Living Room Ideas With Stairs

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There was a time when a staircase offered much more than a practical means of getting from one floor to another. It was a venerable focal point of any foyer or living room with the ability to make a grand statement with a grand central hanging chandelier and multiple landing platforms.

Living Room Ideas With Stairs

And while some of us are lucky, as Cher Horowitz says, to come home

Staircase In Modern Duplex Apartment. Interior Design Of Living Room Stock Illustration

, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your stairs look like a million bucks. Whether you’re working with a spiral staircase, staircase, or just a few steps, scroll through to find ways to make any of the above a focal point back into your foyer or living room.

A yellow and white painted pattern adds visual interest to this staircase, while a circular arch at the top draws the eye upwards. A few key accessories on the landing tie the whole look together.

If you’re not like Picasso, skip the paint and opt for printed wallpaper. Sticking a bold print on your stairs will add plenty of drama to a relaxing afternoon.

We’re going to come out and say it, this is one of our favorite ladder designs. The rainbow ombre rug on these stairs is whimsical, gorgeous and a total show-stopper all at once.

How To Make Your Staircase Stand Out Discount Flooring Depot Blog

If a custom dyed carpet job isn’t in your budget, consider painting the stairs with fresh paint to recreate the effect.

When it comes to decorating the stairs, most people opt for a new coat of paint or carpet. Take note of this grand scale and do both. The yellow printed runner paired with the blue paint on the columns creates a complementary color combination that gives this staircase a major “wow” factor.

Do not forget the space under the stairs while arranging the house. If you’re lucky enough to have an empty space between the stairs and the wall, make the most of it with smart accessories. Add shelves and benches to create a small reading nook, or add a storage unit to eliminate extra clutter.

If your staircase has a plain black or gray color palette, brighten it up with a white light fixture. It will instantly add warmth to the space.

Open Stair Ideas

With such a large scale, you don’t need to make a big statement to make the area the focal point. Adding a simple, cream-striped rug makes the room feel finished without going over the top.

A typical stair design consists of a basic ramp or a simple floating step, but we love this custom origami-looking staircase. A succulent garden adds to the beauty of the house.

If you have the opportunity to design a statement staircase (or redesign the staircase that came with your home), this wood and glass serpentine staircase is the inspiration you need.

Paint and paint are both great options for freshening up a dull staircase, but mixing the two mediums makes for a truly stellar combination. Paint the treads a deep wood shade and contrast with bright white paint on the columns for a clean, updated look.

Ways To Make A Bland Staircase Grand

Lighting is an important element in any room of the house and this staircase is proof that you don’t have to skimp on this area either. A backlit design (where the light source is between the wall and the stairs) will make any staircase the focal point of the living room.

If you only have a few hours and minimal funds to update your staircase, try painting your railing a color that contrasts with the spindle. This color palette looks classic with a white base and a single graphic stripe in black through the railing.

If you’re redesigning your stairs, every detail counts. Don’t settle for just any spindle, as this is one element that can completely change the final look of your design. These iron spindles combine both curved and straight designs to give your home a rustic, earthy look.

If you have a staircase leading to an unused doorway, use it to your advantage by turning the space into a real mini garden.

Living Room With Stairs: Amazing Design Ideas For Your Home

The way the lines on this printed runner morph up and down the stairs makes this staircase look like a work of art. And when it comes to art, a gallery wall with thick black frames and complementary paintings only adds to the look.

Honestly, what better place to hang a gallery wall than next to a staircase? We don’t think so. Hang frames at an angle to go up the stairs so they are easy on the eye.

Lining the wall near the stairs with beautiful patterned wallpaper is an easy way to transform the space into a space that will attract the attention of every guest. Pairing that paper with Art Deco-inspired mirrors and iron accents makes this space even more striking. Please note: Price and stock may change after publication date and we may earn money from these affiliate links.

Be the ultimate host by adding a comfortable, custom bench to the stair wall. This bright white ladder features an inviting built-in bench, three coat hooks and a beautiful border shelf. A pair of industrial sconces shine above the shelf and welcome home owners and guests alike.

Trendy Home With Super Unique Staircase

A little color goes a long way. Pale aqua tiles and French blue add an unexpected, bohemian-coastal touch to this classic white staircase. Alternative tiles bring color and character underfoot, while a dreamy wooden bench with five blue and white linen cushions brings natural texture to the stair wall.

Let the architecture of your home guide your approach to decorating your stairs. Understated accents and modern art are essential in this minimalist Upper West End home. A large skylight bathes the staircase in sunlight and showcases a collection of oversized black and white paintings, sunny seascape prints and elegant circular mirrors.

Remove your heirloom art and long-forgotten travel treasures and work them up the stairs. This modern and bohemian home shows how it’s done. A stunning global tapestry in black and beige surrounds a unique collection of family heirlooms from the base of the staircase. Neat curtains add texture and dimension to ultra-white walls and offer insight into the homeowners’ personality and style.

Don’t these dreamy deep emerald stairs make you want to jump in the car, drive to your local home improvement store, and load up on bold paint swatches as soon as possible? us too Follow interior designer Lauren Svenstrup’s lead and give your stairwell a pop of color. Use sleek black frames and pigmented abstract prints to create a dimensional gallery along the staircase.

Creative Ways To Optimize Your Under The Stairs Storage

Not sure how to style your modern staircase? Less is more in this townhouse. Its minimalist steel-framed staircase is accessorized with a single striking abstract painting of fiery pigments and graphic lines. Oversized art balances the airy, open scale and brings interest to the walls without detracting from the sleek, streamlined aesthetic of the design.

A gridded floor-to-ceiling gallery wall pairs with a vigorous runner to breathe whimsy and femininity into this transitional staircase. Crisp white frames hang evenly on the wall and feature airy watercolor prints that pick up the lively hues of the staircase below. Use a grid-style gallery wall to fill the tall walls of your staircase. To achieve a uniform, cohesive design, be sure to use the same style, size, and finishing frames throughout the gallery.

Don’t be afraid to mix different design styles to elevate your staircase design. This fresh foyer features a traditional, sloping staircase with plank moldings and battens that run up the stair wall. An abstract hollyhock and peach painting enhances the classic molding, and a gold floor lamp and geometric turquoise room divider add a glam sofa to bring contemporary flair to the base of the stairs.

Isn’t it a big mess? Skip the tchotchkes and let the bones of your home do the talking. This contemporary staircase features a combination of gray washed wood and chic geometric steel balusters. Oversized board and batten moldings line the staircase wall and add architectural interest to the home. Get a similar look by installing moldings on the stair walls or updating a colonial staircase with new and modern balustrades.

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Consider the location and style of your home when purchasing accessories for your staircase. This beach house’s tall, slender staircase is decked out with surfboards and a few oars for ocean weather. The runner’s navy blue trim pulls the space together and gives the staircase a crisp, matching finish.

Our suggestion for a no-nonsense stair makeover? Achieve a timeless and classy design by layering black and white elements throughout the space. Interior designer Ken James dresses this beautiful staircase in a stylish, inky runner. The railings are stained to match the carpet, and a charcoal velvet sofa provides soft seating.

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