Living Room Decor Ideas Modern

Living Room Decor Ideas Modern – Can mean so many things, and if you think about it, stuff too. Today, open floor plans take up the space that smaller, self-defined rooms once did, living spaces that serve many functions. This is where you read your books, watch your Netflix, eat your meals, receive your guests… you live. And such a modern lifestyle requires an equally versatile design scheme.

Certainly, living room and modern aesthetics do not seem like a particularly compatible duo. As Sarah Sargeant, director and co-founder of Cochineal Design, points out, just hearing about a modern living room can conjure up a “sterile, austere and monotonous” look. But in reality? Modern living spaces can bridge the gap between welcoming and well-appointed. “Modernity has a clean tone that balances historic forms with a fresh sensibility,” says New York designer Augusta Hoffman.

Living Room Decor Ideas Modern

In fact, a modern look can mean incorporating everything from minimal to mid-century, chic to neutral, chrome to concrete. But where do you start if you want to find your own version of modern? “I think the most successful modern spaces find beauty in practicality, while using rich materials to soften the minimalism,” adds Hoffman. The sergeant agreed. “For us, modern means meeting lifestyle needs while still being minimalist,” she tells us. “We think mixing periods, tones and textures can create a current look.” In 2023, says Sargeant, the secret to achieving a modern living room is to “consider environmental, ecological and longevity factors.” In other words, using local materials, working with nearby vendors, and minimizing climate impact by using and buying vintage will help your salon transition well into the new year.

Modern Living Room Interior Design & Decor Ideas You Can Steal

With these assumptions in mind, creating a living space that is firmly rooted in the present while remaining timeless can seem like a daunting task. To help you out, we’ve combed through our favorite homes from the ELLE DECOR archives to find the great spaces that push modernity to its furthest limits. From can’t-miss fixtures to clever layout ideas, consider the list below your design to-do list for 2023.

Modern design doesn’t have to be limited to just right angles. In a sitting area of ​​this California retreat, designed by Noz Nozawa, the asymmetry of the room is enhanced by a Casey McCafferty coffee table that looks like it might come to life at any moment. The curved carpet below by François Dumas further enlivens the space, both tonally and texturally, encouraging informal living that is as sophisticated as it is comfortable.

Modernity lives in every era. What is at the heart of the concept is invention. In this Connecticut beach house, Amanda Jesse and Whitney Parris-Lamb looked to the Industrial Revolution for their definition of modern. The presence of metal and concrete, as well as the brightness of the room, allows earthy and muted tones to prevail in the furniture. This is the perfect opportunity to work with a carpenter like Jacob May (who designed the dining table on the left) or Palo Samko (who made the chair).

In the modern home, not all rooms have a single, differentiated use. Sometimes you have to choose between a dining room or a living room, or vice versa. If space is limited, create miniature, modern living rooms from unused corners, as Augusta Hoffman did here in her stylish New York apartment.

Modern Living Room Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

In the same way that a gray scale can evoke stills of the past, bright colors and graphic prints can place you in the present moment. In the living room of a Manhattan home, designer Danielle Colding introduced a royal blue biomorphic sofa and graphic upholstered armchairs that conjure up all thoughts of the old and the duddy.

A colossal statement of modernity can set a room on the path to the future. In the living room of a West Hollywood pied-à-terre, Andre Herrero of Charlap Hyman & Herrero built a double-height steel fireplace with a hidden compartment for the client’s television. The material evokes spaceships and factories, symbols of the modern age. Contemporary art, like Olivia Erlanger’s eyeball sculpture hanging in front of the fireplace, also helps keep things fresh. In this environment, choosing antiques can also make sense if they are balanced by contemporary elements.

Anyone can make a stylish living room warm and cozy – all it takes is a few thoughtful accessories. In this Brooklyn townhouse, Ishka Designs brought a lot of charm with intriguing ceramics and eye-catching artwork. The result? A living room that is halfway between luxury and livability.

Move over, square armchairs and rectangular sofas: furniture with an atypical silhouette is a sure way to give visual intrigue to the living room. Ashe Leandro’s design duo embellished a Park Avenue cushion with a curved lounge chair from Move Mountains as well as a bulbous custom sofa covered in Rose Uniacke wool.

Neutral Living Room Ideas That Are Anything But Plain

On The duo accented their 30-foot-high ceiling with two groups of custom pendant lights, drawing the eye upward and creating a light and airy space.

Do you want to dress up bare walls, but traditional artwork seems overdone? Consider sprinkling your space with decorative mirrors, like Jacques Grange in this Portuguese notebook. Not only does this woven arrangement bring character to this large room, but the number of reflective spaces also help bounce light.

Repeat after us: a neutral-toned living room can be anything but boring. If you need convincing, take a look at this relaxing room by Cochineal Design. Here, a rich array of light woods, cream sandal upholstery and high-contrast artwork offer a more nuanced take on the clean palette.

Another way to hit the refresh button on a neutral palette? Add some patterns to the mix. In this downtown New York home, a sea of ​​browns, creams and blacks is energized by a set of vintage chairs covered in a Sandra Jordan alpaca.

Rustic Living Room Ideas

– By integrating a swivel seat. Design firm Workshop/APD made the most of this family residence by combining a hanging chair from Juniper Home and a low two-sided sofa. This power play makes the living room even brighter and airier than it already is.

Sofa if you can enjoy some? Multiple furnishings in this Manhattan apartment give the living room an upscale, gallery-like feel while remaining conducive to the needs of you and your guests.

Die-hard maximalists will find the perfect compromise in this cheerful Hamptons home, which offsets a neutral palette with pops of yellow and rainbow color by Kenneth Noland. “I wanted the space to feel like you could sit there by yourself and read the paper, have a family game night or host a fabulous cocktail party,” says designer Alec Holland.

Want a punchy but clean palette and neutrals just won’t do it? Invent your living room with a bolder tone, like in director Mara Brock Akil’s Los Angeles home. With a Vladimir Kagan sofa, an Art Deco rug, and colors from Portola Paints, this West Coast room looks at life through rose-colored glasses.

Style Modern Living Room Ideas To Try In 2023

Be the host with the most by adding a wet bar in your living room and also make a spectacle for sore throats. In this 1957 Pacific Palisades home, restored by Studio Shamshiri, the Libations range is clad in Technicolor tiles by Emmanuel Boos.

What to do if your already modern living room is a bit stony? Soften things up with a plush rug. A layer of wool and silk by Jan Kath gives Raëd Abillama’s industrial living room a warm atmosphere.

Often the most practical elements of a living room can become the most visually captivating. In this Woodstock home, design firm White Webb transformed the fireplace into a mega-moment by covering the hearth and surrounding ceiling with shou sugi ban cypress. An assortment of angular furniture covered in tactile textiles gives the rustic fireplace a more contemporary touch.

Whether you enjoy a casual evening with the family or invite your entourage to your personal quarters, the congregation is at the heart of every living room. This is exactly why it is so fitting that architect Christina Seilern decorated this Greek living room with a built-in bench, complemented with soft furnishings and cushions by Kalyvianakis Dimitrios. And thanks to the indoor-outdoor quality, this living room allows you to relax and admire the magnificent landscape.

Living Room Ideas To Make Your Gathering Space Your Favorite Place

Since bare, white walls can move into “sterile” territory, liven up the perimeter of your room with oversized artwork, as Ike Kligerman Barkley did in a Bridgehampton, New York, residence. The large room above the low-slung section brings a layered, lived-in feeling to the living room; however, the abstract forms offer a touch of modernity.

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