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MZ Technologies launches unused technology roadmap

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Parasitology estimation and stack planning support

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Parasitological appreciation enhances GENIO’s superiority at design time. This function allows beforetime analysis of the system, based on virtual paths, prior the actual implementation. Parasitic estimation must be performed following the design of the microchip-based system and its system-level interfaces have optimized the end-to-end assignment of 3D aware signals. The parasitic estimation then simulates the static process timing analysis. The more technical information available, the more correct the estimate.

Designed stack layout support helps determine the best conceivable 3D stack configuration automatically, due to physical and thermal limitations. This unused floor planning methodology provides more efficient organization of a 3D chip-based system, which effectively improves heat dissipation and reduces the physical resources (TSVs) required for vertical interconnection.

The roadmap also outlines four more upgrades and reveals plans to introduce GENIO 2.0 sometime in 2023.

The first fully integrated co-design tool available

GENIO’s proprietary EDA co-design tool is fully integrated with an IC platform and a comprehensive encapsulation platform for 2D/2.5D/3D system design. So far, the platform’s non-eco-related feature has attracted a lot of interest, with a number of big-name companies conducting feasibility trials.

GENIO It integrates existing silicon and EDA package streams to create a conclude common design and optimize complicated multi-chip designs that incorporate advanced heterogeneous nanoelectronic systems.

“As the company that launched the first commercially available co-design tool, we feel the commitment of the EDA community to persevere to innovate,” Anna FontanelliFounder and CEO of MZ Technologies. “Advanced packaging is clearly the way to preserve the spirit of Moore’s Law alive across the entire semiconductor industry spectrum.”

GENIO’s packed hierarchical and 3D-perceived design methodologies simplify the entire IC ecosystem. It integrates advanced IC and packaging design to ensure the whole system optimization, shortening the design cycle, increasing manufacturing time and improving productivity.

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About MZ Technologies

MZ Technologies Monozukuri SpA Monozukuri’s marketing function is to overcome 2.5D and 3D design challenges for the next generation of electronic products by offering innovative and pioneering EDA software solutions and methodologies. The technology redefines the combined design of heterogeneous microelectronic systems by providing an improved level of automation in improving 3D interconnection.

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Eric Jenn
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Source: Monozocure Techniques

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