Mermaid Drawing Easy Step By Step

Mermaid Drawing Easy Step By Step – Do you want to draw Ariel merma for your next painting project? Or maybe your daughter loves Princess Ariel and you want to draw together?

In this post I will show you how to draw the Little Mermaid Ariel in a nice and easy way using detailed instructions and step-by-step instructions.

Mermaid Drawing Easy Step By Step

Here is a picture with the drawing steps. And I’ll post some design tips in a step-by-step tutorial below.

Mermaid Tail Drawing By Shawn529 On Deviantart

Please enjoy this design for your own personal use. And if you decide to share your drawing following my tutorial, please remember to credit me (

Drawing people is not easy and Ariel is no exception. But there is a way to “harden” your imagination so that drawing people becomes as easy as drawing objects.

When looking at different body parts, think of them as geometric shapes rather than “heads” or “arms.”

For example, you are really oval. Or even better: the head has a three-dimensional egg shape.

How To Draw Scuttle From The Little Mermaid

If you think about it this way and visualize the shape of an egg, you can easily put different things in the shape of an egg. The hair surrounds the head. The eye and the moon are on the front of the head. It’s not flat – it’s curved in the shape of an egg.

I created the drawing steps for this tutorial with these principles in mind. I want to show you how to look at every little piece as a real geometric shape. 🙂

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How To Draw A Mermaid Tail With Flowing Scales

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In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a girl with long flowing hair and a beautiful ponytail using a pencil. It is simple and easy for children, teenagers and adults.

Learn how to draw a mermaid cartoon is a beautiful and easy way to draw a mermaid with a tail.

How To Draw A Mermaid That’s Beautiful & Easy {step By Step Drawing}

Since her face is invisible, drawing is relatively easy for all skill levels.

Looking for ideas on what to do with this mermaid drawing? Place a rock or two under the girl’s arm to make it look like she’s looking at the ocean. Or put it in an underwater place where it floats.

She will also make a great Ariel from The Little Mermaid (using orange for her hair and fluffy tail).

If you’re looking for a really cool drawing, this is a great tutorial to follow. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a cartoon version that shows her face, follow this YouTube tutorial.

How To Draw Mermaids Princesses And Other Magical Friends: A Step By Step Drawing And Activity Book For Kids To Learn To Draw Cute Stuff (paperback)

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