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MLB Trade Deadline: Keep track of all the moves

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Trade season is in packed swing, and rumors are intensifying. With only two days left until the deadline, The Times keeps track of everything that’s going on here. We will update this page regularly until the deadline as more moves happen, so check back regularly.

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July 28

Marlins Mall player Starling Marty and athletics money vs left bowler Jesus Luzardo

Analysis: Auckland Marty land, which was widely expected to be traded, and in which a half-season rent could come in the middle. Marte cuts .306/.407/.453 using 153 OPS+. Luzardo has struggled this season, with a 6.87 ERA in 38 innings, but can knock out hitters at just 23 years old.

The Rockies exchange RHP Mychal Givens with the Reds for RHP Noah Davis and RHP Case Willams

Analysis: This isn’t a particularly noteworthy trade, but Givens has been a solid relief pitcher for Colorado this year — playing 2.73 ERAs in Denver isn’t something to sneeze at — and could boost Cincinnati’s game. In return, the rebuilt Rockies get two lesser league reducers.

Yankees replace LHP Justin Wilson and RHP Luis Cessa with Reds for player selection لاختيار

Analysis: This looks like a move to create another one in the coming days for the Yankees. Cessa was one of the struggling Bullpen’s top relief shooters, but the move gives the Yankees room to work without going over the luxury tax and two free places for their 40-man roster. Expect to be filled by July 30th.

Pirates trade LHP Tyler Anderson with the Mariners to hunt Carter Bynes and RHP Joaquin Tejada

Analysis: Seattle adds a left-handed player whose numbers have been around the league average for most of his career. Refactoring hackers add two possibilities. This isn’t a particularly lofty-impact trade, but it’s simple to see the logic for both teams.

July 27

Sailors exchange RHP Kendall Graveman and RHP Rafael Montero for the Astros for RHP Joe Smith and third baseman Abraham Toro

Analysis: The sailors are perturb. Perhaps for pleasing reason. Graveman was one of their crew’s top shooters and club captain on a team currently in the uncivilized card mix, and it looks like GM Jerry Dipoto just sold him for parts. The fallout looks nasty, with several players telling the Seattle Times they are perturb with the move, which sent Graveman to a division rival.

July 26

Cubs trade LHP Andrew Chafin for A’s for RHP Daniel Palencia and right-back Greg Deichmann

Analysis: Cubs start their expected yard sale by moving Chafin, a dump with 2.06 ERA, for two possibilities. It will support an Oakland game that already has four solid arms and a pleasing close up in Lou Trivino.

Pirates Replace RHB Clay Holmes with Yankees for 3rd Baseman Diego Castillo and 2nd Hoy Park

Analysis: The Yankees need a relief pitching, but it’s unclear if Holmes — who has an average annual ERA of 4.93 and walks nine at 5.4 — is the answer. Castillo and Park are two potential prospects that might have lost out in the Base 5 draft had it been kept, so the Yankees could see it as low-cost, but they both have potential.

Pirates exchange second baseman Adam Frazier and money for Padres for right-hand man Jack Swinsky, RHB Michele Milano and shortstop Tokubeta Marcano.

Analysis: Frasier was one of two All-Stars for Pittsburgh this year and is currently on a one-year deal following which he will go into arbitration, so it makes sense that they’d transfer him. The Padres might get the rent, but Frazier cut .325/.388/.448 and they’re trying to triumph now, so the three-probability swap is justified and the deal makes sense for both sides.

July 23

Rays trades LHP Rich Hill for the Mets for catcher Matt Dyer and RHP Tommy Hunter

Analysis: The Mets get another arm as they wait for Jacob deGrom, David Peterson, Noah Syndergaard and Carlos Carrasco to get healthy. Tampa Bay stays on brand, porting a powerful but older player in exchange for Dyer, a prospect, despite being just two games out of the top spot. What do you not like?


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