Modern Barn House Floor Plans

Modern Barn House Floor Plans – Long before the crew headed to her home in Afton, Minnesota, Amy Matthews was already thinking about the sights. “I could tell you what you would see from any window,” she recalls. The former TV presenter and licensed contractor has renovated dozens of houses in her career. But this 4,090-square-foot “modern barn house,” a TOH 2021 idea house, was Amy’s first chance to start from the ground up. Working with architects Colin Oglesby and Aaron McCauley-Aburt (D/O Architects), she developed a scheme that unites her Scandinavian heritage with a love of modern design. The result is a simple yet striking building that blurs the line between interior and exterior, making the most of the 1,500 hectares of conservation land that surrounds it.

Although the house is located in a valley that is partially shaded during the day, its tall, narrow form makes the interior bright. Wide windows and skylights bring in natural light: “The sun pours in,” says Amy, who designed the home with the sun’s path in mind, often visiting the site during the planning stages to time the sun and take pictures.

Modern Barn House Floor Plans

Minnesota’s long and snowy winters also factored into Amy’s decisions. To maximize the energy efficiency of the building envelope, the home is framed with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS), which combine mechanical strength, seamless insulation and exceptional air tightness. Working with SIPs requires a ban on other construction options, says builder Chad Maack (Hartman Homes), who oversaw construction. “We had a little bit of trouble on the front end to pick the windows,” he said. “But when it was over, the process went really well.” Construction went up in about five weeks, compared to the months it might take for conventional pole framing.

The Rise Of The Barndominium

Inside, the main floor layout is geared toward entertaining. “It’s wide open,” Amy said. “It’s really made for hanging out with family and friends.”

The long, linear shape of the 4,090-square-foot modern barn brings every indoor space closer to nature. On the ground floor, the open kitchen and living room are designed for hospitality; the central “monolith” holds the wine bar and pantry. The dining room and sun room extend on both sides. On the first floor, the central hall connects two bedrooms, an exercise room, an office, a laundry room and a bathroom. Across the glazed bridge connector is the owner’s apartment above the garage.

The outbuildings on the property date back to when it was a working farm. Some of it will be retained, including a 20×40′ shed that has been restored as a workshop for women in the building trades as part of Amy’s charity,

. “I wanted the property to be a place where my son and I could retire,” says Amy. “But I also wanted it to be a place where I could open the door for people to come and experience the country.”

Modern Farmhouse Plan: 4,357 Square Feet, 5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms

Get the latest old house news, trusted tips, tricks and DIY Smarts projects from our experts – straight to your inbox. contemporary aesthetics. It features 3 large bedrooms and a large living room that embodies an open concept design, a common trend in many modern home plans.

Every room is a testament to detailed planning and design, from well-planned toilets to thoughtfully designed bedrooms. Furthermore, the open floor plans inherent in this design scheme ensured a fluid, spacious feel throughout the home, enhancing functionality and aesthetics. Therefore, this modern 3 bedroom southern house plan offers an attractive and practical living solution that seamlessly fits the needs of the modern homeowner.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration for modern house designs with a touch of southern elegance, or reviewing a bill of materials and floor plan for a future project, this modern 3 bedroom house plan is undoubtedly a great starting point. Its functionality and warmth really set a new standard in modern home design.

At the heart of this modern home, which reflects the best of modern house design, is a minimalist yet attractive kitchen. With clean lines and a focus on functional simplicity, it acts as a versatile cooking hub. The kitchen has a generous 15′ long counter and 10′ long island, creating the seamless flow typical of modern floor plans.

Barndominium House Plans

Surrounded by large windows and open spaces that let in lots of natural light, the kitchen matches the overall contemporary feel of the home. The architectural style of this modern house not only emphasizes open spaces but also facilitates the penetration of natural light.

Embracing an open floor plan concept, this home features three spacious bedrooms. The main room is thoughtfully arranged to provide peace, while the second bathroom, with a large shower cabin and two sinks, embodies the functionality inherent in modern house plans. It’s worth noting that while this house follows the exact same plan as its siblings, it feels unique due to subtle adjustments in its layout and finishes.

Catering to the modern work-from-home lifestyle, this home’s large office provides ample space for productivity without compromising comfort. An L-shaped deck gracefully wraps around the living room and master bedroom, creating a beautiful courtyard that seamlessly integrates with the home’s open floor plan, enhancing the curb appeal of this modern home. This outdoor area also doubles as a patio entertaining area, perfect for social gatherings.

Looking for a veranda, this modern house design checks all the boxes with a well-appointed outdoor space that complements the architectural style of the house. Functional elements such as a powder room, laundry area, two-car garage and full wall pantry for the kitchen area are seamlessly incorporated into the design of this modern home, following a custom layout that promotes functionality. . These elements are examples of practical living solutions that are often found in modern house plans.

Top 20 Barndominium Floor Plans That You Will Love

Showcasing clean lines and an elegant mix of different styles of natural materials, the exterior of this modern home is a display of artistic craftsmanship. The design with two gables forms beautiful, clean geometric shapes of modern architecture. With interesting roof lines that add character to the building, these design elements create a dramatic impression that will delight residents and guests.

The use of natural materials, such as wood, not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the home, but also establishes a harmonious relationship with the environment, creating a home that is beautiful and environmentally friendly. As you enter through the central entrance, there is a warm welcome for residents and guests alike, a testament to the careful thought that has gone into these contemporary home plans.

This modern apartment is more than just a manifestation of a modern house plan. It is the epitome of a modern, comprehensive family living solution. Its combination of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability makes it an excellent choice for first-time home buyers who want a home that is both attractive and functional. This single house plan presents a fresh take on modern living, comfort and sustainability in an impressive package.

Bedroom 1 Size: 12′-1″ L x 15′-7″ W Bedroom 2 Size: 12′-1″ L x 13′ W Bedroom 3 Size: 14′-8″ L x 12′-6″ W

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Note * The study set does not give the user a license to build a house using these plans. It is intended as a general inquiry and guide.

Do Barndominium And Pole Barn House Floor Plans Drawings By Md_arch

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The price of building a FRANK house varies depending on factors such as location, choice of builder and desired level of finishing work. Our customers generally receive quotes based on local average construction costs, ranging from $250 to $600 per square foot. For more precise a

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