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Making Your Own Logo App – Zenn’s founder, Steve Reid, was fascinated by design and art from a young age. In a visit to a tennis store when he was 8 years old, he fell in love with the Adidas logo, as well as the company’s “brand with the 3 stripes” tag line, and beautiful box packaging. 35 years later, this obsession with design is stronger than ever. Steve has been a creative professional for over 25 years, helping companies such as Qantas, CommBank and the NRL bring their brands to life.

Steve’s passion for branding led him to create Zenn. It’s a web-based application with a vision to change the way people create the look and feel of their business, without the need for an agency. Traditionally skilled designers could not build a brand identity. In Steve’s early years, it was almost impossible for amateur designers to produce something that looked professional. The tools available were expensive and complex, such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress, or were not fit for purpose, such as MS PowerPoint or Word.

Making Your Own Logo App

These days there is more variety. A few tools have taken the world by storm, most notably Australia-based Canva, which allows people to design anything from wedding invitations to concert flyers. Canva is now worth over $40 billion, has more than 60 million users across 190 countries, and expects to surpass $1 billion in annual revenue by the end of 2021.

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Despite the proliferation of these tools, however, Steve says an important gap remains. Sure, there are platforms to create graphics online, but 90% of the design is still done by professionals. When we delved deeper into why, we discovered that while most people know good design when they see it, not everyone can produce it – even using the latest software.

Zenn tries to fill this gap. It is an intuitive platform that allows anyone, without training, without the need to be creative, and without relying on expensive agencies, to produce their own brand. Instead, the software is configured to capture user input through a simple workflow and series of questions. This eliminates friction for all users, regardless of their artistic level. It also ensures that key requirements and options are fully understood, mimicking the approach design experts take with their clients. Just by asking the right questions the platform can suggest design options that match the user’s vision and sensibility.

As the input is captured and analyzed, the software suggests a range of different visual styles, including design basics such as logos, typography, color, space and texture. Users are asked to select or modify their preferred option, before the software automatically extrapolates the selected theme, creating a consistent amount of editable content. Outputs may include generic collateral, such as business cards, brochures, and invoices, or graphics for industry-specific materials, such as online advertising, flyers, party invitations, or event tickets.

. Using Zenn, anyone can create their own brand from scratch, project it consistently across a wide range of content, and avoid the cost of using an agency.

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Zenn was the second venture to receive a $100,000 term sheet from our fund, DQinvestments. Development has begun on the first iteration of the platform, which will be rolled out to a pre-screened audience of small business founders and owners. Watch this space, or contact me if you want access to the beta.

How to work? helping experienced professionals launch a startup while still being a full-time employee. Our team co-builds your business with you, helping you avoid many of the pitfalls that await first-time entrepreneurs.

Who is the best investor for an early stage startup? Don’t believe everything you hear in the startup world, especially when it comes to raising capital. There are many consultants who make noise to get noticed and sell their services, and not everything they say is accurate.

Startup and founder VC jargon should be understood. Do you speak investors? If you’re a startup founder who may one day raise capital to fund accelerated growth, it’s worth reading and re-reading these terms, and making them part of your language. Do you want to keep your designs looking fresh? Blending two photos together is a great way to create a whole new photo with more perspective, color and depth. Whether you want to create emotional selfies or product hero shots, make it easy to blend photos, combine multiple photos into one, or blend a photo into a background in a snap.

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Offers the fastest photo blending process available today. Ready to start creating? Choose a photo from your photo gallery or take a new one with your phone’s camera. If you don’t want to use your own original photos, you can find great free images in the stock photo library (more on that later).

Make sure the photo you choose is of good quality (you are creating a masterpiece, remember?). You should also choose a photo that is likely to blend well with another photo. Keep in mind that the next step in the photo blending process is to remove the background of your photo, so choose a photo where the object is the main focus and take center stage.

It’s time to remove the background from your image. Don’t worry: Magic Tool’s AI background removal feature is here to do all the heavy lifting. Magic Tool automatically detects the object in your photo and surgically cuts it out, keeping the cut edges smooth and clean.

Ready for the action to begin? Tap on the “magic” icon in the bottom menu and watch the background melt (poof!). You now have a photo with a new transparent background that can blend seamlessly into any photo you choose.

Style Guide Templates To Make Your Own & Best Practices To Use

Removing the background from your image opens up an exciting world of photo blending options. The free stock photo library offers a huge selection of professional backgrounds that can take any photo from good to great (which brings us to the next point).

You are a few seconds away from a new masterpiece. Now choose a new background for your image. The amazing stock photo library offers dozens of professional and high-quality images, ensuring you’ll never run out of product, selfie or portrait background ideas.

With authentic stock photos in dozens of categories, the stock photo library is your best solution for any creative project. Discover stunning landscape photography, browse winter weather or warm tropics, visit rural spaces to connect with nature or keep it real with classic urban chic. With our stock photo library you can find a photo for any occasion, any season and any event.

Happy with the new background? It’s time to choose a mixed method. If you’ve never heard the term before, a “blending mode” is a feature that combines pixels from two images together to create a new, stylish, multi-layered photo.

Best O Logos And How To Make Your Own For Free [2023]

It gives you instant access to a great selection of blending modes including soft light, hard light, color burn, color dodge, and more. Not sure how to use merge mode? Simply browse the menu, tap for a quick preview, and find your perfect fit. With many options to choose from, you can stay inspired, create any look you want, and add a unique touch to your creative work.

Hallelujah! Your photo is complete and ready to make its way into the world. You can share it now on any social network or save it for future use. Remember, when it comes to blending photos together, the photo blending app is your go-to. That’s why beginners and expert designers alike use it (but shh, don’t tell anyone) 🤫.

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