Light And Airy Wedding Presets

Light And Airy Wedding Presets – ! When I first brought Jennaon onto our team as a photo editor, I quickly realized she needed an easier way to edit. He didn’t have thousands of hours of editing experience, and I wanted to make the process easy and beautiful for him.

Before I abdicated, I could edit a wedding in less than 2 hours and I wanted that option for him too. I started developing presets for him to use. I developed presets based on the conditions: sunny, cloudy, flash, indoors, etc. This will not work in the long run. And then I started thinking…

Light And Airy Wedding Presets

What if there was a way to create presets that complement each other? Could it be better than what we currently have? I decided it was worth a try if it was faster. I have created over 15 presets that complement each other! The great thing is that we only apply 3-5 presets to each photo. It’s so simple and easy! I can’t wait to share the full range with you when our store launches in 2017, but for now I have some free presets to help you fall in love with our collection.

Photoshoot Dresses For Light And Airy Style

I released this preset in my newsletter a month ago and the response has been amazing! This ONE preset changed the way other photographers edit – for the better. This is what it looks like when you apply it!

I love giving giveaways and these presets were a game changer early on in my editing journey. And it’s free! Did I say that? Please download the preset by registering below and install it in Lightroom! We apply this preset

When you sign up, you’ll be the first to use our full set of settings when we launch them!

I hope you have a very productive Tuesday and edit a lot of beautiful pictures today. And guys, I hope these presets make you HAPPY! Really!”I’m very happy with this set. I have several presets from other companies and these are my new favorites! So good.” – John R.

Bright Wedding Lightroom Presets

Light & Airy collection specially designed for wedding photography! Light and airy colors, taking into account the details of the wedding and the special atmosphere!

2. Beautify: Edit your photos or videos at home or on the go using our presets on desktop or in the Lightroom mobile app.

Presets are basically a configuration of settings designed to achieve the look of hours of editing to make global changes with a single click. On average, our presets change 30-50 settings.

An action is a set of several pre-recorded software commands that are played one after the other to make specific changes to an image. Actions can be sequenced so that one action is executed after another, creating a more dynamic editing. Actions are usually complex, and so using actions saves the user a lot of time from having to make each change one by one to achieve the desired result. Our actions are compatible with Photoshop CS6 and later (including CC and 2020), as well as Elements 15 and later.

Wedding Lightroom Presets

A layer consists of an image (.jpeg or .png) placed as a layer on top of your original image to enhance the image. Layers are often mixed by the user to create a realistic composition. Overlays are versatile, from seasonal (rain and rainbow, snow, fog, sky and leaves), to everyday wonders (sparkles, light leaks, bokeh, confetti and fairy dust) can be in forms!

LUTs are tools that allow filmmakers, editors and colorists to apply specific levels of color to film/video (raw magazine footage) or images. Our LUT or Color Lookup Tables are presets in .CUBE format designed for color level movie clips. It can be used in most video editing software and any photo editing software, allowing you to customize layers to target color grading lookup tables. We’ve included a few common ones below, but if you know your software supports .CUBE LUTs, feel free to use them!

Software: Users must have at least one compatible Adobe software to use this bundle. Check your eligibility HERE!

Note: Adaptive presets for AI, instrument presets, and certain effect presets may be excluded for iOS. Also, AI Presets only work on the latest subscription program. Read the full product and compatibility information or contact our team with any questions before purchasing!

Light & Airy Presets For Lightroom Top Presets Of 2023

Once your payment is made and your purchase is complete, you will have access to your digital files.

On the order confirmation page, you will see a link to “Access Digital Content”. Additionally, all customers will receive a download email immediately after purchase.

If you did not receive the download email, please check your spam folder and the email address associated with the payment form. You can also contact us at support@ and we will resend your email. We ship any product by post – all deliveries are done digitally.

While many professional photographers and editors prefer to edit images on a larger screen (desktop and mobile) or with more advanced software (Lightroom subscription and free mobile app), this is not necessarily necessary or required. All images can be easily retrieved, edited and posted from mobile devices. In fact, when working on mobile devices, using presets can help ensure ideal and mobile-friendly editing. Luxe settings work seamlessly between desktop and mobile, and you can easily transfer between devices. Do what works for you!

Lightroom Presets For Wedding & Portrait Photographers

Yes! Now you can use presets to edit videos in Lightroom! See our detailed help center article here.

We also offer video LUTS for use in video editing software such as Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Filmore, Speedgrade, After Effects, and more.

Our customer service team is ready to help. We provide 1:1 personal support to help you solve any problems you may have while using your presets. Enter your email address to unlock mystery discounts + be the first to know about new presets, the latest photography tips and exclusive offers.

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Light & Airy Presets

→ Limited Time Offers: Why decide when you can get it all? The All+ Access Pass unlocks ALL presets in our store now + ALL new presets coming out in the future (

Create natural and airy photo edits with The Light & Airy Preset Collection. Inspired by beautiful, light and airy Instagram themes! Lighten + perfect all the beautiful colors (without ruining the skin tone) in one click!

No need to spend hours adjusting settings or learning complicated editing techniques. With the Light & Airy Preset Collection, you can achieve professional quality results with just one click.

✓ Includes 10 Lightroom presets for mobile and desktop — Our presets are compatible with the FREE Lightroom mobile app on iPhone and Android + ALL versions of Lightroom desktop on Mac and Windows, so no matter which device or operating system It’s easy to create stunning images regardless of the system. The system you use! You get mobile dng files, desktop xmp files and lr templates.

Bright Airy Lightroom Presets

✓ Experience? It doesn’t matter! All you need is your mobile phone. Our presets are an easy one-click solution, allowing you to quickly edit photos and videos in seconds using your phone or computer. Follow our step-by-step video tutorials and tutorials to take your photography, blogging and Instagram to the next level.

Our presets are easy to use, highly flexible, and look great on a variety of themes. Perfect for enhancing everyday photos and videos, selfies, lifestyle and interior photos, food and travel photos, family photos, product and flat photos, landscapes, wedding photos, fashion bloggers and more.

✓ Fast Downloads and Unlimited Updates — Download link will be sent directly via email after you order. You will also receive further updates to the file.

✓ 24/7 Customer Support — Need help? We are here for you! We are very responsive and care very much about our customers. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

How To Shoot Light And Airy With Digital — Kristine Herman Photography

✓ Perfect Skin Tone – Our presets are designed to beautifully complement all skin tones. Each preset is extensively tested with multiple skin tones to ensure beautiful results. If our presets change your skin tone a bit, rest assured that we’ve provided an easy-to-follow tutorial for easy adjustments in just a few clicks.

✓ Carefully designed by experts — These presets are our artistic offering and carefully designed by a team of professional photographers and expert retouchers to look amazing with different photos. Please note that results may vary depending on the unique lighting, colors and settings of your photo. After applying a preset, you may find that minor adjustments are needed to get the results you want. In most cases, a simple exposure adjustment is enough to make the image perfect.

So what are the presets? This is a great question! Presets are high-quality filters that can be applied to your photos and videos to give your content a beautiful and unique look! from

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