Kerala Home Design One Floor

Kerala Home Design One Floor – Johnny, an expat, has built his new home in the quiet village of Mulanthuruthi in Ernakulam, Kerala. The house sits on a 68 cent plot, surrounded by beautiful pineapple gardens and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The family wanted a one-story house to promote relationships between family members. However, the building has an outdoor terrace, which will allow the family to add additional floors if necessary in the future.

The structure was built leaving room for a large yard in front of the house. Sloped roofs are well suited to tropical climates in areas with sufficient rainfall and sunlight. The pattern of the stone cladding of the facade is repeated on the walls of the complex. The long veranda offers stunning views of the surrounding gardens.

Kerala Home Design One Floor

The interior is designed in an open style, which makes the room more spacious. However, confidentiality is guaranteed wherever necessary. The walls in the common areas are decorated in a stylish combination of white and gray. Thanks to this, the interior looks nicer and more spacious. Meanwhile, the minimalistic gypsum false ceiling and matching LED lighting add a stylish look to the interior.

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This stunning 3,658-square-foot residence features a car deck, ample entertaining areas, formal and family living rooms, dining room, courtyard and prayer area, kitchen with adjacent work area, four bedrooms and staircase.

Custom-made furniture perfectly complements the overall theme of the interior. At the same time, the floors in common areas are laid with glass-ceramic tiles. Wooden tiles were also used for flooring in some rooms.

The entrance hall leads to the spacious formal living room. The highlight here is the C-shaped sofa. The wall on one side is decorated with attractive wallpaper. Meanwhile, in the beautiful courtyard, the floor is covered with artificial grass and gravel. Interestingly, there is also a prayer area set up here. Guests are often enchanted by the extraordinary atmosphere of this courtyard. Full length windows bring plenty of natural sunlight into the home.

The custom dining table looks beautiful and can comfortably seat up to eight guests. Meanwhile, the staircase is located in the spacious dining room. The railing is a beautiful combination of wood and glass. And there is a place for washing hands right in the yard.

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The modern kitchen is decorated in a classic black and white color scheme. The cabinets are made from marine plywood with laminate.

The bedrooms are decorated in a unique style and style. These spacious rooms are equipped with all modern amenities. The en-suite bedroom has a long wardrobe and a separate walk-in closet.

The family said maintenance was fairly simple since the house only had one floor. Moreover, the sparkling natural ambience, the cool breeze coming from the garden and the bright rooms make this home a haven for comfortable living. Guests also showered the family with congratulations for building such a stunning home. Businessman Nazar decided to build a new house on his land at Aduvaserri in Ernakulam when the family was unhappy with the limited amenities in the old house.

They wanted a simple but elegant, one-story, three-bedroom home. However, the owner insisted on an unusual height and unique appearance. This is what inspired the architect to create a timeless, stylish colonial architectural style at this height.

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A GI rafter roof is installed on top of the flat roof. This single paved roof gives the façade a grand colonial elegance. Interestingly, the space between the two roofs can be used as an attic space. In addition to the small living room, other areas have been converted into multi-functional spaces.

This extraordinary 2,455-square-foot residence features a drive-in deck, sitting area, formal and family living rooms, dining room, courtyard, kitchen with work area, and three bedrooms. An open and well-ventilated space is an interior attraction. This makes the room visually more spacious.

From the long seating area you can enter the spacious hall. The open space is large and provides good ventilation. The floor is laid with glass tiles. Meanwhile, granite is used for the flooring in the living room.

The spacious yard is very attractive. A skylight in the pergola allows natural sunlight into the house. The courtyard floor is covered with artificial grass, and the shiny pebbles provide the perfect contrast.

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The kitchen is open to the dining area. This partition also doubles as a vintage breakfast bar. And high chairs add chic glamor to this area.

The bedroom, adjacent to the bathroom, is spacious and has closet storage. In addition, there is also a separate dressing room. Interestingly, each bedroom is highlighted with a unique color tone.

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