday afternoon and my boho bracelets).

Jewelry Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

A few years ago I found a very good answer. It’s not the best looking and it’s not what I expected to find (vintage, natural materials, etc.), but it works and I think I’ll use it all my life: it’s a plastic repair tool with a clear design. I chose a tall, shallow design to fit into our built-in bathroom cabinetry. Behind it we can put the clothes we use often, like rain mats and guest towels. And there’s plenty of room left over to store everyday items like a hair dryer and brush, our first aid kit, my makeup, toiletries and more.

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My advice to anyone struggling to find jewelry in a small home is to look for pieces – from ANY collection – that cater to all the size and style needs of the room, instead of looking specifically for “designer jewelry.” It’s amazing how useful a picnic basket, pillbox, cutting board or hardware container can be.

Don’t forget that almost any space inside the house can be turned into a jewelry store (or any kind of storage for that matter). Hang pieces on the wall, add shallow containers for use, hang organizer bags from hanging rods and/or add a small drawer behind the doors. (Or, like I did, use a rough inch on the front of your u-bend.)

You don’t have to be big to be beautiful. Her mission is to help individuals, couples and families live freely, happily and sustainably in a place of freedom.

“As climate change continues to grow around the world, Whitney believes that small spaces can do wonders for different families with different incomes.”

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If you’re a jewelry type, your jewelry is probably one of your most valuable possessions. But a beautiful selection of heirlooms and antiques can often be confused with an untidy mess, lost in the back of a closet or crushed in a cramped closet.

However, this can be completely avoided with a smart jewelry storage method. Jewelry storage is more than storage than you might imagine. In fact, jewelry storage cases are often flexible and strong, and not only protect the jewelry, but also display it. Read on for our favorite examples.

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To make your jewelry stand out, elevate it. Use a clear acrylic stick or jewelry that attaches to the inside of a closet or cabinet. This works especially well with short pieces of jewelry, such as bracelets or bangles, and ensures that delicate beads don’t get crushed or twisted.

For just a few pieces of jewelry, combine your jewelry storage with other accessories, such as sunglasses and purses. This is not only space saving but also convenient. Instead of reaching for a necklace in the bathroom and running out the front door forgetting your sunnies, grab both at once.

Got a tight corner that needs to fit a lot of jewelry? Use a lazy Susan. Being able to rotate your stash ensures that no tricky corners get damaged and that you don’t have to reach carelessly to find the perfect necklace.

When storing your jewelry, put the pieces together in similar containers. For example: Use a ring plate for earrings or rings, a jewelry holder for bracelets, and a necklace holder for necklaces.

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If your jewelry has a lot of silver and gold (or other solid colors), make a storage statement by keeping items in similar colors. This gives your jewelery storage a bold and interesting look and ensures you always know where your favorite silver necklace is.

Even if you only own a few pieces of jewelry, how you store your jewelry still matters to you. In fact, the way to reduce storage (even if that is not the goal) can look beautiful and less. For a stylish look, choose a smaller jewelry box that won’t look too big for your pieces and place the jewelry in the box.

You don’t always have to hide your jewelry – you can also show it off. Use beautiful jewelry to display your favorite pieces on your dresser or dresser. Do you have many favorites? Change your jewelry every few weeks to make sure all your bracelets, bangles and necklaces shine.

Not sure if you want to spend your money on beautiful jewelry? We have found you. For an easy DIY solution (both smart and budget-friendly), make a small table to hang your pieces. Add a small piece of cork to your favorite frame and then cover it with fabric for the eye. Add pins and you are ready to go.

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Another great way to display your jewelry is to use a table stand. You will be able to put more jewelry on your dresser or dressing table and you can fold it when it needs to be put away. What’s more, the jewelry stand means it’s easy to carry around and you can take it with you wherever life takes you.

Bathroom and closet storage, don’t overthink it. So if you’re looking for a place to store and organize your jewelry, you may need to think outside the box.

Consider using any extra closet space you may have in your bedroom (think nightstands or dressers) to store jewelry that doesn’t take up valuable storage space while still being accessible.

To store jewelry that doesn’t detract from the beauty of your pieces (or to add more to your space), use a jewelry rack or rack. This provides functionality without sacrificing looks, and it’s every change you can make to your beauty business. Bonus: from a distance, your jewelry can look fast.

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Another fun way to display your jewelry is to store it in a container with a color that contrasts with the colors in your collection. If your jewelry has a lot of white and cream, keep it in designer gray or black. Likewise, if your jewelry has dark tones or jewels, keep them in light colors.

For a unique jewelry storage solution, bring back an old tapestry or frame. You can use what you already have, or find something fun in your thrift store. To achieve this, add hooks and pins through the piece to hang your jewelry. I want to find

You don’t just have to use storage boxes or containers for makeup – you can think outside the box. Consider bringing in storage designed for the garage, especially if you don’t mind an industrial touch. Garage storage often has hooks and wall hangings that can easily store necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

No matter how good they look, jewelry storage doesn’t have to be big or flashy. For a tasteful and simple approach, use a small decorative frame in a convenient place that fits the rest of your collection (or the most important pieces in it). Sometimes something subtle is what you want.

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