Minecraft Modern House Mod Download

Minecraft Modern House Mod Download – Contains my latest build: 1.16 Realistic Modern House for Minecraft (Java). The goal of this project was to create an authentic, modern house that achieves a realistic modern aesthetic for standard Minecraft, while providing customizable space and proportions for survival mode. The resource pack of choice for this build was Faithful with BSL Shaders. The home has a spacious open floor plan that includes:

This is also my first build so I’ve made a video tutorial for those who want to recreate this house in their own world or see how it’s done.

Minecraft Modern House Mod Download

This house took a lot of time and effort to make along with the tutorial and I hope you enjoy everything it has to offer. So any feedback is greatly appreciated. If you like this build, please also consider diamond, favorite or unsubscribe.

Millionaire House V1.0

Download instructions: After downloading, the zipped file will contain a folder labeled “Look Inside”. Open this and you will see the save world and schematic files for this build. Open/unzip the folder and drag/copy the world and save it to your other minecraft save location (%appdata%/.minecraft/saves).

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