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nClouds expands its 24/7 support with site reliability engineering services

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As part of its mission to innovate 24/7 support and deliver SRE, nClouds has expanded its partnership with Datadog, bringing the highest level of partners with proven technical expertise and customer success.

“We are excited to recognize nClouds’ significant history of customer success leveraging Datadog in DevOps and MSP services while achieving MSP Gold Level status,” said Denise Tortop, Vice President, Global Channels and Alliances at Datadog. “It’s an exciting partnership focused on helping customers deliver a positive experience on AWS.”

Many DevOps teams confront challenges to accomplish service level goals (SLOs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for location availability and incident response times as they span the introduction of unused features and infrastructure support. Incidents can have a real impact on a company’s costs and reputation – lengthy-term research from Gartner Puts the average cost of IT downtime in $336,000 per hour. Extended nClouds services provide DevOps teams with unused options to focus on innovation while meeting SLO support and Service Level Agreements.

“In our era of continuous services and customer expectations for uptime, slow response can be costly,” said GT Jerry, CEO and co-founder of nClouds. “More than half of our consulting clients have improved their infrastructure with the aid of 24/7 nClouds support services. Now we’ve added unused SRE services and increased automation to forbid, diagnose and resolve incidents faster.”

nClouds engineers use proprietary automated tools called nCall, an alert and incident management platform, to resolve incidents faster, decrease costs and decrease system downtime. For example, nCall’s built-in operating manuals functionality can improve unkind time to resolution (MTTR), a standard performance indicator for support services, by 10-40%. nCall integrates with Datadog and other third-party tools to seamlessly sync alert data and streamlined workflow.

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Learn more in this Web Talk“How DevOps Teams Use SRE to Innovate Faster With Reliability,” featuring expert speakers from nClouds and Datadog.

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nClouds is an award-winning Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DevOps advisory and implementation services company. The company collaborates with customers to build and manage modern infrastructure solutions on the cloud that deliver innovation faster. nClouds is a premier consulting partner in AWS and a leading MSP in the public cloud. nClouds is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit: and succeed in

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