Lic India Online Term Plan

Lic India Online Term Plan – Traditionally, the Life Insurance Company (LIC) of India has sold insurance plans through insurance agents. But with the internet entering the lives of Indian citizens, LIC has also realized the importance of internet policy. To meet the growing demand for online term insurance, especially TERM PLANS, LIC has launched an e-mail program where customers can purchase policies online.

These features make it a wise idea to invest in this LIC scheme.

Lic India Online Term Plan

One must complete 18 years of age to be eligible for this LIC semester scheme, while the minimum age for joining is 60 years (approximate age). The maximum term of the policy is 10 years, while the maximum term of the policy is 35 years. To avail this policy, an individual must have an income. The policy does not allow a person to solicit anyone but himself. Also, partnership, key man insurance (KMI) and employer-employee are not allowed.

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The policy ceases to be valid if the insured does not pay the premium within the grace period. To revive the policy, the individual must pay the appropriate premium, along with interest (paid semi-annually). The arrears must be paid within two consecutive years, starting from the first unpaid date. Individuals must pay the costs associated with medical reports and policy renewal requirements.

Total: This plan applies if the insured amount varies from 25 to 49 million. It does not matter whether you are a smoker or not. Regular smokers who want to insure more than 50 million have to pay more than non-smokers.

Non-Smokers: The maximum amount approved for this category is 50,000. The prize is lower than the non-smokers category.

LIC is still the first choice for people because it is a government backed company. When discussing an E-Term plan, the combined benefits of policy tenure and ease of purchase make it an ideal product for those who want to live their lives. It is necessary to check in detail all the terms and conditions on the company’s website. You can use our portal to compare the best policies offered by LIC for free.

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