Luxury Modern House Exterior Design

Luxury Modern House Exterior Design – A new modern home exterior design update can add a wow factor to your home’s curb appeal. Modern design is still as functional as it is elegant. It uses limited neutral palettes, unique but well-chosen materials and simple geometric lines. Its overall effect is astonishing. Moreover, the latest designs also make good use of interior and exterior square footage to increase the value of your home and make it the most beautiful home.

If you’re imagining modern and trendy home exterior designs but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Our team of designers are experts at making the most of the latest trends while creating a timeless aesthetic. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services.

Luxury Modern House Exterior Design

Minimalism is becoming popular for interior and exterior home decoration. According to The Spruce, modern, minimalist design is “pulled to its core functionality, achieved through limited materials, neutral colors, simple shapes, and avoids excessive embellishments to achieve pure elegance.”

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We love the practical trend of modern exteriors. Additionally, people are rethinking more than ever how to use outdoor space for living and working. Porches, patios and views are designed for conversation and entertaining – even conference calls if necessary.

This bathroom has received a stunning new update with a porch extension and comfortable outdoor living space. Simple geometric lines adorn the corten steel roof, doors, balustrades and planters.

This modern design needs a modern makeover with contrasting colors to punch up the drama. Rocks and walkways provide a warm welcome at the front door. Additionally, using a large plant as a privacy screen defines a new outdoor living space that essentially adds to the square footage of the home.

Our designers transformed the design of this modern ranch home with well-placed plants and vertical sides of James Hardy paneling in Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray neighborhood. Updating the wooden garage door and front door adds a touch of class, and adding rustic furniture completes the picture.

Luxury Modern House Exterior Design With Rest Area In Side Of The House And With Beautiful Interior White Lighting

Our designers kept this home’s mission-style ceiling but added a natural stone stain for visual interest. They also simplified the lines on the sides, windows, garage and front doors. Contrasting patterns on fountains, porch extensions and stairs create a unique effect.

Larger windows and front doors, along with the addition of a sleek new garage, bring natural light and an open feel to this home’s exterior design. Our designers incorporated wood tones to add warmth, along with on-trend lighting and a dark gray paint color (courtesy of Benjamin Moore) to set the mood.

We love the large porch and cozy patio our designers added to the exterior of this colonial home. A simplified window with dark trim and wood side panels complements the new door and porch. The darker colors we recommend for slides are warm and fuzzy. Copper piping adds the finishing touch.

The use of neutral colors unifies the many textures and patterns used in this new building design. Light stone and cool slates combine with dark woodwork and elements. Geometric lines create a simple, modern and beautiful theme.

Luxury Modern House Architectural Design

This cozy two story 70’s style porch has been given a modern one story renovation. The lovely cool neutral sandstone adds class. Well-placed seating and views make this an incredible place to watch the street go by.

This home makes a simple and smart change to porch design. A new roof and cedar beams provide a modern ambiance that is both impressive and welcoming. Removing major wrinkles and creases will result in clearer, sharper lines. Strategic use of lighting creates an intentional design.

A new retaining wall around this home’s patio highlights it and creates an inviting outdoor living space. The top of the porch, columns and cedar panels have undergone major changes, and the simple lines of the new siding create a modern style.

A sense of beauty in this home’s design begins with a new door and walkway. Warm, cool colors (Benjamin Moore’s Aquamarine) and cool, clean landscapes brighten things up. New wooden windows and columns enhance the exterior and add a sense of tranquility.

Tour This Organic Modern House With Luxury Details In The Midwest

Built around 2000, this house already had many windows. Our designers focused on rich, dark shades and colors (we love Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams) for the garage to modernize the look.

A crisp white with beach green takes this room from ho-hum to wow. Our designers used the principles of minimalism to simplify curves and spirals and added natural stone accents for visual interest.

We often recommend that our clients remove the shutters, but in this case the modern appeal of the new gray shutters contrasts with the warm white color of the brick paint (Alabaster by Sherwin Williams).

This house has good bones and a unique, bold design. A delightful creamy white paint color (Pure White by Sherwin Williams) and cool hue enhance the palette, which preserves the textural element of limestone. Dark trim highlights the roof and doors.

Contemporary Architecture Houses To Inspire You

The white mud on the dark rugs that lead up to this home’s wide steps brings plenty of modernity to this update. Using lights, flash lanterns and retaining walls to display house numbers is both practical and unexpected.

Second floor balconies and walkways are balanced with minimal railing and post design. The soft, clean lines of the new driveway and front door are open. Functional upgrades are also great, with our designers recommending wood panels to hide the HVAC unit and steel tile with the part number.

Tons of light can filter through the upgraded front entry and upper porch doors in this exterior home update. Our favorite parts of this design are the second story eave trim and the side panels under the main level porch.

At Brick & Brick, our designers enjoy working with homeowners interested in modern home exterior design. We pay attention to small details like materials and colors to deliver the modern ambiance and stunning curb appeal our customers desire. Often, simple changes can lead to a more pleasant environment to live in and make your home feel like a comfortable haven.

With A Simple Geometric And Streamlined Exterior. It Should Also Have A Strong Visual Impact. The Final Product Renderings Should Be Presented In 8k Resolution With Detailed Rendering Effects.

Do you want to add a modern and timeless touch to the exterior of your home, but you don’t know where to start? We want to help. A team of designers will create virtual renderings of your new design using photos (or designs!) of your home and the inspiration you provide. Additionally, we provide a list of resources to help you achieve your vision. Learn more about our process for developing modern home exterior designs or start making your exterior dreams a reality today! Luxury house fully exterior model modern classic house design. This template is designed for architectural renderings created in SKETCHUP. All images shown, consisting of fully modeled and fabricated 3D renderings, are included in post-production.

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