Narrow House Plans With Front Garage

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Getting the most space in a narrow building can be challenging, but with careful planning and creativity during the design process, homeowners can effectively maximize space without sacrificing style.

Narrow House Plans With Front Garage

According to Allison McGraw, director of client services for Ahmann Design Inc. in Iowa, tight spaces are becoming the norm these days. With many rising prices, some developers are downsizing properties to reduce costs.

Smaller Building Lot? 10 Great House Plans For Narrow Lots

“Many of these areas require a narrow lot design with a front loader. “Garages are certainly becoming one of the biggest design hurdles in tight floor plans, with two-car garages taking up 70% and three-car garages taking up 90% of house plans.” “Here, a two-story design would be more attractive, as the garage would add an architectural detail and space above it to integrate it and the rest of the house,” he added.

The house plan that best exemplifies this concept is a two-story modern ranch house (#82744) from Oregon Designs, featured on House Plans, an Oregon-based home sales company. The front trunk complements the rest of the cabin with simple roof lines and design details on the side sills and windows and doors.

“We saw a growing demand for both modern farmhouse designs and narrow house plans, so we wanted to collaborate on both styles.” We created a small square room that was influenced by a large square room,” says McGraw. “With features like a large concept entertaining space, open staircase, utility room, covered porch and second floor loft, this narrow story home design leaves nothing on the table.”

Regardless of the house plan homeowners choose for their tight spaces, McGraw offers a few design tips to maximize space.

Modern Farmhouse House Plan

“Regardless of square footage, a home needs careful thought and planning.” With narrow plans, it is important to keep in mind the relationship of efficiency and effectiveness with space. “An open floor plan can maximize space when you have a smaller base floor footprint.” “In a two-story design, putting all the bedrooms on the second floor gives you the opportunity to add a loft or bonus room over the garage and expand the main floor with features like a walk-in closet and den,” adds McGraw. and a covered porch.

The Home Plan Company covers a wide variety of narrow floor plans of various sizes, stories and architectural styles. Typically designed for lots 45 feet wide or less, these house plans make the best use of space.

While many narrow house plans use front loading bays, a few offer detached garages behind driveway entrances. Unlike Ahman’s farmhouse plans, the main residence in this modern-style house plan from heritage plan designer Steve Waters sits on the front of the lot.

The home’s front entry opens into a comfortable family room and dining room, with nine-foot ceilings and a mid-floor staircase adding space to the space. A breakfast bar separates the spacious kitchen from the dining room. To the rear of the main floor, the master bedroom and bathroom are off a short hallway with amenities nearby. Two additional bedrooms, a bathroom and a loft that can be used as an office or playroom occupy the second floor.

South Florida Design Narrow Lot Contemporary Floor Plan South Florida Design

Building a narrow home doesn’t mean homeowners have to sacrifice personality or style. This cottage-style bathroom plan from Sullivan Home Plans 3030 packs functionality and charm into 1,400,400 square feet of space. The home features a comfortable family room, open kitchen and dining room on the main floor, and a master bedroom and bathroom at the rear of the home. The second floor has two bedrooms and a bathroom.

A narrow room does not have to have two floors. Some homeowners prefer to have all living spaces on one level, as in this Covina ranch-style house plan #13922 from United Plans, Inc. Home Plans Inc. This design is a naturally light one-story house with vaulted ceilings in the great room. , kitchen and dining room and master bedroom. The main living room is located in the center of the floor, with the master suite on one side and two separate private bedrooms on the other.

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Knoxville architect Greg Huddy says, “Continue to explore our top collections of 1.5 floor plans, home plans with photos, best selling designs and other popular features. C3 Studio. “It’s all about problem solving.” How narrow can you walk? While researching his 2010 book Narrow Homes: New Directions for Efficient Design, Avi Friedman came across a spare room that was only 12 feet wide. All 28 homes in his book are less than 25 feet, but still very livable. “It’s a sign of the times,” said Friedman, a professor of architecture at McGill University in Montreal. “As land becomes more expensive, the narrow house is more affordable and sustainable for heating and cooling.”

Narrow Lot Craftsman In Two Versions

A renewed interest in urban living and avoiding traffic congestion means suburbs are also re-emerging as walkable, bikeable communities with narrow spaces. As you can see from the examples below and floor plan 901-25 at the top of this post, an Anaro home can feel very spacious and spacious: it’s all in the design.

Narrow houses are often designed to fit into built-up urban areas. These houses are often described as “infill construction”. Many American cities have homes that are 40 feet wide and have 5 feet of setback (generally, new homes cannot be built on many curbs, but must be “set back” as a minimum). . Check with your local planning department for abatement requirements. Once you know the parameters, you can search for room designs with a certain width or depth. Note that some municipalities allow minor setbacks in planned residential construction. This article includes houses that are less than 25 feet wide. But even if you have more ideas, there’s no reason why you can’t borrow some ideas from them.

Professor Avi Friedman designed a 14-foot-wide adjoining house with a structural system that allows the interior to be partitioned to accommodate shifting families. “These homes are the most affordable single-family homes in Canada,” Friedman said.

The narrow rooms of the past were often cramped because they were divided into smaller rooms. However, the informality of modern living encourages open floor plans, and narrow houses naturally lend themselves to open plans because the structural load can largely be carried by their exterior walls. Plan 909-3

Contemporary House Plan With Drive Under Garage For The Up Sloping Lot

Architect Mark Asmus of Hive Modular in Minneapolis has a classic form but a very modern look. The 2-bedroom, 1.5-bath home is only 16 feet wide, but the first floor is designed as one large space, as shown here.

“Even though it’s small, it’s very efficient and has all the features of a larger house,” Asmus said. “It’s a house that can fit anywhere you want.”

Instead of placing it upstairs, it creates more architectural possibilities than just an extra bedroom and bathroom. A double-height entrance or living room looks very spacious, although the actual square footage is quite modest. And raising the ceiling will help a lot. Plan 909-6 by Hive Modular

The interior of this particular design is really nice – it doesn’t feel cramped at all,” says Asmus.

Narrow Lot Plan: 1,400 Square Feet, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

San Francisco architect David Baker designed his home with a small footprint, just 20 feet wide and 26 feet deep, but felt it was spacious with height.

700 sq. ft bakeries.

Compact housing is also a certified net-zero energy home, which is another reason why it’s generally more expensive: a two-story home uses less heating and cooling than a one-story home of the same square footage. If aging is a concern, remodel the design to include bedrooms and bathrooms. (Courtesy of Matthew Millman Photography and Greensource Construction)

You can probably do without a garage, but if you want to get one, you need to figure it out right now. ” to get into the car, park and

Narrow Block House Designs: Best Home Ideas For 10m, 9m, 8m & 7m Blocks

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