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Montreal Canadiens’ controversial Logan Mayo draft will be banned from training camp

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Montreal Canadiens owner Jeff Molson issued an begin letter Wednesday about the team’s controversial decision to recruit Logan Mailo, who apologized for taking and sharing an intimate photo of a woman, and said the defender would not be allowed to join the team at rookie camp and training. camp.

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Addressing the organization’s fans, Molson apologized for the selection in the first round of Friday’s draft.

“I understand that you expect more from us and that we are letting you down,” Molson wrote in the letter. “The Montreal Canadiens are more than just a hockey team. Logan’s actions do not reflect the values ​​of our organization and I apologize for the pain this choice caused.”

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Molson said Canadians “do not underestimate” what the victim had to experience and that the team’s selection of Milo was not intended to disrespect victims of similar crimes and that it was not intended to be an endorsement of a culture of violence against women.

“No one, especially an 18-year-old, should have had such a traumatic experience,” Molson wrote. “We are there to support her and her family and respect their privacy.”

Milo asked the teams not to recruit him. He was fined in Sweden and found guilty of the incident, which Molson described in his letter as a “perilous transgression”.

In his letter, Molson then listed three actions the Canadians would take in light of the controversial choice. The first is a commitment to develop a “comprehensive plan to hoist awareness and educate young men and women about this critical issue.”

The second was a pledge to support Milo’s desire to become a better person.

Finally, Molson said that Milo would not be allowed to participate in the organization’s rookie camp or main training camp.

“Being an NHL player is a privilege that is earned – not a right granted,” Molson wrote. “As the year progresses, we will reassess Logan’s readiness to be a part of our organization.”

Milo was criminally convicted in Sweden final year for taking and sharing the photo without his consent. While playing for Sweden’s professional hockey team SK Lejon, Mailloux took the photo and distributed it to several of his teammates. In December, he was given a summary fine for offensive photography that constitutes an invasion of privacy and defamation. Milo, who is currently 18, was a lesser at the time. The Daily Vesuvius first reported the accident.

A room marked on the side of the building: The Montreal Canadiens logo is displayed at the NHL Network studios prior defender Logan Mailloux is selected with the 31st selection in the draft.

© Bruce Bennett, Getty Images
The Montreal Canadiens logo is displayed in the NHL Network studios prior defender Logan Mailloux was selected as the 31st pick in the draft.

Before Montreal drafted him, Milo’s plan was to play for the London Knights in the Ontario Hockey League next season so that NHL teams could “re-evaluate” his character ahead of the 2022 draft. However, Canadian general manager Mark Bergeffen took him into the 31st overall pick on Friday .

There was nothing stopping any team from drafting it.

“The player is still eligible for selection,” NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daley told USA TODAY Sports via email. “Montreal was free to do what it does.”

In a statement prior the draft and at a news conference following his selection, Maillo said he regrets his actions and hopes the victim feels that his apologies were sincere.

“Logan gave us a second chance, but in doing so, we failed to assess the impact of our decision on the victim and on anyone who suffered in similar circumstances,” Molson wrote.

“I repeat, our actions will speak louder than our words. We will work to persevere to prove that we are an institution this community can be elated of.”

Contributing: Emily Adams and Mike Brihm

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Controversial Montreal Canadiens draft pick, Logan Mailloux to be banned from training camp

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