Minimalist Interior Design For Small House

Minimalist Interior Design For Small House – Designing your home to reflect your style can be one of the best parts of being a homeowner. If you live in a small home, such as a bungalow-style home, it can seem difficult to create the perfect aesthetic without cluttering the space. But transforming your home to reflect your personality shouldn’t be a challenge, whether you rent a house in San Diego, CA, or live in Chicago, IL.

To help you find the perfect design style for your home, we consulted interior designers for their best bungalow interior design ideas. See what they had to say so you can start designing your home today.

Minimalist Interior Design For Small House

“Case” – keep it simple, stupid. Practical philosophy for small houses and dirty houses. One floor across the street: this house feels big. All white walls and ceilings: it reflects light and makes houses look bigger. Pouf – your tiny house just doubled in size or thereabouts. – Susie St. John | Studio Owner | led ap-id+c | Interior designer, Ebrio Design Studio

Minimalist Interior Design Ideas For Small House

When your favorite items have a designated place to display and essential items have a place to hide, a tiny home will live well and be forever welcome. An entire wall of built-in storage can meet multiple needs while creating a focused presentation zone. By allocating just 12 inches of wall space for thoughtful storage, every storage and collection is accessible, but out of sight. – Beth Welsh, Internal Changes

Less is more. When you have room to breathe and good circulation, it helps create a harmonious and relaxing home. Natural light and bright walls make the space feel large and open. You can still use color, if you like it as much as I do, but bright colors should be considered. One trick I’ve used before is images. They can really help with decorating, creating interest and making a room seem larger. – Kichi Cruz, KC interior design

The main purpose of designing a bungalow-sized home is to create the illusion of more space, while strategically planning the space to allow for maximum storage. It is possible, it just takes a little planning and working well with what you have. Above all, we ensure that we utilize every square inch of real estate inside and out. Of particular importance is the use of vertical space. When downsizing, moving to a bungalow can be a challenge, but it allows you to simplify your life, eliminate the unnecessary and reduce your burden. It is a completely refreshing experience. -Alison Andrea-Maestas, Beverly Bungalows LLC

Neutral walls and layered lighting (think a thoughtful mix of can lights, ceiling fixtures, and floor and table lamps) have the power to open up a room while providing a backdrop for statement works of art, or even a gallery wall. In small bungalow-style homes, it’s important to consider all the angles from which your feature wall is visible, especially if your floor plan is open. If your gallery wall can be viewed from multiple parts of the home, let it shine and avoid adding other competing elements that can clutter the space. – Elizabeth Kruger, Elizabeth Kruger Design

Minimalist Interiors Crafted With Natural Wood Finishes

Whether you’re going for a bold aesthetic or you want to keep the palette more neutral, small spaces don’t mean small impact. The key to a bold design in a small space is first and foremost considering the size and shape of the patterns and materials you use. Of course, you want to make sure that the size and shape of your furniture fits your space, but paying attention to the combination of patterns is also important. Small spaces can be decorated with great enthusiasm, but it is also important to give the eyes a rest and practice some relaxation. That’s why I recommend choosing a ‘star’ element in a room and working around it. Maybe it’s a wallpapered ceiling or wall, a large statement lamp, or perhaps a cool sofa that serves as the main star of the room. – Cara O’Connor, Cara O’Connor Interiors, LLC

When designing small spaces, furniture pieces should be purposeful and versatile. Try an extra ottoman or ottoman instead of large armchairs for extra seating. Scale is everything. Sometimes large pieces or design features can weigh down a room. Focus on creating ample lighting with large windows and design elements that don’t feel heavy or overwhelming. – Alice Lopez, The Real Housewives

When designing spaces in small homes, there are certain themes that carry over from room to room, but don’t be afraid to give each space its own personality. Choose a metal finish for things like lighting and door hardware and make sure they are the same from room to room so that each room has an anchor. Choose a color for common areas that flow into each other, such as the entryway, family room and kitchen. But feel free to choose specific colors or even wall coverings for individual rooms, such as dining rooms, powder rooms and bedrooms. – Chad Eslinger, Chad Eslinger Designs

One of the main benefits of having a small home is the ability to easily create cozy, intimate spaces without adding artificial boundaries or walls to the room. Any design aesthetic can be used, as long as the furniture and finishes are kept in proportion and scale for the size of the room in question. – Karen L. Johnson, President/Creative Director, Karen Lee Johnson Interiors

Mid Century Modernist Interior Design Ideas

For small houses, you want to choose a color scheme that provides the common thread for continuity. You don’t have to choose the same color for every room, but you do want them to flow seamlessly from one to the next, for example by choosing the same color in the living room and adjacent hallway. Otherwise, he may start to feel depressed. It’s fine to add some historic elements if you have a historic home, but you want a good balance of old and new to keep the overall look modern. When working in small homes, scale is even more important, but it doesn’t have to be small. Often a show-stopping piece is better than something smaller. You can have a lot of personality in things that don’t take up space, like lighting fixtures. – Marissa Wilson, Marissa Wilson interior design

One of the most common mistakes people make when designing an interior is not considering the size and proportions of the furniture they want to purchase. What might look good in a large showroom space is often great for the small rooms of your apartment or home. For example, the sofas you choose may be too large or too small for your space, or they may have armrests that are too wide or too thin for the dimensions of your room. The trick is to think of your space as a cityscape and then fill it with a combination of proportions and heights that suit the size of your room. -Jane Atchison, Atchison Architectural Interiors LLC

When choosing a design aesthetic for your space, remember to keep it simple. To create specific, intentional spaces, as a designer I design around a conceptual story. For example, a design inspired by nature on a winter day might feature a gradient of cool neutral colors, such as gray and white, and then use contrasting warm materials, such as certain woods and metals. Choosing each component that fits your design concept is a great way to achieve a cohesive look. Furthermore, nature-inspired design is scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase happiness. – Annie Yuff, Lead Designer/Founder, Angular Interior Design

Minimal interior design for small spaces. Watch an old James Bond movie where the villain’s houses show that less is always more. – Jerry Hoffman, Jetset

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Versatile pieces are essential in a small home. Think of tables as tables, chairs as bedside tables and if you really struggle with space for guests, the daybed can be a super nice sofa. Be as clever as you can with walls and ceilings. Scans, photos, TVs and storage. The right lighting is essential, so seek expert advice. A well-placed mirror makes a room double in size. – Joanna Wood, Global Interior Design Practice, Joanna Trading Ltd.

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