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Madison Cawthorne endorses Adam Kinzinger’s main rival

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except: re come back. Madison Cawthorne, RN.C, supports Rep. Adam Kinzinger, Republican of Illinois, the primary contender for the role of Kinzinger, is under fire from fellow Republicans for participating in the House committee in the January 6 Capitol riots.

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Cawthorne, a staunch supporter of previous President Donald Trump, made that endorsement on Wednesday, throwing his support behind Kenzinger’s primary rival, Catalina Lauff.

Love is a previous Commerce Department appointee in the Trump administration and announced her bid against Kinzinger earlier this year.

McCarthy calls Cheney, Kinsinger “Pelosi Republics”

“America faces a firm choice in 2022, which is the choice between electing votes for all or votes for only the powerful,” Cawthorne told Fox News in a statement on Wednesday.

“Institutional hackers, who prioritized the approval of CNN and Nancy Pelosi and radical Democrats in Congress, have more in common with socialist activists than American Patriots,” Cawthorne said. “Elected officials who stand by Pelosi and marginalize the American people have no place in the Republican Party.”

The unused Republican criticized Kinzinger, saying the Illinois congressman had “no place in the Republican Party” prior giving his endorsement to Love.

“I am the first to blame the D.C. insider Kinzinger and the first to support powerful America first, the political foreign, in Catalina Love,” Cawthorne said. “I assure you I won’t be the final. She is dedicated to working for, not against, the interests of the people of Illinois, and I know she will be a powerful fighter in Washington.”

The congressman added that “the day of political pandering is over, it’s time for the American lions” and in 2022 this nation will hear the roar of freedom.

Lauff told Fox News in a statement Wednesday that she was “honored” to have Cawthorne’s endorsement.

“Since his election, Madison has shown passion, perseverance, originality and courage. He has been a lion on the hill, a fighting voice that the American people so deeply deserve,” said Lauve. “Our campaign has been about emulating members of Congress and women like Madison: to be obedient servants of the American people, be resolute in the confront of adversity, and put the needs of our constituents first.

“We are grateful for the faith that Congressman Cawthorne has shown in our campaign and mission to take on Republican Pelosi, Adam Kinzinger,” Lauff added. “I look forward to fighting for our values ​​by his side in Congress.”

The endorsement comes as Kinzinger serves as one of only two Republicans on the exceptional committee following House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, D-Calif., withdrew his choices when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., overturned two of them-representative allies. Trump. Jim Banks, R-Ind. , Jim Jordan, R-Ohio.


Pelosi Kinzinger was appointed to the bipartisan committee recently following McCarthy’s picks were rejected. McCarthy then withdrew his other three selections from the exceptional committee, House Republicans. Troy Niles from Texas, Rodney Davis from Illinois, and Kelly Armstrong from North Dakota.

Joining Kinzinger on the committee is the previous number three McCarthy in the House of Representatives, MP. Liz Cheney, Republican Wyo. Both Cheney and Kinzinger are highly critical of the previous president.

The Kinzinger campaign did not immediately respond to a Fox News request for comment.


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