Minecraft Cake Design For Girl

Minecraft Cake Design For Girl – The child celebrated his birthday last month. He turned 8 years old! And as I wonder out loud every year, where the hell does the time fly? How is he already halfway through 16?

After a few pokemon birthdays he wanted a minecraft birthday this year with a minecraft cake… haha. Now, if you know me well enough, you’ll know that I love layer cake and frosted cakes. I love pies, but country pies. You know, plain vanilla or chocolate brownies with a little ganache on top, upside-down fruit cakes, or sweet citrus cakes lightly dusted with sugar. That’s about all my cake skills. But like clockwork, I can serve up a full-sized birthday cake every September.

Minecraft Cake Design For Girl

Over the years I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks for DIY birthday cakes. Accessories are almost always small toy figures that are also gifts. I have yet to get on the twisted fondant bandwagon. I think the toys work well. And when it comes to frosting, I’m a classic girl. For me, it’s butter all the way. Nothing says birthday cake like light, sweet and fluffy buttercream frosting. Over the years, I’ve also noticed imperfections in our birthday cakes. I think it’s kind of adorable!

Cake Wrap // Minecraft

This year the birthday decor was simple and the centerpiece was this huge Minecraft Creeper face wall decor made from paper plates. I can’t take credit for this idea, it’s all online. It was pretty cool for a kid, so I’d say it worked!

Now for the Minecraft birthday cake details. To make birthday cakes easier to decorate, especially layered ones, choose a moist but firm cake recipe. I decided on a three layer cake with chocolate-vanilla-chocolate layers. My favorite chocolate cake recipe, which is moist and delicious (seriously, the best chocolate cake ever), unfortunately won’t hold up well when stacked and frosted. So I was on the hunt for a stronger chocolate cake and found a recipe from Epicurious that looked promising. And for the vanilla layer, I turned to my trusty yellow cake recipe.

For the frosting and decoration, I decided to make three colors of buttercream with petal frosting – brown (chocolate), dark green. It’s not perfect, but I think it turned out nicely.

Always leave enough time to make such big cakes. It is best to bake and refrigerate the cakes the day before you need them. I find it easier to frost the cake this way. Read my Birthday Cake Tips and Tricks post for a step-by-step guide on how to bake a birthday cake if you’re just a casual baker like me. It’s not rocket science if I can do it, but anyone can.

Minecraft Cake #2: The Creeper (for The 12 Year Old’s Birthday)

1. If you have 3 cake pans, you can mix the chocolate and yolk cake batter and bake at the same time. Otherwise you will need to bake each layer separately, make sure to cool the pan completely before baking the next batch.

2. The right amount of raw food gel depends on personal preference. Start with a small amount and build up the colors to your liking. Make sure one color is much lighter than the other for a cool petal effect.

4. Always have extra powdered sugar and milk to adjust the consistency of the buttercream frosting.

5. The prep time listed here does not reflect the cake’s cooling time, so plan accordingly. Also, decorating time will depend on your skill level. Before you start decorating, make sure everything is ready and accessible.

Most Popular Girl 1st Birthday Cakes!

How fun is this green and brown Minecraft birthday cake! Perfect for the little birthday boy who was absolutely thrilled!! I hope you make this for the Minecraft fan in your life or take this idea and use it for other cakes.

Do you make your own birthday cakes? Do you enjoy the process or are you stressed about it? Do you have any genius link hacks? Share it.

If you like this post, please follow this blog by email. email to receive updates (find the subscription box on the right side of this page or scroll down on the mobile version). Looking for great Minecraft cake ideas to celebrate? Look no further, we’ve rounded up 30 Minecraft cake ideas that are creative and awesome and sure to appeal to kids and adults alike. From simple designs to two-tiered creations, these cakes are perfect for any Minecraft-themed birthday or party. Read on for some great ideas.

This amazing cake is a perfectly created replica of the Creeper, the iconic figure of Minecraft. Its green fondant exterior features small cubes in various shades of green and proudly displays the character’s face in black. A great treat for any fan!

Minecraft Cake Template

This adorable Minecraft themed cake is perfect for any kid! Above is a gorgeous llama, sword and trotyl stick made of fondant, all resting on lush butter grass. The sides are decorated with charming stone squares in shades of green, gray and brown, and the name of the birthday child is prominent – also made with fondant. Your little one will love this delicious treat!

This gorgeous cake is beautifully decorated with a combination of green and brown buttercream that captures the essence of the Minecraft mud cube. Plus, it features some adorable printed quilts featuring Steve and his beloved animal friends: Pig, Wolf, and Creeper!

This awesome square Minecraft cake is made with a combination of fondant and buttercream. Its sides are decorated with the iconic Minecraft squares, and on top you can find 3D figures of Steve, the creeper and TNT. This is truly an unforgettable dessert!

This Minecraft cake is a true work of art with fondant tiles and bright green accents. The top features 3D figures of Steve, a pig, a sword, a TNT block, a creeper and even an adorable duck! It looks incredibly professional and is a great choice for any fan of this classic game.

Moto X Minecraft Cake

This gorgeous Minecraft clay block cake made with different shades of green and brown buttercream is a sight to behold! So cute it takes my breath away.

Here’s a delicious butter cake masterpiece! This Minecraft TNT cube is decorated in bright red and white and I love the letters that spell TNT. If you haven’t tried it yet, this delicious dessert will make your taste buds ignite like never before.

What a great cake depicting a scene from Minecraft Dungeons! This two-tiered treat features vibrant shades of orange and gray, as well as three-dimensional figurines made from fondant representing Minecraft characters, including Nameless, a pig and a goat. You won’t want to miss it, it’s sure to excite your taste buds!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this amazing cake! The base is decorated with alternating green and white stripes, which are then covered in a tempting chocolate. The addition is a Minecraft nose that proudly displays the child’s name and age. This cake is not only visually stunning, but also incredibly delicious, everyone will want more!

Minecraft Birthday Cake — Mushki Loves

Add a delicious touch to your special occasion with this unique figure 8 cake. Its green buttercream goes well with cupcakes and creamy chocolate chunks, and its edible Minecraft figures make it an unforgettable creation that will please even those who eat more!

This gorgeous pale green cake is carefully decorated with delicate buttercream details and topped with a stunning Steve and Alex Minecraft decoration. One of the awesome Minecraft cake ideas.

This gorgeous cake is uniquely decorated with fondant squares in green and brown, complete with 3D images of Steve, a creeper, a sword and TNT! I am truly mesmerized by the attention to detail that goes into this mature masterpiece.

Make your Minecraft fan something special with this adorable cake! With a pixelated 3D character – Alex, a creeper and even some TNT – you’ll have them jumping for joy when they see it.

Cake & Desserts Shop — Frost Me Sweet

This awesome cake is designed to look like a Minecraft classic, with a distinctive diamond sword in the center.

This unique Minecraft themed cake brings the iconic desert landscape to life! Bright green cream and black swords create a stunning look that captures the spirit of this beloved game. It’s sure to be an instant hit with any Minecraft enthusiast!

How impressive is this plate cake, which features the likeness of Minecraft’s Iron Golem on an artistically rendered dirt block base? Truly a masterpiece for any game lover!

This amazing cake is made with a white base with brown fondant squares and features creative Minecraft decorations like Steve, a charming tree, a diamond sword, a jellyfish and even a spider! It’s really impressive.

Vanilla Bake Shop

This incredible red velvet Minecraft cake is a delight

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