Make Your Own Barbie Clothes

Make Your Own Barbie Clothes – I’m still very sad about it, y’all. When my girls were little, we had a big box of Barbies, clothes, and Barbie furniture for the DIY Barbie house I built (which I’ll share at the end of this post). About four years ago, when my daughter Laila was cleaning out her room, the box was placed in the living room…among many other bags that were sent to Goodwill. You can imagine what happened next. Except we didn’t realize it happened until a month or so later when she was asking where I put the Barbie stuff. We looked everywhere, even though I knew I had lost my life, because I’m not a very conservative person, so we didn’t have any boxes lying around and I knew I didn’t see them. I remembered telling my husband that what was supposed to go to Goodwill and the Barbie bin must have been swept away.

I don’t know who was more upset, Laila or me! That box didn’t just contain Barbies and chairs, it also contained Barbie clothes that my mother and aunt had made for me when I was little. Some were stitched, but most were skillfully drawn and beautiful. I would really like to keep it!

Make Your Own Barbie Clothes

Fast forward a few summers and my mom gave us her old Barbie dolls from when she was little. They are awesome and cute and have original cases and such. more Awesome Barbie clothes from the 50’s to the 70’s. I was happy! And this sounds silly because my girls are teenagers now, but I’ve always wanted to sew Barbies! I stumbled upon a Barnes & Noble book called Dressing Barbie and it was so much fun to look through. I want to recreate some of the old barbie clothes there. I also read Barbie and Ruth, a biography of Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie, and really enjoyed it.

In 1963, She Left Minneapolis For Mattel. She Designed Barbie Clothes For 35 Years

So, while I’m brainstorming and drawing ideas to share with you all here, I’ve been searching and shopping for Barbie clothes like crazy, just for fun. Obviously I have to share the best Barbie action figures I have found. If you are a beginner, sewing Barbie clothes can be easier with my instructions for sewing doll clothes, so be sure to read the post if you want instructions! And if you’re looking for Kane, Skipper, Chelsea clothes, or any of the new Barbie looks that have come out in recent years, I have those dolls too.

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Etsy is a great place to find printable Barbie PDFs. Here are some of the top rated stores:

Yes, these are the best Barbie sewing patterns I’ve found so far! It was also fun to stumble upon, because it looks like an old dress my mom wore for her Barbie for this photo shoot!

Vintage Party Time Designer Kit #3 Doll Clothes Barbie Petra Etc

Check out my Froggy stuff on YouTube! My girls have watched her videos for years and made so many beautiful things for their barbies.

Also, on Instagram, check out @barbiestuffsdollityourself, @barbieblast59, @mittenstatebarbie, and @pikespeakdoll. These articles are very interesting and inspiring!! i love barbie 🙂

I know there’s a whole world of Barbie stuff out there, so if you know of something awesome for me to follow and share, please comment and let me know!

P.S. Before I go, as promised, here’s the DIY barbie house I made for my girls for Christmas when they were little. I made it from a bookshelf, the kind you put together yourself, and had a lot of fun mod-podding the floor and wall supports! Played with this barbie house for years.

Vintage Sealed Barbie Doll Clothes Fashion Designer Refill Kit Mattel + Cd

Learn how to make easy pumpkin pies, and a crazy twist will elevate any sewing project!

Sometimes my tiny sewing space gets to the point where things are packed into every drawer, I can’t find things easily, and most projects just sit on my flat surface because there’s nowhere else for them. . Grrr!

Introducing Ruby Rag Doll, complete with super cute hair and fully customizable outfits. You can’t just make one!

If you have a lot of WIP lying around, there is hope! Read my tips on how to become a finalist.

Meet Barbie’s Fashion Designer

I recently had the most fun making a little quilt with words on it, so I had to share it with great pictures and a list of book options for sewing your own alphabet blocks. This month I wanted to do something different. : DIY Barbie Clothes! At the time I am writing this, we are in the midst of a global lockdown and many people find themselves stuck at home. So I decided to make some small stitches as a way to save you time. You can also include children.

With fabric stores closing, it can be difficult to find materials for your personal sewing projects. But when it comes to clothes for Barbie, it’s not difficult because the fabrics you have at home will work just fine! Your DIY Barbie clothes can be as complex or as simple as you want. Maybe you want to copy your current wardrobe, or an outfit you saw in a movie? You can create an outfit inspired by a decade’s fashion. Or adopt a celebrity’s style. Why not try a little pattern magic!

Whichever you choose, I’ve created a PDF for you with a basic-set plan to get you started. It works on both older and newer Barbie dolls (you know they changed the body shape a bit in the 2000s). The file is in the Downloads section on the sidebar – or below if you’re on a phone.

I made the shape like people, taking measurements of Barbie’s body. If you want to try it yourself, here’s a basic bodice pattern, a dartless bodice and a basic skirt block tutorial.

Exclusive: ‘barbie’ Costume Designer Jacqueline Durran On Vintage Chanel, Ken’s Pants, And Styling The Film Of The Summer

To give you ideas for Barbie clothes, this tutorial shows how to use basic patterns. Naturally, the same instructions are good for human clothes and if you change the measurements. 😀

Let’s start the Barbie clothes journey! I will first show you how to make two different types of dresses. By changing the shape of the band and the length of the dress, you can create something very different from the same idea.

1. Continue c.front, side seams and c.back line down. Barbie is 18 cm from waist to waist, so make the dress longer than that.

2. Stuff the top of the garment. This will be a strapless dress, hence the opposite of the bodice shape. I straightened the neck, because it’s easier to sew that way. But if you want more of a challenge, try Sweetheart Pose.

Diy (no Sew) Ribbon Barbie Doll Skirt

To prevent curling, make the arrows slightly wider. Otherwise the panels follow the arrows. You can draw a lot more at the bottom of the slope.

3. Then there is the skirt. Adjust the panels so that the garment is very tight around the knees (10 cm from waist to bottom). You can widen the back of the skirt like I did. The front will be cut and folded. I painted the front side here to make it easier to see.

Copy the pattern pieces and make sure the stitches that will be stitched together match in length and run smoothly between the hemline and neckline pieces.

The bars should also be level below the knee, except for the rail. So you can start from the front and copy the curve to the front panel and from there to the back panel. Sotogo 85 Pieces Doll Clothes And Accessories For 11.5 Inch Girl Doll Include 10 Sets Handmade Doll Outfits Fashion Doll Dresses Party Doll Gowns, 75 Pieces Doll Accessories And Storage Bag :

To complete the neck you can create a look or just wear the whole dress. In this picture you can see the pieces I cut out. I have left 0.5cm seam allowance.

Here is another example of a group costume. The basics are exactly the same as the mermaid dress, so let’s continue from 3.

3. This time, writing the form is easy: Straightforward! You can leave as soon as you want. I also extended it to the c.front, but to be able to cut, the line goes all the way.

Check as before. Especially the hemline will need to be blended. Adjust the front side so that the top and bottom have a 90° angle, or if you cut it diagonally you will get corners.

A Visual Guide To Barbie: Outfits, Accessories And More

My fabric was very heavy for this project, so I found it helpful to top stitch the seams to break up the seam allowances. It also ended up creating a nice design.

There a

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