Modern Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

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Whether you’re redecorating, redecorating an 80s bedroom, or renovating, new kitchen decor can transform your space into the kitchen of your dreams. Bright and clean kitchens are best suited to modern decor. It’s not that simple: touches of unique style can add to the look of your space, from Scandinavian minimalism to Southern farmhouse charm.

Modern Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

If you are thinking of renovating the kitchen, this is your chance to gather inspiration. These modern kitchens run the gamut from mid-century to modern traditional, to contemporary modern styles such as modern farmhouses. And while they’re all beautiful, they’re sure to let you in on the magic of design, and they’re also very functional, and they have some smart takeaway tips – so make sure to take notes.

False Ceiling Ideas To Make A Style Statement

Islands are getting bigger in the kitchen – and we’re all good. This spacious option is equally functional and makes a statement, with seating for four and a sleek design we call “modern heritage.” But we are also concerned about the lighting fixtures selected for this room. A far cry from your ordinary chandeliers, these large shades add a touch of style to a room – without sacrificing the classic look.

This tile option isn’t for wallflowers – but it’s perfect for making sure your kitchen doesn’t look like everyone else’s. The bright and happy combination of blue and yellow also echoes the home owner’s accessories and accessories, bringing a sense of style to the exterior of the wall. The resulting scene is full of people – and fire, as shown by the impressive range.

This kitchen looks different than the bathroom. (Actually, we think we’ve already paused just to look at it.) The highlight is the marble-to-ceiling-floor, which takes the cake in this kitchen—but it’s the combination art of materials throughout the house. Spam is simple. Different types of wood and mixed metals provide a lot of variety without taking up too much space. In one word: dream.

One of the smartest ways to use space, in our opinion: Double your upper cabinets. Yes, extending the cabinets to the ceiling may not give you more storage for everyday items (no one wants to climb a ladder to get the cereal bowl), but for the items of the year is very good.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas To Inspire You

And let’s be honest: there are a lot of kitchen gadgets and gizmos that fall under the heading of “seasonal items”—from the slow cooker or grill pan you use once a year to the holiday carts that it looks like an everyday cup of coffee.

If you’re hosting an amazing architectural feature like floating beam ceilings, you’d be remiss not to do everything you can to enhance it. Although we’ve seen dark lower cabinets and light upper cabinets become more and more popular over the past few months, it’s worth going dark on top – the weight of the dark color makes the ceilings look different. admire and let your eye wander up. main meeting.

We love the *look* of open shelves – but logically, this situation can be problematic. (For example, if you’re a simple person who buys kitchen furniture, it can quickly become cluttered and messy.) No one wants open shelves that line the wall. ceiling—the place where dust and oil collect. and it’s a pain to clean.

The solution? Cupboards in the attic, with plenty of open shelving underneath. This will keep some of your most showy items safe and provide plenty of storage space for things that are less Insta-worthy (for example, that new glass from college that you just can’t get rid of ).

Modern Neutral Kitchen With White Oak Ceiling

Torn between a beautiful waterfall island and an oversized dining table? Get the best of both worlds by combining them. Not only does this setup make it easy to expand the space when unexpected guests arrive, but it also adds a great aesthetic element to the room (especially when done in this beautiful marble floor).

Did you gather in your breakfast nook instead of eating at the island? If your family is one that seems to gravitate towards the kitchen, here’s another smart way to make your island feel good to you. The large, square footprint is like a family table, less bar-like, and easier (and more comfortable) to designate as an everyday dining area.

We’ve seen rattan lighting in every home design we need these days, but this is the first time we’ve seen it in a more subdued fashion—and that might be our topic next week. This look is a great way to spice up your cabinetry colors in a fresh and unexpected way, while also offering an East-meets-West look that’s contemporary (see characteristics such as wabi-sabi.)

We love incorporating natural wood colors into the kitchen – they’re perfect for contrasting the cool marble look with bright light, and adding a touch of Scandinavian style to any home.

Best Kitchen Island Design Ideas

But block countertops are always a pain to maintain, especially if you live in a home where things break or spill (hello kids). So when we found this unusual use for our favorite tree, we were sold. Wrapping the hood in light wood (heat safe) is a great way to inject an overall visual warmth and practicality without going over the top on maintenance.

We agree that the backsplash is one of our favorite places to add some pattern and style to the kitchen. But choosing a resource can be tricky – what if you say you don’t have one?

This beautiful kitchen uses not one, not two, but three different materials to line the walls – from the swirling eco pattern above the stove, to the white next to the sunk, to (our own) distant wooden floors. . left. Sometimes not making a decision is the best decision.

There’s a lot to love about this room—but let’s talk about the flock of friendly birds in the attic. This fun touch is one of the best design details we’ve seen in a kitchen in a long time – and although it’s simple, it doesn’t look unusual, in part because it mimics the pattern of the basement. We really like the front surfaces of the cabinet in glam bronze – softened by quartz countertops – and in a good way, so, in short, we want to steal a lot of ideas from this kitchen.

Best Modern Kitchens 2023

Choosing a wall color is a big decision, but we’re drawn to areas where there’s more depth than a single flat shade. Wall treatments like whitewash or even concrete applications add character and style to a room and can give it a warm and cozy feel than just paint. If you’re already working with a kitchen that’s sensitive to style and weather, choosing the same color for the walls is a no-brainer – and you’ll be sure to get the compliments.

Bold black and white has never done us wrong before – but that doesn’t mean this classic color combination has to stay, or should. Just one special element (like this amazing island) can turn a kitchen into something special. The rest of the space is kept simple and small so that the island can show its full power, to show that the smallest restriction can be the most powerful design decision of all.

Even the cleanest kitchen can have a lot of personality – and this space is a great example. To create a minimalist look without sacrificing style, pull from a wider influence – for example, this room uses antique gray wallpaper alongside French-inspired bistro beams, then add the ultra-bright brass chandeliers and ginger-stained vase for an extra worldly feel. The result is a room that has a lot of character, even if the color is small.

We’re big fans of open floor plans, but sometimes people can feel “wooden” when it comes to the kitchen. Solution: A giant island that rotates on heavy wheels. This DIY project is best for those with little experience, but imagine that you can remove the entire island from the way that guests will want to cross the room (if you decide to remove at a major art project with children) . The ease of making a kitchen space just the way you like it is new and exciting to us – and we’re sure if current trends are any indication, customization options will continue to evolve. immediately. in demand in the coming years. (A kitchen that adapts to your needs is the ultimate luxury.)

How To Design Elegant And Inspiring Modern Kitchen

This kitchen really enhances the character of the open shelves, and creates small arched entrances in each small sign (with selected lights). We have

The extra cabinet space lost in a design like this is hard to argue with

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