Modern House Design On Sloped Land

Modern House Design On Sloped Land – The American architecture firm FreelandBuck has completed a multi-level Los Angeles building, with curved interior walls and a rentable hostel in the middle.

The Stack House is located in the Mount Washington area of ​​northeast LA. This wonderful house, now for sale, was built on a hillside which presented some challenges.

Modern House Design On Sloped Land

Instead of creating a house that felt nothing to do with the landscape, the architects proposed a four-story house built into a sharp slope.

This House Design On Sloped Land Highlights All Benefits Of Hillside Homes

“Working with the tight site constraints was central to the design of this building,” said FreelandBuck, a firm with offices in Los Angeles and Brooklyn.

“Unlike the buildings that are usually found on the hillside that seem to be placed on the slope, this house is involved, making a closer relationship with the landscape.”

From the street, the 2,207-square-foot (205-square-meter) residence has a very impressive appearance. Some pieces of paper seem to go out in one direction, while others return and form a landscape. A staircase passes through the front upstairs and leads to the front door on the third level.

“This vertical home uses the subtle twists of each room to create a seamless living space on each floor, each with unique and unobstructed views of the St. Gabriel Mountains,” said the team.

Build On A Steep Slope

Engineered materials are used for the foundation of the building, while the upper level is connected to the traditional design, boards and Latin siding.

Two different patterns are used for the cover – one with a simple straight line, while the other has a graphic design.

The blended design creates a high sense of texture and depth, which is further emphasized by the two-tone color treatment.

The architects said: “Painted in a subtle gradation from white to grey, the shade of the board and slats changes every day.”

The Three Step House Built On A Steep Hillside In Los Angeles

Like the exterior, the interior avoids feeling static. The public spaces – the dining room, kitchen, living room and lounge – are placed on the third level. The floor is divided into four different rooms each with curved walls, creating the effect of water.

“The walls of each house are curved in the center in a series of tangential arches that mix the individual spaces and carefully open the view of the house,” said the team.

The ground level of the building includes a two-car garage that can also be used as a workshop. Upstairs there are two bedrooms and a large house. In the back, a patio and a small terrace allow you to enjoy the beautiful California weather.

The second floor of the building is intended to be an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), which is usually a small building built in the backyard and accommodates guests, elderly family members or tenants.

View Lot House Plans

ADUs have separate entrances and have bedrooms, bathrooms and storage areas. The front part is of a compact, flat surface that overlooks the road.

Throughout the residence, the team used a limited material and color palette. The walls and white surfaces and French oak floors are combined with contemporary decor.

Folding glass doors allow the interior space to spill out and provide “a unique, iconic look for living on the Los Angeles hillside”.

The residence has many sustainable features, including tankless water heaters and a nest control system. The team also installed a sprinkler system – a feature unique to American single-family homes.

A Hillside House In Indonesia

Founded in 2008, FreelandBuck is led by architect David Freeland and developer Brennan Buck. Other projects of the company include the transformation of the LA factory into an office for the manufacturing industry, and the contribution of the MINI Living prototype micro-home covered in dramatic graphics.

The studio also created Parallax Gap, a ceiling installation at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery in Washington that featured trompe l’oeil illusions. Simona is an interior designer and designer for . Since 2011, he has been writing about interior design, DIY solutions, and the latest trends in home design.

There is no such thing as a house on a hill. This image affects the American dream of home ownership. When you live on top of a mountain, you look at it with respect.

Whether you choose to live in a house that sits on a hill for your permanent residence or a second home, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about architecture. If you want to enjoy the environment and the surrounding landscape, the best way to do it is from a higher place.

L.a. Taken Over By Giant Box Houses That Favor Size Over Style

Designed by a team of interior design experts, here are 15 hillside homes that epitomize sophisticated living.

A mountain chalet defines the concept of a home on a mountain. Built in 2013, this house in Styria, Austria has a living room with large windows and openings. Designed by Viereck Architects, the building is a modern twist on a traditional mountain chalet.

Each chalet offers a 360-degree panoramic view. The chalets seem to float above the ground due to their cantilevered design. The spacious terraces and open balconies are built from natural materials. These cottages also run on geothermal energy.

Designed by WMR Arquitectos, the hilltop home is a must-see. The Till House is a modern weekend house in Chile. The beauty of this lodge offers peaceful solitude high in the mountains.

L Shaped Modern Minimal Residence On A Sloped Lot In Raleigh

The interior design retains wall and floor to ceiling windows that allow natural light to fill the home. Windows also allow you to enjoy the surroundings and panoramic views.

A house is being built on the hill. The front design is cantilevered over the hillside on which it stands.

You will find this house in San Anselmo, California. It is a creation of Shands Studio. The design promotes a natural relationship with the landscape.

The 100-year-old stone walls are preserved as a means of preserving the history of the site and the summer inn that is located on it.

Incredible Benefits Of Building On A Sloping Block

The interior living space allows access to the exterior in a smooth and seamless transition. The building is two volumes that form an L shape and is surrounded by wood and stone walls. Support is the theme, and the aesthetic lives in it.

Anchorage, Alaska is home to Golden View. The modern structure is surrounded by a coniferous forest. Produced by Workshop AD, this company refurbishes small parts.

Walnut wood, natural stone and concrete make up the interior and exterior spaces. The building feels close to its environment and fits the Alaskan landscape.

Casa 115 is a modern residence that overlooks the valley that opens Saint Vicenc Bay. It was designed by architect Miquel Angel Lacomba and is located in Mallorca, Spain. Surrounded by stone circles and greenery, the building offers a spectacular view.

How To Design Architecture For A Steeply Sloping Site

The most amazing views can be enjoyed from the master bedroom on the first floor. They have full-height windows and connect to social areas on the lower levels in a flexible and natural way.

The seamless transition between the interior spaces and the open plan is a key element of the project.

After creating a wonderful modern residence, the architect Mario Martins had many problems and challenges to face. The house is located in a very high place in Luz, Portugal.

One of the things that the local government ordered was to build the house in the space of an existing house.

Philippine Dream House Design

The client and architect created a structure on a wind-exposed slope but with an inspiring view. The house has a vertical collar, which is placed on concrete supports.

The site on which this house is located may not be as high as others but this in no way diminishes the beauty of the view it offers. The Dornbirn building in Austria was designed by k_m architektur.

It is a family unit with panoramic views of Lake Constance, the Rhine valley, and the Vorarlberg mountains. It is surrounded by green grass and built with natural materials such as copper, glass, wood and concrete.

The entrance is on the upper level, which also has a bedroom and a studio. The top floor has a cover that protects the balcony, the best place to enjoy the view.

Modern Design For Hilltop Homes

The surrounding region and the architecture there had a great influence on the design of that house. Topography and views also play an important role in determining the overall design of the home.

Holodeck Architects built the building on the slope and established a close dialogue with the landscape. The building was built on a slope and this allowed the architects to add a terrace on each level.

This is a residence in Los Angeles, California completed by Anonymous Architects in 2013. The project started with an empty space on a very steep slope near the street.

A door is also placed on the roof and the interior space is below this level. The roof of the house doubles as a wide table and from the top the view is amazing.

Modern House Design Ideas From Around The World

The steep terrain provided a unique challenge. With limited opportunity, the designers turned the bad things into good things.

The building was operated by three generations. The project was developed by McGlashan Architecture and divides the living space into two volumes

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