Modern One Bedroom Apartment Interior Design

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One bedroom apartments are by no means ideal. They are compact and can be very practical at times, but they rarely have enough space inside for everything. Of course, this does not spoil you. Indeed, figuring out how to arrange and decorate such a space can be challenging, and there are many interesting examples to use as a source of inspiration. Below you can find some interesting designs that are different from the ones you have seen.

Modern One Bedroom Apartment Interior Design

This is a 36 square meter studio apartment from Darlinghurst, Australia. The idea behind this project was to create a suitable space for short-term rental. Custom furniture is used to create separation between different areas of the room. There is a small kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and a space to sit and relax alone or with guests. This project was completed by Catseye Bay Design Studio.

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To conserve space in this small apartment in Paris, interior design firm Batiik Studio came up with the idea of ​​a custom compact bedroom. It is not a separate room, but a unit placed in one of the corners of the room. This black box has a step ladder with LED light as well as an internal shelf. The wooden interior is very warm and cozy, and the sleeping area is located in it.

The design used by the rarely used architectural firm is an interesting design. Instead of hiding the room in a black box, they created a more transparent and open space. This small one bedroom apartment is located in Trento, Italy. It has an open floor plan that feels lighter and brighter, but also offers plenty of privacy. The room is raised on a platform and depicts high ceilings. This allows it to stand out and be a separate space, but at the same time the room is enclosed by glass that connects the rest of the room.

This is another really cool one bedroom apartment with a very elegant interior. This project was created by Iryna Lysiuk of Interior Workshop. As you can see, the design here is very similar to the one we mentioned above. The room is again hidden in glass. The main reason for this was the entry of natural light through the mirror and also into the room. At the same time, the glass walls define the distances.

Vão architecture and interior design studio carried out a renovation project in 2017. They had to redesign and renovate the most interesting square meters of a single room in Pinheiros, Brazil. The owners wanted the bedroom to be separated from the rest of the space, and when they added more walls, it looks like they thought of another way to make the rooms smaller. The designers ended up creating a custom storage unit that features open shelving and a solar TV on one side and more storage on the other. This shiny metal staircase gives access to this box-like volume and where the room is located.

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This 38 square meter room is located in Sydney, Australia. A few years ago the owners wanted to reorganize the interior to make room for a separate bedroom for their daughter and add more storage space. They also wanted space in the living room. Naturally, adding more features takes up more space, and since it was already a small apartment, Anthony Gill’s team of architects had to be smart about it. The solution they came up with was to separate the girl’s room from the bedroom using a custom wardrobe, keeping the room hidden from the parents. It is a sliding bed that can be accessed whenever needed and hidden the rest of the time, providing more space in the living area for various activities.

All single bedroom designs don’t have to be super custom or involve drastic changes to be more comfortable yet functional. This 28 square meter building is a good example. It has no special roof, so there is no bed. There is no room inside the box. But this room has an open plan. The only thing between the bedroom and the rest of the spaces is a screen that creates a casual and airy atmosphere throughout the apartment. Check out Cascab.

This one-bedroom apartment has a total area of ​​42 square meters. That space provides large and open social spaces and a separate and cozy room. The kitchen, dining room, living room are all combined in one volume with access to a small balcony. The room occupies a corner and there is a window in the kitchen that overlooks this room. See the site on kaskab. Decorating a room is both fun and scary. So, whether you’re a long-time tenant looking to make your apartment your home or a first-time rental, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of must-have design tips, from small tweaks to big decisions, to make your first bedroom look totally grown-up, fun and luxurious.

Most railroad rooms consist of a central room and a window that connects the front and back rooms and lets in natural light. Therefore, if you want to create separate areas or retreats, consider a design that does not obstruct light and flow. You can get sliding glass car doors that don’t block both the light and the tailgate and aren’t soundproof, but give you more privacy.

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The easiest way to do this is to use accent walls. If you can’t paint the walls of your room, look for sliding wallpaper that allows you to change colors without damage. If you don’t want to change the walls, the next best thing is to use rugs, curtains or furniture for a dramatic contrast.

You want a minimalist design to give the impression that you don’t have much, even if you don’t. This is why secret storage is essential. Everything from wires to remote markers can be stored in ottomans, cabinets, storage baskets or coffee tables.

If you don’t want to install sliding doors or your apartment can’t, install a wall-to-wall rod and hang a separate curtain. In the study, separating the living room and the room is the most effective approach for your stay period to make it feel more at home. Room dividers can be as simple as curtains, benches, or even tall bookshelves.

Replace your head lights with older fixtures and fittings, especially the ugly red mounts you found on the plane. Make sure the light complements your room and makes it look brighter and more natural.

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Smartly designing a luxury apartment doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to wow guests and give you an artistic flair. Using a mix of gloss and matte coats is often the key to creating a beautiful contrast that goes beyond color. Some abstract artwork is never out of place in a gallery.

Thinking about the 1 bedroom apartment of your dreams doesn’t have to be complicated. Find images that may inspire you to start decorating your hospital, guide your design and give you what you need. Take pieces of the design and arrange them in your own unique way. This way, you can create the beauty you want while also thinking about bedroom 1 that is functional.

Melina Divani is the owner and creator. Interior design is an endless passion. Follow Melina on Instagram This small studio project is designed with male talent and performance in mind. Using space and beautiful elegance, the space has been transformed into a luxurious interior. Read on as we reveal the secrets to great design impact in a compact space.

The client is excited about moving from DC to Seattle and is eager to move into a new apartment. Needing professional help to choose between the many furniture and decorative options, they came into their own. With a flexible budget, it was all about creating a warm nest and inviting space for their home. But to be more precise, the customer is waiting for the designer.

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For a project: Start your mini study project by defining your personal decorating style. Not sure what that means? Then as ours

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