Modern Wall Unit Designs For Living Room

Modern Wall Unit Designs For Living Room – This newly renovated home features a wall-to-wall living room with a Montigo gas fireplace and floor-to-ceiling Spanish tile.

Whether you want to make a statement in a room or have a small space that needs to make a statement without going overboard, adding a feature wall is a great way to create an unforgettable home.

Modern Wall Unit Designs For Living Room

You can always use contrasting paint to create instant drama in a home, but today’s top designers and smart homeowners are taking this idea in amazing new ways including using recycled and reclaimed materials or adding personal pieces that make a bold statement.

Irresistibly Stylish Midcentury Modern Living Room Idea

“Wallpaper, murals and paint will continue to be used,” she says, “and I see a trend towards using mixed materials, such as painted wood panels or tiles,” says designer Amanda Kiley from Omni Interiors Houzz.

We’ve rounded up some classic and modern living room wall ideas – and tell you how to use them.

Spaicz Design Studio in British Columbia worked with a custom designer to create this decorative wall feature. Photo via Houzz.

Creating a custom shape or pattern on a painted accent wall is a unique yet simple way to utilize wall space, especially in a modern or small home. You can also wrap the tables in an unusual patterned fabric for an added tactile accent.

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To get the look: If you’re design-focused and handy with a table saw, you can use a home computer program like Photoshop to create your design and map it onto the wall. After cutting and arranging the pieces, finish with matching paint.

Gas fireplaces don’t need a traditional dresser but a fireplace wall is a stunning focal point in a modern home.

To get the look: First, choose a fireplace – Montigo is a good choice – and then choose stone or modern tiles for the floor to ceiling fireplace.

Odd Mom Out star Jill Kargman’s New York City townhouse has a real durawall, including a replica of Karl Lagerfeld’s wedding dress designed for her by artist Damian Hirst. Image via Vogue.

I Love Doing All Things Crafty: Modern Built In Wall Unit

Like the real-life New York City town of writer, designer, and star Jill Kargman, which features the very walls of the gallery—a mix of pieces that reflect her taste and personality.

To get the look: Arrange each piece in a unique but not too large frame. Then find the pieces on the cardboard and label them so you can organize your wall. Finding a balance in the size of the pieces and the color, tone and style is essential to creating a successful gallery wall.

These cabinets are from the Aran Cucine Bella collection in various geometric shapes and bold colors.

Form and function go hand in hand with these beautiful storage cabinets designed for use in the living room. They are part of the Bella Aran Cucine cabinet collection so it is easy to combine the open kitchen and living room. Integrated cabinets and shelves come in a variety of geometric and bold colors and shapes and provide plenty of space to store or display home entertainment equipment, books, and favorite pieces of art.

Living Room Wall Units — Wood & Co

To check: Book a helpful consultation at European Cabinets to see the full range of cabinet options.

Decorated sections of John Rocque’s 18th-century map of the cities of London and Westminster decorate one end of the living room in architect Ben Pentreath’s London flat. Image via Home and Garden.

“In this new era of GPS, Google Earth and multi-dimensional digital maps, the map suddenly becomes important again,” says art curator and historian Hans-Ulrich Obrist. An antique map is a classic touch in any modern or traditional home. It can remember a favorite place or cruise or recommend the next one.

To get the look: There are several websites that sell vintage and replica maps. Choose a map that is meaningful to you. To get the best look, get a good photo printer and print it out. Frame the parts and hang them in the grid.

North End Waterfront Living Room Fireplace Wall Unit — Divine Design Center

Australian interior designer Amanda Ayres used reclaimed wood from the original house before it was renovated. Photo via Houzz.

Reclaimed wood has been used for everything from mirrors to tables to stairs to bathroom fixtures. Now, it is used to cover all the walls.

To get the look: Italian flooring manufacturer Skema also offers a line of insulated walls made from reclaimed and recycled wood. This wood often has a unique appearance that cannot be matched by any type of system designed to distress new wood. Create a consensus consultation to the European Cabinets to determine the full range of the Scheme wall covering options.

A statement wallpaper can wake up a tired living room. In a small space, bold wallpaper distracts from the size of the room and creates character there.

Best Luxurious Modern Italian Wall Unit By Status 2023

To get the look: We love Chasing Paper removable wallpapers, with beautiful patterns from top designers like Amy Van Luijk, Kelly Ventura, Caitlin Keegan, Jessica Jones, Two By The Sea, and more.

This 48″ x 192″ painting was commissioned by Morgan Riccilli Slade for a Palo Alto home designed by Kathy Monarch.

Nothing says show off a wall like a piece of art, and even better if it’s posted somewhere.

To get the look: This is probably the most difficult look, as you will need a compelling and decorative size wall piece, and you will not want to rush to buy a large one. Consider choosing a piece from a new artist and it can also be a good long-term investment. appeal. Having a modern wall hanging display can give your room the interesting visual appeal it needs. TV lovers rejoice now you can finally fall in love with a wall unit that allows you to embrace a larger than life TV with all the bells and whistles you want. Here are modern, contemporary wall art ideas for your living room that are sure to stop your guests in their tracks.

Modern Italian Wall Unit Ego

Having a wall mural that is large enough to take up all the walls that make a big statement in the room, this is the perfect choice for

Why have a small unit when you can build an entire wall? The bigger your TV, the bigger your unit should look and feel. Add a large backsplash or place wood behind your console to create a classy but seamless appeal to the room. You want to have this sense of grandeur from the moment you walk into the room.

The offset wall unit is great if you want to bring a sophisticated touch to your living room, the idea is to have exactly what you need when you need it but with as little as possible.

When it comes to modern decor, you want to think about the impression you would like the room to have. If modern is the vibe you are trying to convey then having a large wall unit with an offset align is the way to go. Think of it as a modern way to introduce an elegant illusion without taking away from the room and the structure you have already created.

Oxford Wall Unit, Msc Modern Wall Unit, Italy, Brands

Even if you choose to light up your whole mountain or your TV is an option, but remember the more lights the brighter the room.

There is always the idea that light attracts light that makes any space feel bigger and more cared for. That’s our next stop idea – adding lighting to the back of your TV. Adding a ring of light behind your TV can bring beauty and contrast to a room with dark colors. Plus, it adds a special touch that lights up the room, even if you turn off your lights. It brings a cute little twist right when you need it most. Also, you may want to light your entire wall unit instead of just the TV.

Sometimes all we need is something unique to add to an already cool room. Keeping that in mind, we bring you the marble pattern. Marble is not only good for bathrooms and kitchens, but it can make an excellent wall unit element. It doesn’t just look bright and clean, but it works perfectly in a room when done right. Add it as a large piece or simply wrap around your attached TV for that unique twist.

Wall shelves have become popular and we fully support this. The main reason is that they are very different. Flexibility is great if you want to add that modern flair when and where you need it. Consider multiple shelves to add storage and visual appeal to your wall unit. Also, it allows you to be creative with how you approach TV content.

Knowing About Various Types Of Wall Units!

Feel to your lower level add a modern fireplace. Doing so will enhance the luxury appeal of your new unit.

For a high-quality statement, a high-quality wall unit is one of the best ways to achieve that with a modern design. Sub

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