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Katie Ledecky sympathizes with Simone Biles, hopes for the return of Olympic gymnasts

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American swimmer Katie Ledecky has expressed sympathy for Simone Biles because she is under as much stress in the pool as Biles is in the gym.

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Ledecky told USA Today on Wednesday that everyone who competes in the Olympics is feeling the considerate of stress that puts a strain on their mental health given that most of the world is watching.


“I never want to speak for Simon or say I know how you feel because none of us do, but I understand it. We are on a lofty, we have more eyes on us than anyone in the world right now. I don’t just tell us like in Simon And I, I would even say everyone at the Olympics. I unkind everyone around the world watches it. Sure, Simone has a lot of eyes on her and the cameras are following you. I’ve experienced this on days like today.”

Ledecky said she feels like the world is watching her move in competition following competition.

Simone Biles notes ‘stressful’ Olympics following beforetime exit, says she has no injury

Biles withdrew from the team gymnastics final on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday, Team USA Gymnastics said Biles would not compete in Thursday’s all-around singles competition for mental health reasons.

Ledecky hoped Biles would be back in business soon.

“I have no doubts she will be back, hopefully this week,” she told USA Today. “I don’t know. I’ve seen the news and I have no idea what her condition is or her mental state or anything, but I really hope she continues to do what is best for her and that the people around her, her coaches and teammates, persevere to support her. I know the team states swimmers USA definitely support her and the USA Gymnastics team and all of our teammates.”

Biles said on Tuesday that her mind wasn’t quite right in competition and following the first jump she decided to cease.


“Fortunately no injuries, which is why I took a step back because I didn’t want to do something silly outside and get injured,” she said via So I thought it was best if these girls would take over and do the rest of the job, which they definitely did – they got the Olympic silver medals. They should be really elated of themselves for how well they’re doing.”

Biles, who commented in a social media post about the pressure she was feeling while in Tokyo, reiterated the pressure being put on her and on the shoulders of her teammates.

“It’s been a really stressful Olympics as a whole; not having an audience – there are a lot of distinct variables that go into it [the Games]”It’s been a lengthy week; it’s been a lengthy/year Olympic process,” she said. “I think we’re feeling a little flustered. We have to be here having fun, sometimes that’s not the case.

“Today was really stressful, we had practice this morning; it went well but during that five-and-a-half hour wait I was shivering – I could hardly nap. I had never felt like this while in a competition prior. I tried to get out here and have fun; The warm up in the back was a little better, but as soon as I got out here I was like, ‘No, mental [sic] Not here so I just need to let the girls do it and focus on myself.”


She added that she was taking things up day in and day out.


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