Modern Fence And Gate Designs

Modern Fence And Gate Designs – This grief is not eternal. So it’s no surprise that both goals look a little different.

Jamie took out all the old straps they just stuck on and set them aside because most of them were coming back. (or in another project)

Modern Fence And Gate Designs

We cut a new 2 X 4 pressure washer, this time slightly taller. About 7 feet. I always thought the old gate was a little short, so we moved it up to the height of the fence.

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I bolted the entire frame to the garage floor to keep all the frame parts level.

We used a 3/4″ sawing board to mark the spacing between the holes and the level, so it all looked straight.

We just changed things up a bit by making a strap in the front just like the wall. The old goal was thin on both sides without the original reason, now more consistent.

Remember the “Pos” spot? We did a few tries to determine what we liked with 1/4 of the color added to the light stain. Then our dear friend Chuck sprayed all over the wall…and it kicked. it always does.

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You should have looked all over the gate. (minus the row of screws on the left)

Now that all the lines are lined up with the wall, our gate looks more seamless and just beautiful. I use the word DIY incorrectly for this project. Why? Because I couldn’t build it alone. However, I believe you can

Build it yourself if you have the right tools and experience. But for me, it wasn’t necessary from my wheelhouse.

Our project, before this project, is an old rusted iron gate tied with bamboo. Bamboo was our temporary fix for extra privacy. This is disgusting. Every time the mailman passed by, our dog would look at him, fall, and hang from the wire. I wanted our modern and elegant wooden door to match our white exterior.

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This is what it used to look like. I wish I could take better pictures, but I’m always so excited when I start a project that I usually forget to take good pictures beforehand.

First things first, we built the door frame with pre-painted 2x4s. We used two anti-sag kits from National Instruments. Since the gate will be on the higher side and we are not building the frame out of steel, we need to make sure there is as little health as possible. These anti-health devices did the trick.

There was an existing brick post on the right, we debated whether to demo it or not, but in the end it was easier to just stick that side of the gate on the post and then cover it with wood. We made the gate tighter and used less power, so we made it cheaper.

I love these photos of the new frame next to the old bamboo gate. I mean… look at the difference!

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I chose to go with tongue and groove for the wood strips because they are cheap and lightweight. Gate health is my biggest concern without using steel, so I wanted it to be as light as possible, but still strong and stable. We cut all the boards to the same length and began to connect them with a nail gun. I wanted it to look as smooth as possible, I didn’t want to see a big screw or anything.

I thought I’d do a tongue and groove on the back of the door as well, but after we finished the front, I didn’t care how it looked.

Next, the device. We added a bracket and rod bolt from National Hardware on the black machine and rested for the night.

It’s time to go back and fill the brick columns. We cut the remaining tongue and groove boards and attached them to the posts on each side of the door to match. It also covered the hinges to make my door more aesthetically pleasing.

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Our new cover looks better!?! I’m very happy with how it turned out. I would love to hear your opinion. Comment below and tell us what you think.

Materials and Equipment List: Redwood: tongue and groove, 2×8 and 2×4. Miter saw, hammer with hammer parts. Professional screws, nail gun and nails. Orbital Sander with Honey Tea Stain from Cabot.

Equipment List: Black Anti-Drunk Gate Kit x2, Black Extra Heavy Duty Car Gate Lock Hook, Black Rod Screw x2, Black Gate Pad. (All from National Instruments)

This blog is a review of our renovation of our Spanish bungalow in Long Beach, California. Follow us as we restore our 1920’s bungalow to its original beauty.

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